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My Military Helmet Collection

My Military Helmet Collection

hey everybody this world word guy here today and today I'm actually gonna do a video that hopefully you guys are really excited about gonna show off my entire helmet collection military helmet collection now this is gonna be every helmet that I have so post-war world war two and World War one and the like nothing in particular or any country or anything like that so let's just get right into it right now alright we start off with my post-war m1 Belgian helmet I got this indulgence for about 3035 dollars it was actually my first steel helmet ever my grandpa got it for me I was pretty young I liked this helmet a lot there's nothing to it next we have what I believe is a post-war Belgian dispatch rider helmet so they use on the motorcycles everything's still here I mean it's in rough condition the leather here it works but it's also brittle liners in there it's a it's not a steel helmet it's like a fabric type helmet so it's really light next we have my m4 t helmet you guys probably thinking oh that's a world war ii german helmet well not exactly i got this one from i'm a or international military antiques calm and they said that these are original german and 40 helmets that were later reissued to the finish in the 50s but i also read on other from other people saying that they kind of lie about it that they're actually the finnish made helmets not the bought the ones bought from germany so i don't know it's possible that this one's still an original world war ii german one but i'm not 100% sure and i don't think I ever will be but it's still pretty cool helmet it's not a repro which if you don't want to buy repro but you still want to fairly cheap helmet these are the ones to go honestly you just gotta change the split pins chinstrap and liner inside I got you have the finish line or a very bright yellow with the chinstrap I ordered my head size of 58 but for some or seven one-fourths for those who use the American Way but it feels more like a 60 a 56 or 57 liner size so I don't know what's up with that by the answer it's a cool helmet nonetheless alright next we're going to my favorite post-war helmet slash it's wartime helmet this one is my that Swiss m18 helmet it's truly iconic one a lot of people call the Darth Vader helmet I don't I don't see it this one I put in the post-war category cuz I I'm 99% sure this one was made after the war if not during the war so but it's the exact same literally the exact same down to the small detail as a wartime swiss helmet I really like it I got that off I think it was Omaha Omaha was military surplus it's online I think that was it that for my birthday but they sell them for about $50 she's not too bad alright moving on to World War two we have my French Adrian m26 helmet this one is the infantry indicated with the badge here with the flaming bomb and they are f4 – big fall says this helmet is actually in my introduction video which you guys should check it out other few cool things in there but this one I like we got this in Belgium for about I think it was $75 something like that the liner and chin strap our reproductions are not original but the shell is original paint is all there you know there's a few chipping from age which is pretty normal I really like this helmet fits me nice and snug I really like it next we have the Belgian m31 Adrian helmet this one I really like I got it at a flea market or a swap and shop however you want to call it in Belgium got it for $25 really cheap I jumped right on it the reason why it's black though is some guy told me that it's become is because like the Jean de Mille wore these during the war so the police I guess you could say so it's not the military kind here we have the inside with no liner and it's the exact same as the French one I'm going to show you the difference if I can get this goddamn helmet alright so the insides are the exact same the French one has these kind of for the liner the attachments same air vents and all that is that what you just can't see it but there they are this one looks like someone painted either a name or who knows what thought will never be known of what it says oh yeah I really like it pretty relic like condition paint still there but you can see a lot of rust spots and shipping whatever happened here is flat there's that one right now moving to some more familiar helmets here we got the US World War two m1 steel pot helmet this one I really like it's a fixed bail front seam which means at these little hoops here that hold the chinstrap they're fixed they don't move they don't move at all as holds this chinstrap then front seam means at the front of the helmet this is where the rim meets up meets up around here into the front that tells you that it's an early war m1 helmet if you have swivel bails to wear these move it could be mid to late war and if you have the seam in the rear it's most likely late war now of course there are exceptions you can hold a long battle inside I have an original m1 liner this could be post-war i I'm not familiar with my liners this one's made by Firestone I don't know if destiny will be able to see that no way our Dean oh there we go it's hard to see Firestone and it looks like a g9 so for any of those liner buffs gasp hi Tony which one is I believe it's probably the late war liner just with my luck the helmet I got off eBay for about $100 the liner I got an antique shop for about $25 not too bad the reason why the guys probably wondering why there's paint loss and it's brown here I was told that this pot during the war was used to cook so he put it over a fire and heat up whatever they had in it or what they would call soup I don't know and I have reproduction chinstraps here yeah I really love this helmet it's really neat the corking is all gone but you know from the flames age and all that it's kind of normal that it's gone it looks very green on the camera but I assure you it's the correct m1 paint i-it's not a ugly green like that's what you'd expect all right moving on away from the Allies we have this right here original World War two relic condition m42 helmet I got this in Belgium alone Diedra in there this one I got for about 3540 dollars of course they're euros I'm just trying to change it to US dollars for you guys you see some of the paint here which is neat it's like an apple green color and the guy who I bought it from said that he found it in a barn we bought it from a farmer who was using this for his hens to lay eggs