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My most recommended gear for bushcraft (pt 1)

My most recommended gear for bushcraft  (pt 1)

konnichiwa hope everyone's good so I've been planning on doing a lot of bushcraft videos down the woods and fishing videos sea fishing and river fishing but unfortunately I'm self-employed and I don't get a lot of time for fishing a bushcraft now that someone's picking up a lot of people seem to think you're self-employed so you can take breaks whenever you want not true you gotta wake extra hard to pay the bills and things but anyway I thought I would do a bushcraft related video at home since the corn get down to the woods thought I would do one on my most recommended bushcraft gear I've actually getting rid of pretty much all of my bushcraft gear I've only got the bushcraft year that I use most and what I think is the best that I've tried so far the guys had a lot of gear lying around gathering dust so has decided to get rid of pretty much all of it and just keep like a see when I use the most and what I consider the best so throw out stuff with canteens water is obviously very important especially during the summer especially during winter a lot of people don't seem to realize that the called wicks moisture out of you quickly as well so you do need to stay hydrated during winter months so water is very important as is water carry so as far as canteens go up I always try and match them with the metal cup so I can boil water for purification if after I just cook in I can't buy stainless steel water bowls and just boiling water in those but I haven't had a lot of luck with those bowls always seem to leak the Pathfinder canteen that I had I bought three lids for that and every lid is leaked so it's crap and I'm not using that anymore but I tend to use the plastic ones it's what I know it works best for me all military grid polymer plastic I think this one is and all these two are definitely polymer but this one is the u.s. GI from 2004 this is a nice water ball it's the smallest over the wall water balls that I've got smallest capacity but if you're just going out for a deer this one isn't a great one never leaked done is once cheap hang up here at 6 pound for it and it nests perfectly with the Pathfinder cup and the stove so that's just a nice little set up just by itself not a big fan of the Pathfinder Cup law my opinion doesn't change on this I still think it's a very flimsy thin cup easy to bend and just cheaply bake it it still I'm just not a huge fan of it but it fits this steers like that that's the u.s. GI this one one offshore before hundreds of times my videos Osprey this one's a great one very heavy-duty beat the crap out of it and let's never let me down yet I think appeared 5 pound for this maybe 3 pound I've had a lot of years though and this one's just much to the see on the steel Crusader another very heavy-duty not gonna go wrong you can drive over this thing with a car and you want biggest hypothetically I've never done that bill anyway this one is my absolute favorite goes with me everywhere I go every day it's a Swiss m48 comes with a nice aluminium cup it's one that I highly recommend legacy it's polymer battery grid water bowl so I like this one the best cuz it fits in any standard water bowl approach they find on pretty much every bag so it's a great water bowl you don't have to worry about buying water ball pouches like you do with these although this one came with a water ball approach anyway so as far as canteens go these are the three I rate the highest especially the Swiss m48 or 84 that's the before let's received four Emmy before as far as cooking gear goes this is all I've got left it's not a lot this I think it's BCB I think I've had it for seven or eight years you know doesn't have any more guns on it but I'm sure was a BCB there's just a really nice thick gauge steel pan the nice long handle in the lid doubles as a frying pan so I'm not 1% sugar you mix this by yourself think it's bliss easily and I don't even know if you can get this anymore pretty sure I got all nine years and I can't find online years but a it's a great little pot a good alternative to this would be the EMS or store where but uh this I really like it's very compact it's a nice deep pan this one of my favorite items I use this all the time at home and in the woods it's the Eagle products it's the North Point seven or not point free tell can I remember the name of the things that I buy names aren't really important to me though long as the product works I get me to clean this one though it's dirty how embarrassed but anyway this thing is awesome another great steel steel thick year Jeff had stuff piled on top of it it's been at the bottom of the bag it's been thrown around there's no dents or anything in it like the watch here as well it locks so it won't fall fight against this so don't burn your fingers it's about hanging loops as well if you want to use a wire and hang it under a tripod all right we'll the tripod I'll never use these things what thing I ever will but that's the Eagle products couple highly recommended zebra Billy pot ten-centimeter think about buying the 12-centimeter but this thing another great thing I love it thousands of videos on it's very popular with bush crafters in the UK and Europe the stop the north really look sexy about it another one of my favorites German it's East German mess kit aluminium think they also come to the second pond mine didn't doesn't bother me though it's a nice heavy G solid thing handle looks upwards into the side some people want to make it because it's aluminium but I'm not cooking in this thing every day two or three times a month maybe max but yeah my begins some more surplus mess kits to try out as well that's it for the cooking gear as far as utensils go I haven't found a set by the lake yet by the minute I'm just using the titanium chopsticks that of Sean in the sea videos in the plastic royal blue fork in knife I sure the last day to see what he was well and that's about it well again never actually found Sethi tencel's that I really like that's up for the cooking gear so as forest stoves and burners go during summer months I mostly use the civilian azmuth Sarah Trangia burner you know thought I'll leave these the Pathfinder which fits nicely over it for the honey pockets Dorf I'd have got from rear sight how'd it band it a little bit to make the store fit where it does fit in there nicely also that the military burner as well don't really use that one that much now mostly civilian wanna yeah Jared window I like to actually use fire so I'll use the log on wood stove by Robbins really nice heavy-duty stainless steel stove hasn't walked yet I did lose the cross section like was over the top but I use a grill as well I'll just take a little stick anything on it can also kill with it so Plus that we also grill it cellphone just use two logs on the side and then stick the grill on top and that's pretty much cooking stoves and burners so I've got you know much but I'm at the point now where I just think if I'm not going to use it I'm not gonna bother keeping it so anyway that's them

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  1. Nice one! I got the kleencanteen with the add on metal lid, so far its not leaking. But always triple check before stuffing it in my bag, had some mishaps with camel back bottles before failing to tighten down the lid…. Thanks for sharing!

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