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My Girlfriend & My Ex Play Truth or Drink (Saveara & Emily) | Truth or Drink | Cut

My Girlfriend & My Ex Play Truth or Drink (Saveara & Emily) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Do you think my boyfriend’s penis is larger or smaller than average? – Um (laughs). – It’s okay, I talk shit
about him all the time. (audience laughing) – I’m Emily, Saveara is
dating my ex-boyfriend. – His name is Joey, he’s sitting on the casting couch over there. I think this is the first conversation we’ve ever had with each other. – Ever yeah, we’ve been acquaintances, close to ten years probably, because I’ve known you
since middle school. – I did a lot of fucked up
shit when I was younger, so I don’t remember anything past 14. – Cool. – Who broke up with who
and how did it go down? – I’m just gonna make myself
sound like such an asshole. It was Valentine’s day.
– It was a long time ago. – And I made him a Valentine’s day gift, and then said, I’m not
in love with you anymore. – Oh shit, poor Joey. – Did he reveal any secrets about me? (Emily laughing) – They weren’t, I don’t
think they were bad secrets. – Don’t be a pussy. – Did you tell me not to be a pussy? I’ll whisper it to you. (Emily laughing) He said that you guys did anal. – [Producer] You two are
wearing wireless mics. – Oh! (audience laughing) You guys did that on
purpose, I was like yeah, I’ll whisper it.
– They were like, whisper it. Go ahead. – What was your favorite
sex position with Joey, and what was his favorite position? If his favorite position is the same as the one that he likes now, I feel so sorry for you. (audience laughing) It’s always like, I
have to lay on my side, so I’m just like on my side. – That’s right, that’s
when you like wake up in the middle of the night and your like, hey spoon fuck me. Is that what it’s like?
– I hate spoon fucking. – It’s nice. – I guess you guys shared that in common. You guys like the spoon fucking,
I fucking can’t stand it. – Would you ever invite me to
have a threesome with you two? – Well I’ve had dreams
about me eating out girls. During the dreams, they’ll
stop and tell me I suck. (Emily laughing) And then I wake up and I’m like, okay. But I appreciate women,
I like looking at them. – Yeah, chase a harlot. – Uh huh. Do you think my boyfriend’s penis is larger or smaller than average? (Emily laughing) It’s okay, I talk shit
about him all the time. (audience laughing) – Okay, I think it’s very middle of the road. – I don’t know if this is accurate. This, and like this. – I like how you’re putting it
up to your face to make sure. (audience laughing) So are we moving on? – Yeah. – What is the meanest thing
my ex has said about me? – He’s just told me that you’re psychotic, but I think.
– He’s not wrong. – I’m not gonna lie, I think that he likes fucking girls that are nuts. – Yeah, I used to drink too much. One night we were drinking
with a bunch of our friends, I broke someone’s hookah, and so then Joey told someone to tell me
that I was embarrassing him, that I need to go home. – Fuck you dude. – And so then I was really
drunk and really mad and I was screaming and
people were following me, and they were like, you
need to shut the fuck up and then the cops came
and they took me home. I mean it wasn’t that crazy
that I did something like that, which is really embarrassing. – [Producer] So you
guys have been answering all the question, you need a shot? – Okay, okay. – You want a shot? – Yeah, cheers. Would you ever wanna get back with Joey if I wasn’t in the picture? – No, sorry Joey (laughs), sorry. – Do you wanna hear a funny story? I don’t know if you know this, your sister messaged him one time, and was like, “Hey, I know
you’re dating another girl, but Emily still loves you.” – Oh. – [Saveara] Damn, please
don’t be mad at me. – That’s a little weird and that’s the first I’m hearing about it, which is like a little bit more weird. – I get it. – Well thanks for being
mature and not trying to beat my sister’s ass
or anything (laughs). Who do my ex’s parents
like more, you or me? – I think they like me
a bit more, I’m sorry. – No but I feel like we were
not good for each other. I’ve spoken to your parents after, and they came and visited me a few times after my
accident and everything. She is just the nicest lady. – After your accident,
she was really like, she always talked about you. – Yeah, she’s so sweet. – She’s very sweet. Did you ever hook up with my partner after we started dating? – Nope, and I don’t think that I’ve even had a conversation with him. I mean, I remember seeing
you at the hospital though. You, I think you guys came
together and you visited me. – Yeah, I’m sorry. – Aw. – I remember that day and
I’m not just drunk either, I really did, I have
dreams about it sometimes. – You’re gonna make me cry. – Sorry. – [Producer] Emily, that’s the second time you’ve mentioned the accident, do you feel comfortable
talking about that? – Yeah, there was like five or
six of us at someone’s house, and then DeShaun was
driving and I was like, “Are you okay to drive?” And he was like, “I’m fine, I promise,” and then he started driving like an idiot and ended up smashing into
a tree at 60 miles per hour. And now I’m in a wheelchair, but I’m like semi-healthy, I mean I have kidney
issues and I can’t walk, other than that, you know. – I just felt like I
needed to reach out to you but I never did and I feel
like a horrible person for never doing that. – It’s nice that you didn’t probably, because a lot of people that
didn’t necessarily like me and I didn’t necessarily
like them were like, “Oh my god, how are you? I’m so sorry and I’m gonna visit you
and I care so much,” and it’s like mm, you’re
trying to make yourself feel like a good person.
– I didn’t wanna be that person, why am
I crying, I’m so sorry. Alright, last question, do you think I’m a good match with my partner? Could you see us getting married? – Yes, when I found out
that you guys were together I was so happy for you guys, and everyone’s like, your fucking weird Like that’s weird (laughs). – [Producer] You’re messing up the video, you’re supposed to be like,
“Ah, I fucking hated your guts.” – Sorry, I guess you’re not gonna be able to post this video. (Emily laughing) Do you wanna take a shot? – Yeah, let’s take another shot. – [Producer] What was the
question that did you guys? – There was a secret one. – Well you guys are gonna hear it! – You go ahead and post her
whispering if you want to. – [Producer] It don’t matter now anyway. (Emily and Saveara laughing) – Anal. – Oh my god (laughs). (audience laughing) – If it makes you feel better he’s, okay so I told him I’m not ready for it. – Oh my god. – He thinks it’s, shut up. When I’m saying, no
I’m not ready for anal, I think he hears, no
I’m not ready for anal. (Emily laughing) He’ll plug me with the thumb, and I’ll just sit there, just like, my butt hole is ripping apart. – Oh, I’m sorry. – You go slow, I mean, it’s just a thumb. – I’ve had a guy ask me to put
a finger in his ass before. – Did you smell it? – [Emily] No! – I probably would’ve, I
gotta go wash my hands like. – Ew. – I would’ve done it, I’m
sorry, I’ma be honest. – [Producer] How was this
experience for you two? – It was fun.

