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My army gear

My army gear

okay guys so this is all my police care um first off we're gonna start off with the less so over here we have a mag pouch pistol mag it is a few rounds in it that pouch is empty this pouch there's nothing in their pouch there is an airsoft to refill Vinita and is next to them there's a bag wait what in this pouch there's a bag so if there's nothing in this PAP just touch okay next up next up let's go up here so in this patch we have flashlights I'll do a review on this in another video put that back this pouch over here you have my coat one-one-nine it's a toy gun that I painted that this is the boats it there's boats from that mag that I showed you a little earlier um how much have the bullets to this so if we keep on going in here I have a pen and a shark video then if he goes in this pocket oh sure I have a pair of police created handcuffs this is the chain tight that's right but I have another time I have the ones that don't have chains oh so you does they go I bought this first off Amazon I think 26 or $56 remember next up on the list is this baton that I made pull it back swing forwards then it pulls out a piece of pipe I made this myself through self-defense then it looks pretty dang well next up I built this airsoft Ghana you blow right through there you keep all your bullets and extra stuff that you'll need in this pipe or just drop it down there comes through and then there is a laser click the button click that button and release your starts that's that I have a little pocket survival guide and no we're going on to the bag this bag right here is just like a miscellaneous bag to this in this pocket I have like repairing this is a medical kit I'm not going to show you what's inside that because I have other ones that I'll show you chalk like handle chalk then you put on your face and walkie-talkie ear piece um I also have a roll of duct tape and this strap and that pocket I have a wireless Bluetooth waterproof speaker hanging on the side of my bed I have medical there then once you get further into the bag I have this pair of handcuffs this is a heavy that this is like real coffee and go six dozen of those different size along um and that's in that that's that pocket I have heavy-duty flashlight it's really good I got this stuff on Amazon I'll leave it in the description well I got everything this is a light with duct tape on it I just write duct tape around it so it's like that so I have some I have some my gloves and once again everything is gonna be in the description below so you can find all of this stuff if you want to put some of this stuff that I don't have anything in here I use a bunch of patches but I can't but I can't tell you where I got this one from my grandpa is in the military and that's pretty much all so bye

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