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MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Unboxing: Tactical Watch Review

MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Unboxing: Tactical Watch Review

MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Unboxing: Tactical Watch Review what is up folks this is Andrew with my
watch addictions comm and today we’re gonna take a look at a black Falcon from
MTM special operations this Black Falcon is a mens tactical watch from MTM special
ops that is currently on a watch tour and I had the amazing opportunity to
take a look at this watch with you guys so that’s what we’re gonna do if you
guys haven’t seen my channel before and you want to follow us in the future and
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in to take a look at with you guys the watch of the day for me is that mark 1
from TMD industries that you guys saw me review earlier on in the week absolutely
loving this watch and really really really really really really do not want
us on this guy back it’s one of the problems with doing watch tours is you
get to see some pretty amazing watches and share them with your viewers however
you have to send them back not a huge fan of that part but that’s how the
cookie crumbles anyway guys let’s tear into this MTM Black Falcon
so let’s tear into this watch if I can get into it without trashing the boss outer-box got the MTM special ops and
logos all over it and then the inner box is a diverse style case which is
actually pretty nice if you look it’s not just a sticker applied to the top of
this case that’s actually raised a raised logo along with the special
operations watch special-ops website all raised
so the top of this lid was made specifically for this company they
obviously did not spare any expense with the manufacturing at the top of that we
open it up we see inside this is the Black Falcon from MTm special-ops now
interestingly enough they had a previous version of this watch this is the
upgraded version the previous version of this watch was actually known as the
Black Hawk the MTM Black Hawk but there’s a lot of really cool things
about this watch that we’ll take a look at one thing that I noticed and you guys
probably noticed this watch on my wrist in the last video
the this canvas strap on this watch they have this thing sized perfectly one
thing that I’m why I’m not a huge fan of NATO straps which this one is is because
they tend to be too long so what I end up doing is like you can see on this TDM
the industry’s one I typically end up folding over the extra which of course
I’m not gonna be able to get out right now and show you guys but I end up
folding over the extra into that extra catch so it’s not hanging over with this
watch the length on this NATO strap perfect length this looks to be a 24
millimeter strap that’s on this guy I just I really appreciate the strap
design on this one let’s see what else we have here in the box so we have our
special ops warranty card throw that back in there then we have an
instruction booklet which tells a little bit about the watch one thing that’s
kind of interesting is we also have this so let’s open this up and see what this
is MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Unboxing: Tactical Watch Review because this is one of the things that I
think is really really cool about this Black Falcon from MTM special ops this
is actually a charging stand so you can see right there charging stand power
goes right into the port right there and then the watch literally sits on top
just like that now you might ask yourself why do you need a charging
stand well this watch uses a proprietary quartz movement from MTM with an
embedded charging system so this watch actually uses inductive charging very
similar to an Apple iWatch or Samsung phone or that iPhone acts the inductive
charging is what is used to actually charge the power system within this
watch now one of the reasons that they did that on this watch is because this
watch has a little bit of technology in it that has the potential to use up
battery life if you’re using the functionality quite a bit so they didn’t
want their watch owners to actually have to go through and replace batteries all
the time so that’s why they built that technology right into the watch before I
talk about the technology a little bit let’s just take a little bit of a walk
around this watch now this Falcon model is actually available in either
stainless steel or titanium cases on the titanium cases are pretty sharp on these
two and they’re definitely gonna help with the weight on this house this is a
heavier watch but if we take a walk MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Unboxing: Tactical Watch Review around it we’ll get into sizes in just a
second this does have a carbon fiber inlaid 120 click rotating bezel carbon
fiber dial along with applied indices right there for the our hands now if we
switch over to the side you might be able to appreciate this and the lugs
themselves as well as the crowns they are all
almost an Allen wrench type approach pretty hefty bars on this not just
singles simple spring bars which a lot of that adds to the durability and
strength of this tactical watch so if we want to talk about the size of this