they're strong in or whatever so you know you'll find things in weird places but really cool it's pitted you know obviously it's a relic condition but it's a good condition for a relic condition still hard not bad one thing that I don't understand and for those who know every single thing about German helmets is this part the distance between the air vent and the hole for the rivet to attach the liner are different distances at each side so here we have I didn't measure it but as you can show the fingers pretty big distance far apart knees stretched right to the other side and then what the heck it's a smaller distance supply hard-to-see let me try to show it on the camera real quick so that is what would be on the left side when wearing it and then on the right side when wearing it okay well it's not going to focus so if anyone knows about that honestly you guys will be great help letting me know what that is that's something that's always bothered me but yeah moving on this one I love this one so will door to German pith helmet Africa Africa Corps pith helmet got picked this up in an antique stuff antique shop near my house $65 about now of course there are no details on it those were not there they're missing sadly but whatever right whatever the inside is beautiful although it cracked I just like the colors at this nice green bright red of yellow sweatband chinstrap is broken sadly little piece here ripped up part focuses focus all right well you guys can see it I'm not gonna spend too much time on that here's the other part which is also ripped you guys play you guys probably saw this yes it says Germany I read online and if I'm correct it means that the vet who brought it back which I'm assuming the United States when they wanted to bring it back they'd put a stamp saying Germany in it that's what I believe it's on this side yes there we go we have the manufacturer and the date 1942 and yes it's a size 56 small head size it fits me only if I wear it on the tip of my head screws I'm guessing you put this in the front like that to keep the sand from getting in you stop there yeah I really like it don't worry about the chin straps they're still very flimsy so it's okay being crushed now moving on to the helmet that policy really great how in my collection is this one that's right original World War two m42 German helmet with decal very beautiful condition I got this at an antique shop along with another helmet that I'll show you real soon for a total of five hundred and fifty dollars no a lot of money but for those who collect or who know a lot about the gern helmets during helmets in this condition can go for a lot more than five hundred and fifty dollars and that price was two helmets not just one I love this helmet the decals beautiful we have the Silver Eagle which represents the Deaf Mach or the here which is just the regular army in the German military inside we have part of the liner's still there we have the band all the way around it's still intact part of the liner still here the cloth but you know obviously the rest is gone chinstrap is leather but it is hard like plastic it will not move which is normal it's old leather inside if I can get the perfect okay you guys can see that hopefully there are small markings which those are basically manufacturer stampings Jones love stamp putting maker's marks all over their stuff here of it is a stamp I was told that this was a vet bring back and I got from antique shop in like a quiet little town where not a lot of people passed by so honestly looking at this I am 99.99 percent sure this is all a hundred percent original nothing has been tampered with to make it look anything be more expensive here we have the markings god dammit let's see if I can work it there we go serial number three one five six and then here hard to read I'll see don't know you have the makers mark and I believe it's a shell size 64 Chad doesn't look like it at all but it's there I just love this helmet it's the m42 helmet oh and before I continue just because it's not gonna focus okay now for those who study helmets a lot of people know that the m42 rarely had any details on it this was because by 1943 the German military said okay we we're gonna put an order out where there's no more decals on helmets like the factory won't put them on anymore but you can still get them by private purchase it purchases which is commissar like why would you do that there's no point so there's two reason two possible reasons why this is still here one because 1942 is when these came out this helmet was issued and somewhere in 1942 so they still had the single decal on it or between 1943 and 1945 some soldier will decided to buy it private purchase and have it put on there I believe the first ideas more more likely to to be it yeah anyway moving on we have this I believe m16 or the m18 but I believe is the m16 world war 1 style hum German helmet this one I got in Belgium at an antique store Stan what same one is that one actually for about $50 I was told that it was used during World War two which is called which would be called a transitional helmet there's black paint and has not been repainted recently so it's very very possible that it was a transitional helmet used in World War two for mostly political reasons since it's a black but who knows I could be wrong one of the lugs on the side is missing but since there's no step for those who also study these helmets if there's no step I believe this shell size is a 66 the inside yeah it's pretty bad no liner all messy but you know for the price I got it for its a damn nice helmet holes on the top but still sturdy they're not gonna go anywhere you can push down on it of course I don't want to do too much honestly really cool helmet something that I overlooked a lot of my collection because I got it so early on in my collecting life badges all just passed by it too much when I stop and think about it really neat helmet 50 dollars for a World War 2 transitional helmet even this in this condition it's a pretty damn good price we said believe so I could be wrong I'm still learning next we have this world where one Belgian m15 helmet now I probably haven't told you guys in any other videos but I'm a Belgian descent my parents my entire family's from Belgium for me any Belgian militaria is awesome that's really the only way I could put it's awesome this one I got off eBay for a lot of money about $100 it's been repainted I can't tell it what time you know if this was wartime post-war time recent I don't I don't know you can see it running