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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer! The best lightweight down jacket?!!??!

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer! The best lightweight down jacket?!!??!

look. my absolute favorite piece of gear
ever my Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer welcome back guys and gals and
welcome if you guys are new this is Maddie outdoors I am Maddie my channel
is all about hiking and backpacking I’m into hammock camping and I’m Canadian
and I go to some wicked places and Canadian Rockies if that sounds cool to
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today we are talking all about insulation and we are talking about my
absolute favorite piece of gear ever my Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer will
get into all the specs and details of this thing we’ll go over all the
features about it and I’ll tell you guys exactly why I love this thing so to
start off with my jacket is a size medium they come in a whole bunch of
different sizes a whole bunch of different colors you know I got the
black on black I’m pretty boring that way the weight on this thing
203 grams or seven and a quarter ounce it’s a 10 D outer in a seven D inner and
it’s an 800 fill power hydrophobic treated down it’s got some kind of Nick
wax treating on it that’s supposed to make the down repel moisture if it gets
wet so the bonus to that is apparently it’s supposed to help you keep warm when
it gets wet I I can’t confirm that because I have taken pretty good care of
this and I try and avoid getting this wet at all costs jumping into the
details on this thing starting at the top let’s go to hood the hoods got a
nice elastic all the way around it seals really nice I don’t know it shapes
really nice to your head I love the hood I actually use the hood quite a bit my
my ears are pretty sensitive to the cold so the second it starts dipping down at
all I usually throw the hood up so yeah the hood is nice a full zipper
down the front which is awesome so it’s not it’s not a pullover style it’s a
full straight-up zip jacket going with the zipper on the inside you do have a
baffle on the inside that you know does help stop any drafts and stuff coming in
zipper which is really nice you don’t generally see that on like a really
minimalistic lightweight puffy jacket like this but wicked coming down the
arms you’ve got elasticized cuffs at the wrist which is really nice and at the
front of the jacket you’ve got two roof zippered pockets pretty good size I will
point out the pocket on the right hand side on the inside of the zip it has
this little tab that says stow what this thing does is it actually folds up and
stuffs inside of itself into that pocket which is pretty cool how small this
thing is I mean how ridiculously small this packs down I mean so this also this
gives you an idea how big the inside of the pocket is you know if that’s
something you care about and at the bottom of the jacket you’ve
got an elasticized waist with a single toggle on the right hand side to adjust
the tension on the waist that’s it pretty quick that’s they see all the
details on this jacket my thoughts on it I absolutely love this thing I’ve had
this one for a couple years can tell like I I’ve got patches all over this
thing from burn holes and snagging it on branches and whatever
yeah it’s delicate but I mean you know I just carry a little strip of tenacious
tape and you know you you get a rip on it oh shit cake carrot it’s kind of
squirt tenacious tape patch it on it’s just kind of one of the one of those
things like yeah going with a lot of this ultralight gear you you do kind of
give up the the durability but you’re aware of that so you do things to
prevent it I mean I take pretty good care of this thing I’m not bushwalking
wearing this thing but you know I mean sometimes I get foolish and I get
careless around camp and I start you know bucking on firewood or whatever
we’re in this thing and you know yeah I don’t get little holes in it or whatever
but that’s what it is it’s a piece of backpacking gear and I’m not worried
about having a piece of the tape over it it doesn’t bother me it’s got way too
hot had to take this thing off I was actually starting to sweat which brings
me to one of the biggest reasons I absolutely love this
is for the size and the packability this thing is ridiculously warm you know I
mean 800 fill power down it’s yeah it’s awesome it’s insanely warm it is a
fantastic jacket for backpacking I love having this thing in my pack it takes up
no space at all I mean like I just I just stuff it in anywhere so it fills up
all the little nooks and crannies perfectly in my pack it’s stylish like I
wear this thing out in a boat all the time they’re like thing I really love
about this thing is not having the the mummy hood you know your your head can
get a little chilly inside the hammock I don’t want to buy one of those
DoubleDown beanie some of them anyway I would absolutely love one but you know
to draw you know a hundred bucks on a Down beanie it’s just not gonna happen
for me so what I will do my kind of poor man’s
method is I turn myself into Red Riding Hood and just kind of make myself one
out of the Ghost Whisperer it works really well that’s my ghost whisperer
guys I hope you guys enjoy this one let me know in the comment section down
below you know let me know what do you guys use for a puffy jacket do you bring
a puffy jacket at all do you do the down jackets do youare you a fleece person
let me know down below if you guys got any questions at all about the Ghost
Whisperer or anything like that drop them down below as well I’d love to
help you guys out it’s always guys I am Maddie
thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys on the next one
yeah I love DBK those Dutch bastards make me laugh

Reader Comments

  1. Loving the down babushka look. You're the one who convinced me of the ghost whisperer and it definitely is the best ultralight, full zip, and hooded down jacket!

  2. Great jacket, no question! I have a Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket that is somewhat similar. Use it all the time in for 3 seasons. I wish I got a hood for it, like you did. Nice benefit. The black color you chose also hides any tape usage when tears occur, so that was a good choice. I enjoy your videos and common sense approach. 👍🏻

  3. I'm a bigger guy, 6', 260lbs. Very broad shoulders.
    Have tried on the GW a few times and it just doesn't fit me.
    Still looking for a hooded down jacket that fits me well.

  4. It’s def on my shortlist, also looking at a Patagonia micro or nano puff just so I don’t need to worry so much about it getting wet. Really torn between which to get.

  5. Hey Marty, you may want to check out the Outdoor Research Transcendent Down Beanie. It’s only $45. As for a jacket I use the Rab Xenon X synthetic fill jacket

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