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My review of the M3 Toxicological Agents Protective suit or TAP suit

My review of the M3 Toxicological Agents Protective suit or TAP suit

hey what's up YouTube I'm back against another review I've actually been meaning to do this review for quite some time now though it looks like I'm actually about to sell this item so I figured why not let's take a look at it before I do sell it so today I'm gonna be showing you guys the tox illogical agents protective suit here it is starting off with the mask this is the m9a1 this particular model is from 1953 and I bought it in the sealed can here's the tap hood it is double layered it has the cord cinch it up with this one is from September 22nd 1969 and then it's got the underarm straps the metal hardware the filter remember the m11 filters do contain asbestos so I just leave the cap on there just to be safe there's the carrier size small left side it's the typical carrier I think it still has the yeah and there's the anti-fog stuff and then this the when I bought this lot off of ebay about four years ago he was about five it had come with the suit two sets of over-over boots and then the hood now these over boots I've never actually seen for sale anywhere else I've never even seen them anywhere but they're labeled m3t AP / boots so sure you they're basically a poncho material with leg ties and then I canvas bottom which I would assume the canvas is rubberized so there's this pair we try to show you guys a stamp on here another lighting in the night great these ones are from October 9 to 1959 none hair the other ones the canvas bottoms it's hard to look with one hand looks like that one's all blown away but the main part of the video is the suit now taking a look at the bottom see everything everything in here everything that has metal hardware or anything like that has a double like this waterproofed rubberized and then a leg snap to close up the ends here of course thinking of a real type situation all this would have been taped up anyway so you really don't have to worry about that then you can see this double seam goes all the way up takes us to the belt I guess on most of these the belts are missing so I guess it's good that mine has it then it has the main closure which you could tell that this one is from the 50s because it has the dish buttons the zipper still works and is great and then you go all the way up that has a collar the color even has canvas adjusters and then it has this weird part in front of it so you actually climb inside of it you don't put on like normal coveralls because is this thing that goes over your chest and then there's the stamp so small even though it fits me 1961 then because our doubled like that double snaps with charcoal padding help soak up any chemicals should they go up your sleeve and then let's try to flip it all the way around on the back here so here's the backside of it kind of gust is like this so like I said when I originally got this suit is on eBay it's all for about I think after shipping gosh it was like I want to say fifty or sixty dollars it was an outrageously good deal one that you will never find out here again but yeah guys if you guys are interested in this just let me know I think I found a buyer um he said that he's willing to buy it but you know it's always an option out there so if you have any questions about this stuff I'll try to answer the best of my ability I don't actually know a whole lot about the tap system I know that they had an apron and then tap gloves which looks to me the picture that I saw look just like the normal ones but they could have been taker a guess also in the description I'll leave a video to where you can see what these actually look like while they're being used so yeah if you guys had any questions like I said just put it in the comments below light comes to subscribe and have a nice day

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  1. This is the M3 level A protection, you are missing several parts of the suit-the butyl rubber boots and gloves.  Underneath all this, you would also be wearing wool long johns, gauntleted wool gloves and wool socks, all impregnated with bees wax and 2pam chloride. By the book the stay time in the suit at 90 degrees is 15 minuets max.  I've done over 3 hours in the suit at 95 degrees, no choice, the work had to get done and no one to relieve us,  I don't recommend the experience but it beats the hell out of dying from nerve agent poisoning. Level B is theM17/ M9/hood, butyl rubber gloves,  boots and apron over explosive handlers coveralls.

  2. so i have a question about the hood because its supposed to be 2 layered it seems one with under arm straps. where would it be possible to find that layer with the straps

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