your season everywhere the insides like a mmm like a disgusting brown color could be original I'm honestly I'm not sure it's supposed to be more of a mustard yellow color but it's really neat I still like it I pull it back here you can see what's what's left of the maker's mark what she really can't read it out oh well sorry yeah I really like the summit you have the line on the front and then next yes I know another Belgian m15 helmet but this one is a little cooler it has the original liner and chin strap on it with the little I forgot the name of those to hold the liner you guys can see it really nice condition the liner you know obviously there's some parts that are breaking apart but you know for over 80 years it's pretty damn well damn good liner and we have the makers mark here camera's not working today there we go no to place it's hard to see I have I still have a hard time seeing it but I looked up and the company that actually made this helmet they only started if I'm correct they only started making helmets these helmets in the 20s so yes this does make a make it a post-world War one helmet but is the exact same design as the World War one model now I don't know if you guys can see little history time or learning time teaching time I guess learning from you know if you guys can tell but the lines are actually different this one has a lot less detail can barely even tell it's a lion honestly this one's a little more detail but more of a human I guess I don't know that's because they actually had different badges there's a whole you can learn a lot more on a page called Brandon's helmets my guy has every helmet imaginable and he has these two lines and he has a little more detail on them this is this would be the Belgian m15 and this would be the Belgian m15 cognate I can't remember but anyway that there's actually two different lines so I believe this is wartime this is post World War one but you guys should check out his page it's just a regular website Brandon's helmets really neat yeah this helmet I got in Belgium at a flea market for I believe 90 92 $100 my godfather bought it for me it's honestly like really really nice of him I give him a shot up but no need and he doesn't have YouTube all right moving on all right you guys probably noticed this oh it's a world war one Brodie helmet no it's not it's a world war one u.s. m1917 helmet why because here we have rivets they call them that I probably messed up or got it wrong but whatever it's the American one the British one would be like a split pin you put it through the hole he split some sweat then no liner got this at some antique shop for $45 it's not not that bad of a price my girlfriend's at it it was really rusted rusty I sanded the rust off nated blue shinier this was before really I I started doing more research on how to restore things so really I just rusted really smooth now a lot of you're probably gonna hate me for this but no more parking on it smooth but you know it was in relic condition so it's not a horrible crime I committed on the back here we have markings I think I'm holding upside down yes I tried looking it up saying what year would be didn't have any luck on it looking if you guys have like a good website or whatnot or have that even knowledge in it not a great total you let me know yes you guys probably saw this as well I don't know what that is I like to say it's brains but it is not it's not that so I just waxed or something that fell on it you know this thing's over 90 years old so who knows what happened to it and then last helmet of the day let me focus this back first before okay last helmet certainly not the least yes Wow pretty big disappointment isn't it no it's not think positively another American m1917 World War one helmet let's start on the outside here we have the rolling W with the red for infantry it's a divisional marking for the 89th Infantry Division red means for the infantry and on the back which makes this help me unique whoever had this helmet skip scratched his name not his name I bet but the city where he came from so Phoenix where we're looking cool this is the helmet that I bought with that helmet right there both for five hundred and fifty dollars combined obviously so on how you want to divide it up you can say if I spent too much on this helmet or spent not a lot of money on this helmet and yes the InDesign very beautiful liner beautiful eyes and it's all there and it's not brittle or anything with the chinstrap I put on product to help revive the leather focus so it's a little more flexible a lot more flexible than it was honestly so I gave it a little life back to it I still try to be careful with it you know because it still is over 90 years old liner here we still even have the paper that goes inside of it to explain how to adjust it I can't really what says tighten cord and that explains how to do it but they're staying on it so we have a little seven here by the liner sighs who knows yeah everything's in it it's perfect I wear some I've worn it before and since it's old it's not comfortable at all but I'm sure they were better than what I'm thinking obviously and back here we have again the stamping looks like ze five nine there's that now here we have there we go for the chinstrap loops these don't look like the other one the other ones the difference but I still believe this one's an American one because the British one they're older one instead of having this edge here that was put on to make it less sharp the British one just didn't have this I'd be a raw edge but really nice like his helmet that's caring personality you know to the soldier who had it Oh before I forget unless already said it I'll say it again if I did these were always done after the war so it's a post-war marking but this helmet could have been used in World War one again you know anything's possible basically but this painting for sure was done after the First World War but this helmet who knows yeah that is my military helmet collection it's a 15 helmets I believe that's pi+ account or not count do whatever you want yeah I hope you guys liked the video I certainly had fun filming it honestly if you guys want me to go into more detail about a certain helmet you know let me know and I'll do my best if you ask me to do let's say the dispatch rider helmet I've to do research so it won't come that quickly but you tell me hey you'll make some research on now know them 42 yeah I'll be glad to do that so again I hope you guys enjoyed if you did you know please comment rate subscribe and have a good day

