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My review of the Tropical Rucksack

My review of the Tropical Rucksack

and what's up YouTube I'm back again with another video today I'm going to be reviewing you guys the tropical rucksack on the Vietnam era ones not that there are any other ones but just getting it out there I guess so you see that it has the map pocket up here which is velcro its waterproofed has one giant main compartment just to keep its shape I have a pillow in there has a drawstring similar to the ones found on the lightweight rucksack has webbing all across it click on the medium rucksack media mouse pack I mean with the eyelets the tunneled pockets on the three external pockets then it has plastic buttons just like on the m67 gear and the bottom has webbing see kid cinch stuff up like a sleep or a bed roll or something like that as more webbing on the sides has the X frame like it lets you guys get a good look at that stamp right there BSA 1968 they did issue line is with these but the liners fell apart so this one doesn't have one and then it also has four cargo straps one for or two for each side I still have those but one has been cut down pretty short so I might as well not even be there really and it has these two side straps on the same that has the waist strap for kidney strap and you can actually get reproduction straps these two and this one from the same people that make our that made of these lightweight reproduction straps and here the shoulder straps has a quick-release dual curricular quick-release this one actually needs to be repaired and then sort of these I have the webbing and here so repaired these buckles but not this one so I just got to get around to doing it and also will point out that it's outlined with blue so I'm not sure if that's how they figured for da I guess measure the fabric when they manufactured it now if you think that this looks very similar to the Arvin rucksack it is here's the Arvin rucksack it's made out of cotton not to get confused with the tropical rucksack it has two external pockets designed to carry one cigarette and each had the four cargo straps this one was on issued when I go has the webbing then has the X frame with the two side straps on the back strap also has velcro in here that's not too attached to anything but to help keep it from sliding and chafing here's these books series i'd recommend picking these up if you really into the history behind stuff this is where I get most of my information from and as you can see they actually grow into great deal about the tropical rucksack so if you want to pause it you read some of that and I suppose you could but yeah these books are very very helpful I definitely recommend picking these up so since these rucksacks kind of interesting just going to go in postal since these rucksacks are kind of interesting you see them sell on ebay for usually 200 all the way up into $400 which i think is complete ridiculous some people will get these for cheap and thinking they got one when in reality they actually picked up the medium au spec which is this beast right here so give you guys a quick side-by-side these external pockets are a lot larger they have metal snaps and look like that I have pulled tabs for the matte pocket instead of that one long one has this kind of adjuster instead of just brown toggle still has a webbing but it's actually thicker and goes along it more and then we'll have an internal pocket for the prick 25 radio and it's frame looks like this not like a next frame so those are some pointers to watch out when buying juice especially if you just getting into the Hobby not that I'd recommend buying one these right off the bat since like I said they're usually 252 all the way up to $400 this one I got for 150 there 175 after shipping but it from a dude on Facebook and I'm so happy with it I didn't think I was ever going to really get one because I saw how much they're going for but when I saw this one come across for cheap I figured why not let's do a video about it see ya guys you guys have any questions about this pack so let me know put them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them other than that have a nice day

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  1. I think the Alice packs will eventually be expensive like these rucks… might take another 10 or 20 years but they will be

  2. If I were to buy one witch one should I buy or or

  3. this is my 2nd time woching this thinking naw you shud do a conpairison vid showing
    the difrensis be tween this 1 and the alice pack .

  4. Based on photographic evidence, the majority of GIs in Nam that got the tropical rucks would put them on the lightweight ruck frames by hook or crook and throw the X frames away. Some guys were ok seemingly with the metal X frame, I guess because of the contour of their spines perhaps, the rivet that was right dead center where the X pieces crossed somehow didn't bother them. But I've seen several different ways that they would attach them to the Lightweight frame, load it down with gear and ditch the pistol belt and H-suspenders…at least by 1969-70-71. They seemingly would only have a cloth ammo bandolier tied around the waist and have everything else on the ruck. Great video, love your collection!!

  5. so I have a problem I recently bought a rucksack that had no frame but the problem is the strap with the ring to attach your shoulder straps aren't there can you help me out?

  6. great video man! do you know anything about small alice packs? the only information i could find was on a Vietnam reenacting page with one photo.

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