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MTP admin pannel review | Multicam commanders pouch

MTP admin pannel review | Multicam commanders pouch

what's up guys welcome back in today's review one way to look at was a few bits have helped me personally on the field the first one if you look at some of the MTP that's been issued over the years obviously you will have noticed the Osprey issue of kit which was really really decent is on the market you can get it anywhere basically and the admin panel is absolutely brilliant that's all it is the simple admin panel and well they actually call it a commander's pouch but the reason why I get on with this so much is because it's slim I mean look how thin that is there's no bulk to it I don't like things in the way I don't like my sling catching on things also it has your DS Lite extended Molly here so if you have to bend these round for a different Molly pattern fit in it will fit also it has a small 9 millimeter pouch on the front or whatever you want to put in there usually I carry a Glock magazine or a speed loader it also has this little velcro pouch on the front that has the velcro front as well for obviously these that badges any morale patches you want to put on there and also the best part about this is it is one complete massive pouch as well so you can fit a load of stuff in there I have currently a army surplus business card so yeah you can fit a lot of stuff in here pens anything for a note in down on maps at mill Sims and also you know you can fit a lot of stuff in here I've actually carried mark fives just in the top of here but then I was a bit worried about how close up the mat fives were to my face and obviously moved them on to my tier two and its absolute mazing pouch when you compare it to something commercial like this one now you can see that this is actually side by side a straight copy they've even attempted to do the same on the back and also they do have the velcro and they have the big massive open pouch now the thing is with this commercial one is the inside big pouch here is actually a gore-tex material so it will keep whatever's in there waterproof it also has a 9 millimeter or external pouch on the front and has the velcro they're both the same this one costs a little bit more however if you look closely you can see the multicam pattern MTP is way off this is a lot lighter looks more staged like someone has actually tried to recreate the pattern whereas this is the actual MTP real deal so yeah that is to admin pouches that both the same they both do the same job at the end of the day so if you are short of money and you want this one or you find this one at a bargain get them they are good um but me I stay away from the commercial stuff I don't actually know what brand this is because there isn't a brand on it um but that is basically a recreation of that admin panel so yeah check them out if you want admin panels you've got loads of different things out there I've just come away from these and I'm moving to a warrior assault systems admin panel and next to that I'm gonna run a Odin tactical solutions admin panel which is full velcro Mali so I can put loads of stuff on it like morale patches and stuff like that but it also acts as a pouch it's completely made out of velcro the actual hooks and not the loop side so that anything with the velcro hook side will go on away from these you see how I'm just looking at my DVR trying to get some of the battlefield 4 content ready for you guys and don't know how you take stuff to mil Sims and stuff like that but documentation is a big thing usually sites have rules sites have game plans they have you know maps of where objectives are and stuff like that so I always carry one of these and I did have a bulk lot of these I had about 50 of them but I gave them way is like prizes and stuff like that on the group that is another reason to follow the group guys there is loads of prize drawers coming up over there so check out the link in the description and go over this is and what we can basically and an a5 folder a6 whatever you want to call it and inside obviously you have here I don't know if you can see there is space for pens there is space for documentation in here there is loads and loads of loads of space in the back I mean that even falls out you could even have this as like he goes down as like a multi-function pouch you can put whatever you want in it really but I use it for documentation Maps stuff like that and this literally once you put everything in it can fold and slide away into one of your pouches or you know you just keep it in a project file for the day leave it in your boot and or when you have to come back to your card to realize like to try and find out where someone is or just carry it in your day sack if you use like a heavy strategic flat pack or you know a warrior sort systems backpack or you know there's a sort back panel just keep it in there stow it away so that your teammates can use it and you can use it when you need it but yeah that's all I would show you today guys I have got loads of exciting gear all piled up ready to do reviews on a few more trauma kits to get through a lot of different accessories for weapons and a few decent camos to look at away from the more we can I've had a couple of digs for being two multicam focused but that's how the group came about we all found love for the same camera but obviously we allow people to sell DPM there's a cap at Moffett aor1 everything in that group whatever you want to sell you can sell it as long as it's legal but yeah thanks for tuning in guys thank you again to those people who have subscribed thank you for following me and thank you for watching these videos and I'll see you in the next one try and give us a thumbs up if you can if not I understand if you want to give us a thumbs down please let us know in the comment section why it helps me a lot so I can get these videos out faster better and make sure these videos are more in tune with what you guys want see the next one guys

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