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  1. Very nice video. I especially like that German Afrika Korps helmet it was in aamazong condition especially for that price. Only comment is just for your information, the heer and the Wehrmacht are not the same. Wehrmacht is the german military conprised the Luftwaffe, heer, and kriegsmarine. So the heer is the army and Wehrmacht is military. Anyways awesome video!

  2. You got scammed, I live in Belgium and the M1 belgian helmet are sold 10$ ( € ) fully completed ( shell, chinstrap and liner) :/

  3. The American 1917 part of the liner that looks like netting was this that. Recycled netting from boiled pot roast.

  4. The reason why your relic M42 has uneven distances between te vents and rivet holes is probably because at the end of the war they started to make the M42 Stahlhelms a little bit more sloppy and rushed so you would see factory defects pop up. I'm not 100% sure if that is the case but I'm pretty sure of it.

  5. Very nice collection. For your information regarding the British "Tommy" helmet, It DOES have the edge covered! I just checked my Dads helmet dated 1940 and his has the edging on. It is also fitted with the normal cruciform black rubber "bump stop" where the screw comes through the crown of the shell to protect the wearers head along with the normal oilcloth liner system. I hope this helps you sometime in the future, you may even get to buy a similar helmet. Thanks Dave UK


  7. Wow, very nice! I’m a young collector, just got into the hobby a few months ago, (about 6) and have managed to score three helmets, only two are from WWII though, I’m looking to get my hands on an original M1 American, and a WW2 Brodie, do you have any idea how much is they normally go for, if you could inform me, that would be awesome, thanks!

  8. Nice collection just got my first adrian helmet its a French M26 with an original chinstrap but no liner

  9. Believe me or don’t believe me I found a real German helmet with the decal and liner and everything (at lest I think) for only 125 dollars and there were other ones but they were repros

  10. I need some advise so I just started my collect and so far I have a wz 67 a para beret and a standard issue is military uniform and I want to get another helmet any tips?

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