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My top 5 worst camouflage designs!

My top 5 worst camouflage designs!

hello and welcome back to my next video this one is my top 5 worst army camouflage designs here we can see you have the French wearing blue and a British way in red this was used to denote which country each soldier was from moving along from that into the First World War we have French troops that carried on using their blue coloured scheme the British on the other hand moved along and was using Karki as their main camouflage skip him forward again to the Second World War the British start to use better camouflage schemes which denoted two different colours moving on from there you've got Germany and World War Two as well that also decided to change their camouflage patterns to the terrain that they was in as time went on there's been lots of different transformations in uniforms but still as they got better some countries still hasn't learned so guys number five on my list is the Oman army now as you can see from this then a reason why I put it on air is number five is the fact that their uniform is pink it runs along the same kind of camouflage scheme as the old British DPM which is obscene except they've changed the color now I currently say a lot about pink because the SS and the Second World War did used to use Jeeps so pink obviously does work in the desert it works a little bit better than other camouflages such as obviously you see this American one and believe it or not that will come up later on in my lip so number four on my list is the Australian desert odds cam or jelly bean camouflage now basically this is down to personal preference to wipe it number four we had a comedian that come in whilst I was in Afghanistan and he was absolutely ripping me the mickey out of the Australians because he said that they look like clowns and ever since then I've looked at the uniform and I just think yeah clowns so as we can see here you've got one little adds there's basically like what the heck is this it makes us look like clowns and then you've got an officer saying what the hell is this it makes us look like clowns and then you've got an American there pretty much is saying you guys look like clowns now don't get me wrong it does work out pretty well when you're in the open desert but every time I look at them I just think clowns so number three on the list is a Belgian jigsaw camo now this particular camo is a mustard yellow color a cyan blue and a pinkish red now I believe that this is the only country that uses this uniform and from what I can see it might work in their own country but doesn't particularly work very well anywhere else as you can see here here's some snipers with ghillie suits on now I thought they were to chose a different camera because although the ghillie suit makes them blend into their countryside and stuff the rest of the uniform just doesn't really make it look that great on top of that I think in the mountains and stuff it probably would work but the only other place I could see it looking good is in front of a bookstore so we've got the American ACU at number two now this grey uniform was designed to be one of the first multi-terrain patents uniforms I have no idea why they chose graves it just doesn't work you can see here in this picture you've got somebody out in the plains which basically grape sticks out in the desert here goes that guy again he's sticking out like a sore thumb in greenery once again great doesn't work move along to all the time still gray sticks out like a sore thumb it works pretty well in the city kind of scenario I see that Ukraine's here they decided to use their green uniform that works pretty well but the greatest doesn't some people say that the enemy just died in disgust when they look at the uniform the only place where I can really see this working is on grandma's couch taking the number one spot I've chosen the Yemen police force now this uniform is a yellow colored uniform with brown Smarties on I don't really feel it works very well in the desert and I don't feel there works well within a nerve the environment just looking at the moment it basically tells me that they look like giraffes now this uniform looks a bit funny and the most funniest thing about it is the police force actually used green camouflage on their faces which makes no sense in the desert either now the best thing about this uniform is they've obviously scratched out on money because not only have they given them uniforms but I've also done their poops a yellow color as well so there you have it that's my top 5 worst military uniforms if you can think of any others and please comment below please like and subscribe and I'll see you in the next video

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  1. the belgian camo does work it just depends who made it because some make it look like a color book while some make it dark and usefull look at brent0331 youtube channel here is the link to the video

  2. You forget the fact that many "tacticool" camos are no even effective and some odd-looking camos can fool the eye and conceil a person very well. Take this video for instance and tell what can you – actually – see

  3. I believe the Belgian jigsaw is propably one of the most effective patterns out there. Extremely effective in central Africa (it was originally designed for para commandos, often deployed to Congo, a former colony), but also very effective in autumn in western Europe. Altough it sucks in the desert, but that's why there's a desert variant. Can't argue it's ugly though

  4. I don't think anyone would call the Australians clowns to their faces. That would result in a great deal of pain. Kit does not make a soldier…look at the Vietnam war – a classic example.

  5. In defense of the American Universal Camouflage Pattern, the light base colors allow it to essentially soak up the natural colors in the dirt of whatever AO you happen to be wearing it in. Well worn ACUs blend into the environment marginally better than fresh ACUs. That being said, it’s still terrible as a camouflage pattern.

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