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My new and improved loadout for my 3 day stay over at friends house

My new and improved loadout for my 3 day stay over at friends house

alright what's up guys just like their 50th take cuz people got yell at me so right here got super nice eh on it which it could be better she's got black padding on the inside the black padding it's worse cuz it's like one of the first designs as you see vocals coming off of it very annoying I got a dark earth or golden nvg mount holder and then I got the black and did you match I got the UH ESS issue digital goggles I don't like it you but I do also makes you stuff on my one piece of downtown won't be today's you on my IR but I do got here and I took everything off why combat bill cos I I don't like stuff on my waist now like I said one piece of bass you are on here got Bushnell goggles patrol cap and some more cleaning towels what I do mess with this on a day-to-day basis so it does change I did post a video pretty recently PARP nothing in here I got my buddy mag system I got to to make up to Meg's and there there is a 1990 to 2000 arrow mag pouch this way right here I got my 506 coining kit right here I got a grenade with a grenade a grenade in a grenade pouch up in front this is double stack mega and so is this but right now I'm keeping it low pro so I can go down onto my stomach I got two real meds I put some off shells in here for all Rex wait and when I'm running around it doesn't you know yeah that occasional jiggle but whatever I don't matter she's not gonna hear it in there real military multi this is real military that's not I'm not too sure about this I think that's actually Condor because Condor makes their MOLLE webbing or pals when orderly on-call it like that mmm actually yes that I know cuz I know this is because the tank was still on when I got it for Christmas then oh my on in here I got one mag you know it's don't sack night coach it's real military and forward to magazine no one right there that was this one actually said it was a single stack but it's proof that uh double stack was single stack but it's don't I just have it I don't have three in the front I do have enough mag pouches and mags fit all three of my double stacks but a little pro I can get down it's a little profile and yeah then I do have two real steelies one my friends of dad gave to me he's in the military he gave me that one and one here with my dad's I saw those time that time when I'm done with it right here it's a canteen pouch converted into a good kit oh I know so pretty fun I do have an American flag with Velcro it used to be right here but I don't like it there anymore oh I think I got cold or something what and then oh my god well that's getting heavier right here I got a grenade pouch converted into a small med kit that and then up on top here I got a time kit velcro to right there says all right oh no I went over this this is my cane knocking teen watcher I do have two canteens I've one I'm missing another one I'll be bringing this for my three-day stay I'm at my friend's house I'll be bringing this to bring over bring down not really control bag but in here so I spent like two days it's a good I got metal in there and stuff like that in here is where I keep all my fake bombs you know trip wires so that I got flashlights fake tear gas canister out of a mp5 suppressor and I will say this is not a budget I love this took me say about 6 years 7 years to get then I got bombs and here it's four players flashlight not gonna take it all out cuz I don't want to have to put it all back in I'm also wearing respect ammo I'm not gonna be wearing these I'll be wearing the ones up there because these ones are very white like bright and then here I do take this on Patrol it's like oh no I'm out of magazine one mag left I better make it count I got anything wrong in this video please tell me down comments but like I'm gonna say please don't be mean to me and the comments guys don't say I am I am pretty young I'm pretty I'm not really knew this but pretty nude see a multicam stuff and don't we make fun of me cuz I got a senior big pock at the main pocket so I've been packing I'm xxx I got my smog Omega that duct tape I got my hat I got five five six cleaning kits I got multi cam I got wool blend I got Oh somewhere in there a gator Nick but I would plague one but that's that's all I have in there what lets you do anything here final bag oh I know so what I have here is clothing got a McCain with a fake bomb I got gloves this is my favorite pair watch I don't know why they're in there and that's an okay I got an AC digital will be style thing I got a few radios and then I got a gas mask gas mask so Vietnam so I got I found this washed up stuff like that but I found that at a park or a park but uh yep here's my gun is awesome but this right here some people may know what it is but it's a bipod for grip so you press the button right there and that was you know but this is broken so I got tape it coconut doors sage blah blah blah doesn't work I need batteries for it backup sights this is this is a router it works at all but that would be for like playing I pretend to hack stuff yeah which that I would happy yeah that's all I have so I hope you all enjoyed it this should last me a few days wants it to focus I've enjoyed I'm done I'm I'm going to bring this with and the phone so I can record stuff and show y'all what me my friend Reese still and stuff like going to the creek and the burned down college in your house so and it's very it's 11:45 so I get you like or dislike whatever one you want I don't control you you do what you want oh one last thing I do have a shirt and this is this is my bead you sure or we won't call it that's flossing so like this like on subscribe subscribe whatever you want to do I don't care but if you do subscribe hit the bell notifications that ding ding thing when I upload your wheel you don't find stuff like that so please

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