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My Dad Nearly Died At War And I Had To Make My Choice

My Dad Nearly Died At War And I Had To Make My Choice

Hello, my name is Danny, and this is the story
of how I crushed my father’s dreams to follow my own. My dad is a military man and that basically
set the course for our life. We’ve lived all over the country: New York,
Texas, Alaska, California, you name it! It’s hard to make close friends living like
that, but it’s alright – I also have a little brother and sister, so I’m not totally alone. Our parents are strict, especially dad. He said that he was going to make real men
out of us. I’m not sure how my sister fits in to this
concept but that doesn’t stop him from trying. In order to do that, he’s applied military
standards to parenting. If we misbehave, we get punished like REAL
SOLDIERS. Usually, it’s stuff like push-ups, running
circles around the house, and the worst of all – cleaning duty. Let’s just say that after tests at school
our toilet is shining for weeks. Don’t think that my dad’s a crazy tyrant
or something. He’s just and honest and brave and strong
and … I could go on forever. He also leads by example. When he messes up, he has to fix it. Like, this one time we were camping and he
managed to forget tents and we spent the night in the rain. I mean, it was still great and we learned
how to build a shelter in the wild, but the next week he was the one who had to do all
the chores in the house for us. So, it’s no wonder I always wanted to be
a soldier like my dad. He supported me and taught me how to handle
weapons, not real ones of course, how to survive in the wild, some first aid, some fighting
tricks. After the 8th grade, I was supposed to go
to military school in New Mexico. My mom was against it since it was in another
state and I would be too far away from my family for the first time. But I was determined. So, while my dad was on one of his deployments,
I got accepted to military school! I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait until my dad got back home
so I could tell him the news in person. I knew he would be so proud of me. A couple of weeks after that, we were informed
that my dad was seriously injured. I don’t want to go into details, but it was
bad enough for him to be sent back a bit earlier. My mind was racing with thoughts and memories. I knew that some soldiers didn’t come back
home. I knew that Mrs. Hale lost her husband or
that my friends’ mom returned from her deployment with a gunshot wound. But it had always happened to someone else. Not to our family, not to MY DAD. Suddenly, it all became so very real and not
that appealing. I didn’t want to admit it, even to myself
– but I was scared. If my dad could get hurt there, then I definitely
could too. I started to wonder what would’ve happened
if it was me instead of him. What if I got shot or killed, and then somebody
would have to go tell my mom that I wouldn’t be coming home. When my dad finally got back, he stayed in
the military hospital. We would visit him often to the point that
I started to get bored there. I tried talking to the medical staff but that
didn’t work out. They were nice people but their patience was
limited, so mostly I was shooed away by everyone. Except for one person – Jane. She was a nurse and didn’t have much time
for me. But she tolerated me enough to answer some
of my dumb questions about my dad’s health. She even gave me all these pamphlets about
physiotherapy treatments and some other medical stuff. I got really into it and started digging for
more information on the internet. Partly, just to impress dad. And maybe Jane, but mostly dad. Anyway, time went on, my dad was progressively
getting better and I was getting more interested in medicine and less interested in going to
military school. The only problem was telling that to my dad. So, I worked up enough courage and told him
that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in the military or move to another state for military
school. I didn’t really have time to say anything
else before he interrupted me. He said I couldn’t just throw out everything
I’d worked so hard for, that I had wanted it my whole life. That eventually I would change my mind and
regret it. “”You’re already accepted, you’re going. Period.” I panicked, I knew I needed to change his
mind. So I started ranting about how scared and
worried I was for him. I told him that I never really understood
before how dangerous his job was and that I didn’t want to do it. I always was what HE wanted me to be and I
never complained. I needed time to decide what I wanted to do
with my life. “It doesn’t matter what my job’s gonna be. What matters is what kind of person I’m gonna
be, right?” My yelling seemed to work because he looked
very upset, even heartbroken. He apologized and said that he was proud of
me for standing my ground. He said it was okay for me to be afraid and
that he would stop pushing me. He kept saying that he was sorry for making
us worry. At some point, he even had to calm me down
because I started crying. In the end, he still asked me to think about
going to military school again but promised to accept any decision I would make. So, all in all, we were fine. Though I’m pretty sure he didn’t give up his
dream of me being in the military, but he didn’t push me either. Now he’s helping me find out if I can volunteer
in the hospital where he’s staying. Are you a Military Brat too? Or maybe your parents have your future planned
ahead for you? Share your stories in the comments if your
parents are like that. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed my story!