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  1. Hi everyone! We are STILL casting for this series of Truth or Drink! Ever wanted to get to know your partner's ex? Or have you ever wanted your current partner to meet your ex? Get everyone together for a Cut video!

    Sign up here:

  2. Why is no one talking about how that guy is such a dick, when she was talking about how she wasn’t ready for anal and how painful and uncomfortable it was, he was so insincere, it feels good for him but it’s painful for women.

  3. To end up in a wheelchair after your friend was driving under the influence is so sad 🙁 feel so sad for her. I love that they got on though!

  4. "I jus feel like I needed to reach out to you and I feel like a horrible person because I didn't"

    "I'm glad you didn't" lmao
    She can't stand this chick 😂💀

  5. Oh man, they're both so beautiful and nice, if we're talking about attitude and looks that guy is so lucky 😂

  6. If boys do this
    we be like: nah fuck you man, nah thats gay


  7. I love you Emily and you’re probably the most tolerant person I’ve ever laid eyes on but did you just identify the driver in your accident? 😣😳

  8. I don't like the Chinese girl, is one of those girls that talk to much but do little. Sorry for the girl in the wheel chair, and i hope she can still perform sex regarding her condition.

  9. I loved this. Just seeing other people of my generation in america. It makes me feel like the way I act, think, and represent myself is all relatable. I know that it's always been the case with the millenial generation, but it's nice to see it from anywhere else besides New Jersey.

  10. I don‘t think they are still together 🙁 Because she did a blind date video on this channel but i‘m not sure.

  11. All I'm gonna say is Emily is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever layed eyes on. Like her sleeves are amazing

  12. I love sav, she looks like a badass but seems super sweet. She seems super empathetic and in touch w other people’s emotions , like when she said she dreams abt the night she saw Emily in the hospital

  13. Im sorry but if you break with someone on valentines day, unless is because the other person is full fledged jerk, you're a piece of shit.

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