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Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Grid II Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Grid II Jacket

The Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Grid II jacket
gets its name from its high loft gridded fleece fabric. That fabric reduces bulk while delivering
seriously plush warmth whether you are wearing the jacket as a mid layer or as a stand alone
cool weather jacket. Let’s take a closer look at its fit and its features. First place to start in talking about this
jacket is certainly in the fabric. It is polar tech’s high loft grid monkey fur fabric.
That blend gives it a rather unique look, a rather classic look for Mountain Hardwear
at this point. That fabric has a gridded backing to it. So a little bit of spacing. You can
even see on it that waffling look here on the fabric itself, a great place for heat
to be trapped on the interior which bolsters that warmth, a nice hand as far as far as
the exterior is concerned. Again, it makes it a fashionable piece as well. It gives you that warmth. If you look at the
side panels here, there is some hard face fab-rics there. That gives us a little bit
of stretch, a little better mobility in this jacket, because of that being there, so some
hybrid construction in play on this jacket. In expectation that this often being worn
as a mid layer, it does have a fairly trim fit. You can certainly wear low profile base
layers, shirts, t-shirts underneath it as I am doing today and definitely you can wear
other layers over top of it. As far as the cuffs are concerned, a little
bit of stretch here. Also integrated thumb holes and a really nice treatment on the thumb
holes here. Always like seeing that on mid layer piece, bolsters warmth by bringing that
fabric out over the top of the hand. If you are wearing gloves, it does away with that
gap that can occur between a glove and a sleeve, which allows cold air to slip in. A little bit of stretch also at the hem as
well as a single pull adjustment cord to cinch in the fit there. A couple of different pocket treatments here
on the Monkey Man jacket. Two hand warmer pockets down below. Set fairly high so if
you were wearing… you had a pack on or a climbing harness, you could still get in to
those pockets. I always like to see those placed slightly higher than all the way down
at the bottom. There is also a smaller zippered pocket high
on the chest, kind of a Napoleon style pocket to keep essentials, phone, what have you,
a little bit closer at hand. The Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Grid II jacket,
something I can see myself wearing fall and then all winter long as well. It is not so
warm that you couldn’t wear it in spring and summer, especially on evenings as a, again,
a stand alone piece.

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  1. I dont usualy comment on youtube videos, but I just cant stop looking at that beard of yours. It's in the way all the time. You just cant focus nor see the actual product that you're reviewing.

  2. Love the beard, so ignore Thislifewas cuz he is simply jealous. However, turn around and put the hood up so we can see other aspects.

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