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My military uniform collection – Part 01

My military uniform collection – Part 01

hello friends this is Julianna Toniolo here today and I'm at my place I'm not in the bush today I'm in the big city but I'm good I'd like to show you guys some of the uniforms that I have some of the military uniform that I have I got a nice collection here for Brazilian I mean for a person who doesn't live in a place like in the stage right you can actually get all types of uniforms and camouflage there and stuff and actually I decided I wanted to make this video just because of my friend my youtube friend you guys might know him as someone to see his name is Douglas okay Doug and he's got a great collection man he's got you know these uniforms from all around the world from Japan he's got a lot of Vietnam era stuff a lot of ww2 uniforms some great pieces of German uniforms man Canadians Australians all in order of Asians Portuguese all types of military camouflage he's the dude man he's got all those nice pieces here my collection is pretty humble when compared to his but anyway I'd like to show you guys what I got here and if you guys want to see some really nice piece of uniforms check on his youtube channel someone to see su wham 12c okay his name is dog Douglas and hi dog it's uh I'm doing this because of you man so hope you guys will like it well first here I'm going to show you guys some of my US military I have the Maher pet camo flag here on the ground as you can see but they are different makes the jacket is a true spec as you can see there so the pattern on the camel is a little bit different from the pants which are let me see it says me too regular here I think the pants are proper I'm not sure but you can actually see there's a difference between the colors of the pants and the jacket itself but you know the market camo is great it's per and honestly RV guys it's a way better than that ACU crappy camouflage that you got there I'm sorry I'm not saying I don't know why you've got that uniform okay it's bad you should change into something like the Maher pet or even the multicam it's a way better but it sure is his own online you know if I were American especially if I were if I was in the Army I would I would want a better uniform but this is your business not mine I don't want to mess up with you guys anyway so here we have the woodland the the older woodland they are both proper okay the jacket and the pants you know I like him a lot okay and honestly if you ask me the woodland works better than that ACU which was supposed to be all-terrain camouflage that's bullcrap there's not such a thing as all-terrain camouflage right I got this jacket here I'd like to you know maybe you guys can give him a hand with it because I don't know what uniform it belongs to check it out it has a zipper here and this army tag it's it's not original I got a head it's made to put here but I I saw it on a movie once I think it said a normal soldier I guess that's the name of it in English about the the first the 1991 war in Iraq northern Eirik and once it wasn't even 99 where was it I forgot anyway it wasn't a desert back there McQuade he has it I think wait and I saw on the movie some of the soldiers wearing this uniform but I think on the movie it was like some type of a biological gas uniform I'm not sure maybe you guys can give them a hand with this uniform okay it's kind of different from all the other uniforms I've seen I don't really believe it's like a regular BDU jacket it must be part of a chemical warfare suit or something so if you can give them a hand and tell me what it is I'd appreciate it so these are the some of the US military uniforms that I got okay this would land here it's summer fabric okay for tropical area so it's not as heavy as though the MARPAT one which is desert which is winter wait okay but I love them all I love them all they are great pieces of uniforms you know great camo fires they work both of them both the the wood layer the old woodland in the new market woodland work pretty fine pretty well for the conditions here in Brazil so hold on I'm gonna show you some other pieces that I got okay so you're talking about the woodland uniform this smooth land we see here it's not the UH the u.s. woodland okay it's Mademoiselle the factory there the the fabric everything is made in Brazil and honestly guys I like this fabric here a lot because it has more polyester than cotton which makes it you know way better a type of fabric when you when you're wet Eddie wanted to drive faster this fabric here dries much faster than the fabric used in the US military uniforms this like I said was made by a Brazilian company name it militar Brazil like Brazil Brazil military or something and this is the uniform I used with my with my in my survival course okay to train my students as you can see there I have the patch of my survival school here I have the tag saying survival in Portuguese and instructor in Portuguese there's another patch of a course which I have already already attended in Rio and here I'm gonna add another patch say in Brazil and the flag of my state here I'm gonna remove this little branzino pad here I'll get this saw the patch written Brazil and my states right here it will be nice so this is the woodland camouflage that was made in Brazil now I'm going to show you guys is actually one of my favorite piece of uniform pieces of uniform this jacket here is an original Vietnam era jacket okay it was made in 1969 it was boxed in 1969 and it is the third model used by the u.s. GIS in Vietnam they had three different models this is the third in the last model they used back there in M this is tropical weight okay there's a inner tag here but it's almost coming off let me see if you can read it hold on it says G man's cotton wind resistant rip stop combat tropical I don't really think you'll be able to see it there but it says combat tropical right and this is very light if compared to the other types of fabric because like Vietnam is a tropical country like Brazil so for summertime this makes it ideal and you have the first sergeant is patches rank marks on the shoulder airborne here Special Forces on the other one another rank mark here the US Army tag there I love this jacket guys honestly this is I think my favorite piece of uniform you guys might have noticed that I have a team for you know American history especially the Vietnam War you know era and I like to have these these you know pieces of uniform in my collection now as for the pants although hold on there's a protest all right I live near an airport here so sometimes it gets pretty annoying so although the kids resemble a lot the Vietnam era pants okay it is the same model as they use back there um has a reinforcement in the back the back pockets the cargo pockets on the side of the front pockets it's not it's it's it's made in Brazil okay by the same factory by the same company that makes those uniforms they're those that camouflage there so it's so degree but because it you know it's pretty much the same as the pants that the state's used back in the States I like to use it in combination with the jacket because they match well they match fine and like I said this is my favorite team of of gamma feo of military uniform that I got here

