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MTP Petroleum Smock v MTP Goretex Jacket Comparison

MTP Petroleum Smock v MTP Goretex Jacket Comparison

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  1. Hello, i can only agree with that. I bought this jacket in London last week. So I mean the Gore-Tex jacket. It rained and rained and rained and rained all the time, the jacket has done a good job the whole time. A really top jacket Greetings from Germany.

  2. The petroleum one is the better version with the waist and hem adjusters ideal for hiking camping and riding a motor bike in typical British weather! Great review 👍

  3. Thanks for the review. I have just purchased the jacket with the neoprene cuffs. Looking forward to using it in the coming months. Keep up the great work.

  4. If the people who made these produced them for the Civvy market in civvy colours they would be market leaders. I have one of these and prior to that I had a Mk1 95 pattern goretex with wired hood. It is still, by far the best ever waterproof jacket I have owned. And I have owned Berghaus, Haglofs, Vans and North Face and none come close to the weatherproofing offered by these jackets.

  5. I have the petroleum jacket with the matching trousers and I can't find fault with them. Truly the best waterproofs I have ever owned. Having had a few different ones and all have let me down at the critical moment but these one's…….. are just perfect! A must for this terrible weather we are getting. Can't recommend enough.

  6. Hi enjoyed the review. I'm 5-10 and roughly 43" chest myself. I'm looking to order the heavier petroleum issue. I'll be wearing it over both a snugpak pile shirt base and snugpak sleeka elite when I'm static. Will the 180/112 fit? Is there a link to where to order them? Thanks

  7. Cool, the US Army, etc. has what is called the Fuel Handlers Coverall, also Gore-Tex and MultiCam. A REALLY awesome piece of kit. Perfect for foul weather boating, motorcycle riding, and of course outdoors pursuits. I do have to say, your version appears a bit more robust than the one I have. 

    HAHAHA, I always start writing before the video is over and I just noticed that your version is NOT an overall. In that case brother, you might want to search for the American Gore-Tex fuel handlers coveralls as even another option.

  8. Nice review – checked out Strikeforce looking through all their gear and they don't seem to actually stock the Petroleum version (I checked a few times just to make sure – was that definitely the supplier ?

  9. not a fan of mtp would like to see one of those French gortex jackets reviewed if you got one knocking about great channel nice to see reviews of some of the latest kit ,they have come along since the old 80s combats waterproof sweat suits lol..

  10. Never ever buy any goretex products second hand unless you are willing to throw them away immediately when they arrive. I've bought two second hand "grade 1" bivy bags and both of them were rubbish. Seams ripped off and full of small holes that I could only notice when hiking and it was raining. Especially with the army surplus as the price difference between new and used might only be 50 euros or less. Also pay close attention to the water repellency treatment. Even the membrane and the seams would be tip top, treating a big bivy bag might be expensive. I had to buy four bottles to get the water repellency back on my hooped bag. So, 50 euros, right there. Same with jackets and trousers.

  11. Cool review mate thanks for sharing I have got 3 ex army issued gortex jackets and didnt think to check the seams guess I got a job for me and my mate with a hose lol
    Am going to check out Wildsoul 62 channel thanks for the heads up
    All the best Pete

  12. Good jackets, I like the storm cuffs rather than the Velcro fastener. looking at my kit compared to this you would think I got the gear from 30's.
    I agree on the prices some people pay for the 'fashion' goretex, silly prices better off with this gear, when you rip the guts out the side on a barb-wire fence the shock isnt as bad!…Thanks for the video Darren.

  13. A great overview as I only recently invested in a deerhunter branded one, so always good to see other options in the marketplace ~Peace~

  14. both jackets are good, I like the cuffs  on the strikeforce. a good tip for cleaning goretex you must use non biological detergent to clean it

  15. Great video, NATO sizing always does my head in. I have used a French Gortex for years and just got my hands on an Irish Gortex set. And your right it always costs less then civi one.

  16. Very cool jackets. It is only sensible if the British Military issue the petroleum jackets to troops! Here in Australia, there is a store that sells amazing products for the Australian Military, they are recognised by the army but everything they have should be issued! Love your videos mate! Also, when are we gonna see another overnighter out bush? Thanks in advance (it is a pain replying on mobile)

  17. Nice one Funky. If i get a bit of overtime in i might have to ask a favour.. .i like that the hood stores in the collar, my USGI parka doesn't have that features and sometimes it gets in the way or gets trapped under my pack

  18. Great vid funky. I think the cuffs on petrolium one are a good idea, i think they used to do something similar with the old dpm smocks and an old pair of socks. I have a S95 goretex jacket which is still workin ok but its something to think about for the future:-)

  19. Hay jackets look grate buti am a 56 chest do thay even co e in that size or is it best to put 2 together lol but still how big do thay go up to ?

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