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My gas mask collection, or some of it anyway.

My gas mask collection, or some of it anyway.

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  1. you really have a great collection. I am trying to build a full CBRN protective equipment but still looking for a suit that will really offer air tight protection. Any tips??

  2. I found one of those m9s in a can before in a surplus store couldn’t afford it at the time wondering if they still have it

  3. Cool masks man. I have one of those XM28s on its way to me now, much easier to get those here In the states though

  4. That black hair mask is called a black GP five and that one was the big cheeks is called M 10 is a copy of the American M 17 mean gas

  5. I would like to trade you my M17 for the French M51 gas mask it was the one that was pulled out third or second from the first box i'll also throw in a mk2 brodie helmet with liner and chinstrap…but where do you live because I live in America or Pennsylvania to be exact.

  6. I'm sure you're aware of asbestos, but be careful about Soviet filters and any filters pre-dating about 1980-1990

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