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  1. Great post! I think what makes the OMB unique, is the eclectic group of people, diversity of athletic skills, and the combination of several different sport genres, blended all together in one very special location on the So. California coastline. Even to this very day, no location around the world offers this caliber of a truly outdoor playground, which caters to locals, visitors, and actual cirque pros alike ( stopping in occasionally and paying homage to this amazing place).

  2. Copyright says 1948, rather than '51. Supposedly the beach started when circus acrobats used it for practice sessions during layovers in Southern California. The emphasis on balance skills, and the presence of active women, shows that this wasn't quite like the 'muscle culture' of later years.

  3. Fun fact: This short film had a huge influence on the film version of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" (1973). Cinematographer Jack Couffer showed "Muscle Beach" to director Hall Bartlett to demonstrate to him how a movie can be conveyed through simple visuals and music (instead of dialogue). Bartlett then struck a deal with Neil Diamond to write the score for JLS, and the rest is history.

  4. if you want a more beautiful experience, mute the sound on video and open another youtube window with a beach boys song..magic.

  5. I really enjoy watching these shorts that you post (this one in particular) I hope you continue to post more that we would otherwise not be able to see. Thank you. 🙂

  6. I'm sure it was a great place for friends to meet and socialize, while doing what they liked most, oh, these looked like it were the golden days.

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