Reader Comments

  1. Omg I was face palming so hard MARPAT IS CANADIAN right before he shows he said American army I was like BOI

  2. the talk you have with a zipper I don't think it's a real military uniform because I have never seen one with a zipper

  3. Really amazing collection! I collect Military medals of WW1 and WW2, got a couple vids already up but more to come, check out my channel!

  4. Well my cusion was finally issued the multicam and you were right it is a better camo by 100% he gave me his old ACU uniform with patches and all except the IR flag because he used for his multicam uniform and as I said you were right about the ACU being a crappy camo pattern.

  5. So you should be the first one to be concerned about his safety. That camo was such a junk that the US Army replaced it by Multi cam. See? I was right!

  6. Asiankid727 is an idiot dont listen to him. Im asian and hes making asians look dumb. I respect you are admiring and taking the time and effort to learn the purpose and name of each uniform and collect this stuff. Nice Collection, thats too bad youre not near the USA where you can pick these up cheap at thrift stores etc..

  7. Do YOU know what the hell you're talking about? A military veteran would be proud that someone cares and has spent their time collecting and preserving his or her uniform and understanding it's history get your head out of your ass.

  8. So I guess all them vets should storm into museums and collectors homes and reclaim their patches back! I dont wear those on my jackets and I do respect the history behind them and the peolple who actually earned them. But give me a break, it´s just a collection!! Im not even american, gee…! Maybe them nazis should go get some of their nazi shit back that somany worship, love and collect back there in the US too uh? As them krauts definetely erned them more them the US! Dont you think so?

  9. So I guess all them vets should storm into museums and collectors homes and reclaim their patches back! I dont wear those on my jackets and I do respect the history behind them and the peolple who actually earned them. But give me a break, it´s just a collection!! Im not even american, gee…! Maybe them nazis should go get some of their nazi shit back that somany worship, love and collect back there in the US too uh? As them krauts definetely erned them more them the US! Dont you think so?

  10. Well the correct word would be and not end. But having family and friends who served in the military and very close friends who died in the military…. They earned that patch serving the us military.

  11. @asiankid717 Hey dude relax! it´s just a collection, ok?! Im not saying Im am in the us army or even pretending Im with them ok?? Now if you dont like it you can come here end try to remove them patches if you like!

  12. Do u know what the Hell u are talking about the last two are bdus and if your not in the us army remove the us army patch

  13. I think that the US Army is ditching the ACU mate for multicam.

    The British Army now has a new camo called Multi-Terrain pattern which is close to multicam with a hint of DPM.

  14. @giutoniolo hey no problem! ive owned a few BDUs when i used to do a bunch of airsofting.. those things are tough! hey thanks for the subscription, i hope u will like my videos… nothing compared to urs no doubt…

  15. @EDINBURGSTAR Joe Im really sorry to hear that brother! It´s a pitty you dont have them anymore! I hope you can get some other pieces for your collection man! Im glad you and your folks are fine and the loss was only material despite how bad it sucks too! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS MY FRIEND! Dios te bendiga mi amigo y hermano!

  16. @KonstantinKuehn Thank you my frind! I just subscribed to your channel and I´ll be checking it soon! You seem to have a good channel there dude! Thanks for the words man!

  17. @sum12see Thats awesome bro! Ive already figured out some other stuff I´ll be sending you but that will be a surprise! But I can garantee you will like it Doug!

  18. @giutoniolo I cant wait to do the video the day I recieve the Brasilian Camo…I'm sooooo excited! I already have that old one but to get yours and add it to the WorldCamoCollection,akaWCC..Thanks again brother!! I'm going to send you a few other things,cause if I'm sending GIFTS? I'll send what I can……I'll PM you tomorow….

  19. @sum12see No sweat bro! I´ll send you one too and it will be really nice to see it on that jacket man! Thanks again bro!

  20. PS. I would like to request one of your Jungle Patches to put on my old Braslian Jacket..The logo is BAD ASS!!

  21. @jolietjake1970 Ive heard talks they are already thinking about replacing the ACU (Army Crappy Uniform) by the Multi Cam. For the sake of them army guys I hope they will. Gee why didnt they keep the three-color desert camo for the army troops in Iraq and Afaghanistan , which was an awesome camo too? What side are the uniform makers on? Gee…!

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