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My last unboxing from Gold nugget army surplus, I hope you guys and gals enjoy!

My last unboxing from Gold nugget army surplus, I hope you guys and gals enjoy!

hey girl come on Nicholas what do you think goes well I thought I'd share with you our last order from Goldeneye no box I got this was our my first catalogue from gold nugget they had I was looking for the USM 17 series gas masks and they had two of them and I bought them because there at the time that gold nugget you guys had them the cheapest and then yeah send me this and I really liked what I saw in it so I kept on ordering from Italy Abril is good since 1983 I mean a lot of money yes yeah so me their next catalog was this one it talks a little bit about Joseph and Simon US Army retired colonel and then here is the last now I have a binder that I would always keep all these in and whenever I'd go to gun shows and I found something that I liked and I knew that you guys had it I would really like to price check it because I knew that you guys were reliable source of buying surplus stuff from and if it was cheaper in here well that's where I ordered it from so what do you say we open up this last package I'm ready yes do it all right I got the US Army style type knife essentially the K bar except this is black yeah boy you guys definitely packed this thing all right there's the kitchen want to order the dog tags the invoice and your guys is letter just time about well all your guys accomplishments over the years that a lot of people have appreciated including me in my grandma yes please preciate everything we got the old they look thick the old fatigue pants like papi used to wear they look new and fortunately the coat and hat was out of stock but then you got the old telephone bag I think these came out during the Vietnam War but this particular one is from 1985 yeah now over at the Air and Space Museum they actually have one of those yeah these interesting gas mask bags turned into shoulder bags I'm not sure if these were done like this originally to be honest or if those are custom customized objects Vietnam sound 1 you've definitely smell the old canvas in this definitely I could smell it whoo pinky I wish and then the gas mask filters 1984 yeah crazy this thing that they just been sitting there all those years now here are you remember to or duty that Vietnam show that we'd always like to watch and they use those grenade launchers oh yeah that's very impressive and those actually came in sets of three and then these newer style vandal leaders think for the saw Wow oh it's a technic gun what was those he just fainted this no those were the extra ones oh and then tent stinks is those old ones remember back at mount of parts when they were still Jacob had gotten so a third parent Bob yeah spero for the tent I'm looking in buying a tenth pretty soon then a bayonet scabbard reproduction made in Germany that sure is handy you know take it and hunt elk and deer then old SWAT hats I bet you could pull that off style so yes you've got the touch captain where the head then these are a pistol lanyard you clip it to the end of your pistol and then you put it over your shoulder and then if you fire your weapon and then you got a drop it yeah so you don't so you don't lose your gun you can see why that might be important and then a garrison belt heavy duty very impressive just what I needed my pants up and then this is actually a customized sheath for the would fit the K bar or even this knife I was gonna buy one but in this order since it was my last order I knew that a lot of this stuff I could either only get from you guys for the cheapest or anywhere that and then a pair of old black combat this direct modeled molded sole from 1984 I see ya babe you pick up on he likes the almost stuff yes definitely the old-timer so what's that oh it's just for the tread when they originally made it yeah so crazy to think that those have been sitting in a warehouse since 1984 never been used these are and what was that – an idea these are by pod carriers for the m16 late vietnam style because they're nylon you got old boonie hat I don't think this is a Rothko should it be now I think there's a picture of pop over my grandsons one in the summer to keep the Sun off of it it has a National SOG number so it's not Rothko and it's SPO says 2014 got the more stakes same as the orange one so I won't open them up to ten pulls yeah oh these are carabiners those old clips that use to repel and that these are the original us ones they all look like they're from 1977 can you imagine put your keys on that never lose them how come I can't open it must be a tricky trick to open them hey you just press down on that top part oh yeah I just love it when the younger generation shows the elderly generation how to do something works bootlaces now these are the original style designed to go on those boots which I have several pairs up and I'm not sure how well here and they'll see these but the old jungle boots a Deering utility strap whatever cargo strap old m16 rifle sling design that go on the lightweight rucksack later Vietnam style oh very impressive and it's tied with the old piece of cloth yeah and that's history Union 1990 dated unissued of 45 pouch these are skipper's three issues pretty much these are protective over boots for a chemical environment not really sure here what size are they they look like alligator ones penguins you go soon goodbye daddy and then these these are clearly old police batons any word Rothko actually used to make ones like these well there's weren't as good as these ones I don't know if these are original ones or not but Rothko has since then discontinued and since gold nugget was only places I knew where to get these that was my supplier yes good at it and these I have bought about 25 of them over the years a machete carrier black with the built-in sharpener yeah it's not allowed to have them or other soft copy factories damn how do you think this is it's not whiskey or tequila what lightning no insect your comment from the 40s I would kill the big ol mosquitoes you're smelling now JC would know something about this stuff oh we got more stuff you got a good deal the face shield right control there'll be another review of these coming up soon when I'm done with my body armor series this is something that you're really gonna enjoy grandma in the summertime this is a hammock and what are you gonna do with him all right we got a wise one here it's a deluxe hammock made by Rothko so it's mildew resistant 30 we can use those in the service you know the military actually had a style like this but not exactly like this isn't just reproduction and why did we get it because I never had and trust me you're probably gonna use this more than me over the summer well looks like that's everything that's right yes it's very nice for the owners and the employees of gold nugget army surplus store we've really enjoyed ordering from you guys over the past ten full years always enjoyed and going through catalogs and looks like this is our last get order it's been great so yes it has I think in your price was right and your packing is great and everything was shipped on cam and we thank you very much for making my grandson happy our the year's friendly the other reviews if you have any questions comments concerns or like to see individual reviews of these items just let me know have a nice night

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