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My Beef With Bud's Gun Shop

My Beef With Bud's Gun Shop

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  1. Man, I don’t blame you! That was a really bad experience. I hope the problem with the credit Card was fixed for you.

  2. ⚡Buds gun shop sent me a case of Eley Ten-× 22LR and half the 50rd boxes were open. They won't fix this. Easy scam all Eley has same head stamp. I believe they are reboxed from cheaper Eley rounds. I paid hard earned cash for top notch ammo unopened. ⚡ Beware of buds scam shop⚡.

  3. ya, interesting. was looking for a particular gun today, walked into a shop and the owner didn't have it, and said maybe you can find one online. i said, maybe I'll check with Bud's…. he said he wouldn't do business with them….and proceeded to use names and words that I can't possibly mention here. I said, ok ok. no problemo. then, I checked this….

  4. Thank you for the information as I was thinking about using buds gun shop. I’ll stick with Cabal’s, since I purchased my last gun from them and I was very pleased with the purchase and customer service.

  5. Thank You Very Much for your INPUT…
    I don't do business w/ anybody who is even borderline, so, guess what,,, I'm on a different track completely now!
    Thanks again!!!

  6. I was considering buying from Buds, until I saw a customer at my local FFL show me how her handgun looked when it arrived. It actually had missing parts and cracks on the grip. The salesmen behind the counter said that’s what they expect from Buds when their guns come in.

  7. Hickok45 gets special treatment because he so far up they ass. They wouldn't be nothing without hickok45. They tried to sell me a hi point 995ts for $349.00. I went to my local gunshop and spent 259.00 brand new. He also throws in a 20rd redball. They took care of me because they appreciate my business.

  8. I have always used Gunbroker or local but once i did want a gun on Buds besides they bill me then ffl is good and wait 3days then i ask why hasnt it shipped ohh well you owe $10 still..they billed me 7% IA tax after i had did checkout and paid for the gun and didnt say anything…nope forget it i canceled and was irritated.

  9. I was hit with a penalty fee for fucking switching my order. Fuck buds. Id like to see his fat fuckimg sorry ass id punch him in the face for being a scum money sucking faggot.

  10. Watching this in 2019 I have to agree. I used to work there and they treated all the men like trash and hit on all the women. If a guy made a small mistake they got fired if a women made the same mistake they didn't get In any trouble. They also treated the customer that called in as of they were stupid and charged them to fix simple mistakes. The site was not always users friendly and I had to deal with people calling in because they got the wrong thing and had to pay to ship it back and pay to restock it then pay to reship it. I could make a hour long video about the shady practices they were doing and getting away with.

  11. I have had more than 20 transactions with Buds and I guess I'm missing out on the bad side of Buds. I have had nothing but good interactions with Buds. I still enjoy your channel and have no doubt they mistreat customers. You can't deal with any business this day and age and 100% trust them, it's just dad that they feel the need to screw people over rather than run an honest business.

  12. I totally..100 percent agree with Marshall this time. Not even wanting to type that long about that shop.

  13. I am currently having a problem with them
    They charge the credit card, but not shipping.
    It's just a Glock 17, the most common gun in the world.
    I suspect they show they have it in inventory when in fact they don't even order it until after they have your money.
    If it's in tnventory all they have to do is take the sticker off the printer and put it on the box.
    They are dishonest and underhanded.
    Sorry I didn't see your video before I ordered.

  14. I agree with the first two statements, but the third one, what was your comment on the forums? You can't only show one side of these types of things. You could have attacked the shit out of them which made them attack you. The first 2 were legit, but the last one, you have nothing backing it up. I don't buy from Buds because I think they are expensive and i bought a gun that looked one way and what i received looked completely different but you cant just go attacking people when you don't show what you posted. Don't be one sided… What did you post in their forums first?

  15. You seem to be a good dude… keep up the good work youll get the love you deserve in time my brother… love the channel

  16. i've always thought their website looked a little suspicious since they're out of stock on almost every gun you look at

  17. I just purchased a gun this week from Bud's and it was my first time ordering from them. It went Great ! No hassles, and quick shipping. The entire experience was pleasurable, and I will buy from them again. I tried my local dealer and they didn't have the gun I wanted. So I tried Bud's. Maybe they have changed for the better over the past 7 years.

  18. I’ve only bought one from them and didn’t have any issues. It was the only place I could find the model I was looking for. I typically buy local and support my local mom and pop shop. Only time I buy online is when I’m looking for something that my local shop can not get due to their supplier they due business with.

  19. Sounds like buds did not like this gun talking crap about buds stealing his credit card qhen they probably didnt. Thats why i order things with credit not debit cause the internet is the internet. Also people dont like dealikg with salesmen which are what MOST gun shop workers are. Some are really cool but i hate salesmen. Also here in central Florida the only people close to me with a huge selection are places that mark up guns like $150+ so basically every 10 guns i buy online i saved enough for a custom AR. More guns in the hands of good law abiding citizens with a vote is good in my book and online retailers are helping out with that.

  20. I did business with them a few years ago, it went OK; recently I went to them again and they tried to kick me in the balls on a trade; they misssed. Thanks for posting this. I will never do business with bud's.

  21. Thanks for the review on them. The comment section and your video is more than enough to convince me to stay local. Just considering buying from scum like that makes me feel I need a shower. The local shop is quite a bit more money, but they have always been good to me.

  22. I had a horrible experience with Buds, I placed an online order for a Ruger 22 to give to my son for his birthday. In the purchase process Buds emailed me that the received my FFL information, 4 days later I called them back to check the status of the order. They then said that they never received the info. I sent them the FFL info a 2nd time and received another confirmation email. 2 hours later I then receive an email stating that the email is out of stock. BUDS totally messed up my sons birthday and I would recommend NEVER BUY FROM BUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Damn!!! That fkg sucks…sorry to hear…but this is an old post so maybe they fixed their attitudes by now..: peace, man.

  24. Your just a hater! How about you lose some weight and hit the gym maybe you will get some testosterone back so you won't sound like a little whiny bitch.

  25. After 1:10 I STILL don't know what he hates about Bud's Gun Shop, so I gave up. He obviously wants to be a movie star and I don't have time for this.

  26. That's my issue with them as well how many people are paying cash none so it's price click bait pricing.

  27. Bought two guns from Bud's. Both came in quickly and both guns shoot well.

    I have no reason to slander them

  28. Gripe #1 Makes you a whining bitch.
    Same with #2
    And #3 – Airing your problem out online before you know where the problem actually is a low blow to the merchant. Rather juvenile.

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