Reader Comments

  1. Are you a Military Brat too? Or maybe your parents have your future planned ahead for you? Share your stories in the comments if your parents are like that. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed my story!

  2. But I hope he doesn’t get any again but I hope your son doesn’t get hurt either by so I can use what’s this

  3. My dad been in military for four months and one more month until he’s coming back

  4. I got a job a in the military in my country Bangladeshi Army 🇧🇩.my training will Start 24-1-2020. Its a honour to do something for your country yeah its a risky job but some people have to do it. Its ok that u changed u mind but. It will be a glorious death if i die to protect my country 🇧🇩.Joy Bangla

  5. 3:25 ACTUALLY HAPPENED has been taken down by copyright. Sorry about that.

  6. I know how scary the military is but now I think it’s kind of cool when do you think I might get some head and it’s just scary keep

  7. Dad: your being a soldiers
    Son: ok
    2 hours later son:never mind
    Dad: what
    Son in his thought: I'm just gonna scream a lot so he will agree 👍

  8. I am planning to go to the air force and i have had this dream for soo long. I hope i will make my entire family proud though im only 12 ill be turning 13 soon being 8th grade then highschool
    Everyday im moving closer and closer to my dream

    Everyone has something they want to get to

  9. So my dad has been in the military years before I was born. So when I was little, people would call me a military brat. I even had some shirts, jackets, and even a purse that my great grandma gave me (she's dead R.I.P) saying "military brat." When someone called me that or I even saw any of my things with the words "military brat" on them, I would have a huge breakdown. I think because when people called me that, I would think I was a brat, not military brat, and that I was a bad girl. Thinking back, I was really emotinal. Now, not so much. I have more of a flat mood.

    Edit: I want permission to use audio in your videos. I want to use them to make like skits. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you could try to watch gatcha life videos.

  10. Many people in my family are or have been in the military. When I was growing up my favorite thing to do with my dad was to practice my aim on the shooting range. Since my first shot fired from a rifle I wanted to join the military, but I can’t. I was born with bilateral club feet and had multiple surgeries to correct it and for this reason I will never be accepted for service

  11. I mean you can do both be accepted into the military, then with your healing talent you can be part of the medical team

  12. I Can Speak English:)

    1. No, I'm Not a Brat!! & My Mom Wants Me To Study English To Go To English Collage.
    2. Request: by Kenny | ''I Became a Military Soldier at 16! It's My Father's Fault!'' (Boy)

  13. I Can Speak English:)

    1. No, I'm Not a Brat!! & My Mom Wants Me To Study English To Go To English Collage.
    2. Request: by Kenny | ''I Became a Military Soldier at 16! It's My Father's Fault!'' (Boy)

  14. My uncle keath served in Vietnam war and I was so close to him and Meghan relationship because of US military and I wanted to join the military after college in 7th grader I had to go to a family reunions and realized that my uncle Keith was not going to see us forever he was the oldest Vietnam soldier who ever livedI I didn't have time to pay his respect or didn't even have time to go to funeral because of school he always wants me to join the military

  15. I just realised if you’re a parent and your only child was gay or lesbian and you really want a grandchild it must be devastating

  16. Medical school interview: Why do you want to be a doctor?
    A saw a hot chick at the hospital when my dad was being treated and realized I want to be a doctor to get with chicks like these

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