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My Five Favourite Bushcraft Items

My Five Favourite Bushcraft Items

one of youtubers muskrat Jim here and today is April the 14th 2018 and as you can see by looking around we still have a considerable amount of snow on the ground and I think it's gonna be here for at least another couple of weeks so that'll be May but what are you gonna do you may as well get out and enjoy it right hmm anyway one of my YouTube subscribers and Facebook friends a fellow that actually went camping with once Lawrence kummel from Nova Scotia bushcraft tagged me with a five favorite bushcraft items tag so he wants to know what my five favorite bushcraft items are so let's go sit down someplace out of the wind and we can discuss that okay so as I said Lawrence Como of Nova Scotia bushcraft recently tagged me in a five favorite bushcraft items tag and so what we have to do is create a YouTube video and describe the five favorite items and tag other people so anyway number one on my list is due to all the snow that we get out here now I can't remember if we had snow in November but we definitely had it in December so if you count the months off December January February March April and we're gonna have some snow the early part of May so that's six months with snow on the ground so because of all that my ultimate favors bushcraft item it has to be snowshoes because without snowshoes the woods would be cut off to me for half of the year so I really like to get out into the woods so snowshoes definitely number one on my list now my number two item has to be my fire maple gas stove I did a review of this a couple years ago and showed that it can use different sized canisters and it can be used with the included pot or without the pot so you can use with frying pans or tea kettles or anything like that and the reason why I like it so much is because it's self-contained so everything fits right back into the pot and around here in the summer there's always a burn restriction in the woods and the reason for that is because our province depends a lot on the forest industry so it makes economic sense for the province to to limit the number of forest fires so from spring-like once the snow is gone right up until say the first frost or so in late September early October there's burn restrictions so I can't light a campfire in most cases so with this it allows me to enjoy a hot beverage or a hot meal out in the woods anytime I want now in the winters we're allowed to have fires I have a couple of twig stoves that I like and they are great because they come with a pot stand like they're built with a pot stand so they're quite convenient and they pack down quite small so they're easy to carry as well but this is my number two item now my number three item is a new item to me it was recently sent to me by a friend down in Reno Nevada it's the gone boy or the silky gone boy folding saw and it cuts like a dream so that quickly made the top five now before I got this I used to process firewood with a smaller saw because I only have one hand I'm not much of an axe person or a hatchet person for processing firewood and so I'm more of a saw person so anyway this is perfect I just love this so it quickly made it to my five top favorites number four in my list is this survival shovel that I've had for a number of years now it's a foldable shovel but I never use it in the folded position so I always leave it extended and it's got a really sharp blade for chopping so I can use this like a machete I can't split wood with it or anything but I can use it like a machete the lop tree branches off that are in my way or if I'm harvesting firewood it's a shovel obviously because it's a shovel and then there's a saw blade on one side now I've tried sawing things because of the curvature of the shovel it can't saw through anything very thick but but anyway it's good for chopping and this is basically the closest thing to a self-defense weapon I have in my pack and I carry this around pretty much every time I go out now this is not no longer available the company that made it I believe they went out of business they were in Florida and anyway yeah it's no longer available on Amazon but but anyway I really like it and like I said it goes with me practically every time I go out so that was number four now on to number five no bushcraft list would be complete without a ninth and I've got two of them on the top here I've got my palm brown tracker now many of you will recognize this blade as being on my intro to all my videos for all my recent videos anyway it's great it's a survival knife it's got a bunch of features that make it suitable for a survival scenario it's a chopper it's a cutter it's got a notch maker it can break vents links it's an all-around great knife for survival so that's definitely high up on the list but I also have this other night [Applause] this is the Bark River adventurer to knife and I just love this knife it's just made perfectly for the size of my hand for small chores it's definitely not a chopper like this one is but for bushcrafting this would be my favorite in a survival scenario I'd rather have this but just regular bushcrafting this is plenty so my number 5 item is the Bark River adventure 2 knife so that's my five now this tag it was set up so then I would tag five other people to also show their five favorite bushcraft items but this tag has been going around now for at least six months I think and a lot of people that I follow on YouTube have actually done this tag already so I'm not going to bother to tag anyone specifically but if you would like to participate in this tag by all means feel free just let me know that you posted a video and I'll be sure to watch it so till next time this is muskrat Jian signing out you for more muskrat survival videos be sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe

Reader Comments

  1. Hello Jim, thank you for your fine video. I just came across your channel. I like both the knives, great choices. Take care out there.

  2. Wow, some really innovative gear and thinking out of the box. You are a true hero. Thanks for presenting. I subbed because I want to learn how You have been able to do the things You do in the bush.
    That shovel was very innovative. Cheers. Liked the bushcraft Bark River. What kind of steel is it. I have a number of them myself, but all mine are in A-2 .

    They never go into the field with be because they are so pretty, if I damaged them, I would cry like a Little Girl. Consequently, I am mostly an Old Hickory and a Mora Man. lol!!

  3. Hey jim sorry brother Google dropped a lot of ppl in subbed to ! I'm back great gear picks that shovel looked great ! Tom brown ! I love the one I have I have a know off Damascus but I live all the features of that blade you take care brother and I'm back

  4. It's already June here in hawaii, it's amazing how it is still April for you guys, I can ship you something for self-defense.

  5. Muskrat, you just helped me solve a anxiety causing problem of knife loss on my bushcraft knife, the lanyard with the beads on the sheath is going to solve that problem, thanks, a new subscriber..

  6. Excellent choice of gear for your area. I need some snowshoes cos it does limit my movement in the woods in winter. I still go but can't go as far as I usually do. That stove looks great… I once had it in my hands but it felt a bit bulky for me. Is it ok for you?
    The knife is awesome… Really like it))
    Thanks for sharing, brother and God bless))

  7. Good choices ! We finally had a warm weekend here in Ohio… Had enough of the snow.. I'm sure you have too. lol Downside.. had to cut grass today…:-((

  8. Great tag video, Jim  Love that Bark-River !  Be Well, Friend !            ATB Ter  God Bless

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