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MREs at amazon and military surplus and alternatives

MREs at amazon and military surplus and alternatives

alright guys so today this video is gonna be dedicated to basically if you haven't already seen my last video when I did that like taste test on that MRE I'm gonna be doing I'm gonna be showing you guys different emergency foods such as the mountain house brand expensive brand it's good we got I'll be showing you guys MRE I'll be doing it on different sites such as Amazon and that's really all there's a couple other brands of emergency food that we will probably be checking out but otherwise that is um yeah that's my that's the remote control car my brother was try to buy let's see let's movie and amazon is gonna be the first one that we're gonna be doing and then we'll be doing mountain house we're gonna be looking around house as you can see this is just one crate which is 12 meals there's a total of 24 meals so two crates which the two crates cost one hundred forty seven dollars and fifty cents as you see here I'm not I'm buying the probably out of an individual right here there's a four full pack of military surplus you can't stop by military surplus and get those Marines as well as Amazon I'm filming a V and then as you can see there's these two ones that there they very well the pack date for this one is 2016 so it's gonna be cheaper is 2018 so these are both 2017 um as you kids if you guys don't already know MREs have about 12 years shelf life but many MREs people eat the years after that Islam they could most of the items in there such as packets of honey the tortillas those are lots indefinitely but otherwise everything in that MRE as long as you keep it in the right conditions will most likely be fine for a couple years after you after it already had it passed it so called 12 years of life its 1099 for one MRE be goodbye see you can buy you could I think choose your pick with this one yes it's Asian beef strips beef ravioli spaghetti with meat sauce they also have other ones such as they have closed it called they have lasagnas I think they made a new one pepperoni pizza Oh like I was talking about mountain house the brand this is mr bar and MRE bars are there a good supplement for MREs if you can see here this cheese tortellini amore they have about the products a bunch of prepper outdoors enthusiast meals ideal for hunting camping hiking fishing boating or just eat food supplies as you can see if you guys can see here it has various various like what do you call it various contents like the applesauce it has that if you see right there that like how soon that's that's toilet paper that is to wash hands got the beverage based lemonade he got seasoning yeah mints electrolyte beverage powder first strike energy bar apple cinnamon M&Ms he hasn't already know M&Ms were actually invented for the US Army or dress for Armed Forces in general it's it was invented to be chocolate that would have melt in your hands making it I know but he doesn't melt as fast as normal chocolate nowadays it melts faster but apparently used to slowly melt we got crackers they also have a vegetable cracker version peanut butter they have the cheese spread instead of the peanut butter they could put in cheese spreads jalapeno cheese spreads there it's a tortellini after you open this box it'll be a pack similar to one like this you'll put it in here put some water from a canteen in there and start heating up your cheese tortellini and then that's just package what's the thing for them re we there's still see mountain house very very expensive brand along with MREs five star ratings in pretty much really good brand personally I like the mountain house brand I love the MRE brand too I think it's all really good um what see as well as that there are no there are many supplements that you could do there's poundcake combo twelve packs you could buy only the entrees you can buy like you saw up here I'll show you again Oh a box of pound cake you could buy food storage from augstin farms we have X and Mari authentic military-grade MREs I've actually never seen that tak R is a really good brand for survival kits there's a lot of different brands choose from see I think I can go to see so yes actually I think I did so I think I'm gonna look for a quick military surplus military surplus shop see right here he's the first one okay see as you see already T they have multi klepto collectables first aid survival gear you see that MRE his background camping ammo cans okay knives stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and look up top results would be pretty much similar similar to UM see Amazon but if you did see its I think the little more detailed let's see quick view um we had you could see there is the the food barbecue sauce um the the basic eating items um I can't read there from that far oh but I do know from that red packet that those mints or the I think they're the caffeine mints no not the caffeine under this should be this would be the caffeine mints this would just be spicy mints so guys I think I'm gonna have to wrap it up for now thank you guys for watching wise company is also another good thing for you to check out thank s for watching um get cans of food milk All Right see you later like subscribe yeah thank you

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