watch real quick once measure of this guy lug to lug we are rocking out at 53
millimeters lug to load with a diameter of 45 millimeters so it is a bigger
watch and just check the inside here in yeah I was right 24 millimeters on that
on that strap we look at the case thickness we’re looking at about 15 and
a half give or take almost 16 millimeters thick so it is a big watch
it’s a very hefty hefty hefty watch that is definitely gonna sit substantially on
your wrist so people with small risk just white might want to be cognizant of
that but one thing that I’m gonna point out is this pusher that’s up here which
incidentally has a screw down guard this pusher that’s up here at the two o’clock
can make this watch do some really really cool things and I’m gonna get
some better shots of this later so if you miss this right now don’t worry
about it too much but if you push the pusher once this watch actually has a
two light system so if you notice you push the push of lunch and that’s gonna
give us four or five seconds it’s gonna give us a blue glow to that dial and
that’s gonna help with the low-light visibility if we push it again that adds
is actually going to illuminate those three high intensity LED lights which
from a tactical or field watch standpoint is kind of pretty cool
because if you say you’re walking around you don’t have a flashlight just use
your watch on I’ll get some pictures later to show you
exactly how strong these are but these are pretty pretty bright and pretty
impressive then if we go again we can go back to the blue there is also a strobe
function to these cycle through those two shut them off this is a screw down
pusher so as I screw it back down you can’t push this guy back down so you’re
not accidentally turning on those LED lights now LED although they are
typically extremely energy-efficient in general when it comes to the batteries
and watches there’s just not enough capacity a lot of times in a watch
battery to be able to power those for a significant amount of time you’re
absolutely going to use the battery in this watch when you’re using those LEDs
so that’s why they took the ingenious approach in my opinion of making this a
rechargeable watch and having a recharging system right there very
similar to an eco driver citizen Eco Drive when the battery functionality
drops or when the battery is extremely low that second hand is going to switch
from a one-second click to a two second click identifying that the fact that the
better is pretty low and you should get it on the charger the glass on this
watch is sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating so as I
mentioned previously this is a rechargeable quartz watch with a
recharging system built into the watch does use inductive charging so this is
the charging stand you can see I have it plugged into power here you can see that
green LEDs signifying power to the inductive charger if we throw this watch
on you’ll notice the behavior of the watch changes and you can see right
there you’d see those LEDs flash that’s letting you know that
this watch is inductively charging now so I just thought that was a really
really cool piece of technology that’s wrapped into this tactical watch so that
was the Black Falcon from MTM special obstacle really really cool watch I
think it’s one of those watches that if you’re our gadget guy and like I tend to
be a lot of times and appreciate technology built into devices that you
wouldn’t necessarily normally see them I think it’s I think it’s a really cool
concept really cool design I love the weight the fit and finish seems on point
on this and then of course that of inductive charging is a really really
cool addition to a quartz watch one that I have not seen before other than on a
SmartWatch or a hybrid SmartWatch so I’m really really thinking this is a cool
one I’ll leave a link in the description below if you guys want to learn more
about this black Falcon from MTM special-ops but definitely check them
out if you’re interested this guy will be on my wrist for a couple days likely
and then we’ll be headed on its way home so I’m excited to at least be able to
spend a little bit of time that with this watch if you guys want to see this
watch on my wrist or any other watch that I’m wearing on a daily basis don’t
forget to follow us at Instagram / watch addiction dot u.s. thank you guys and
have a great week MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Unboxing: Tactical Watch Review

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  1. Great stuff as usual Andrew. I’m wearing my Heitis Okeanos Explorer right now! Can’t wait to see your review on that one and get your thoughts. Have a great weekend !

  2. So, where in the field would you plug in the recharger when you killed the battery from using your watch as a flashlight? Talk about a toy for the Barney Fifes.

  3. I really wanted to see that Mark 1 on your wrist. FYI, when you just hold up your wrist we really can't see much of the watch. With regard to both the Black Hawk and the Falcon, didn't care much for either. Seemed more on the gimmick side rather than what a professional military man would utilize.

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