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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Commando training | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Commando training | Wow Kidz

You all are selected for commando training. I would be happy if John too would love to join the commando training and leave his robbing job. This is commando instructor Himmat Singh. Who will train you and make you all strong so that you can protect Furfuri nagar, are you all ready? Yes sir!! Today on wards your commando training will start, anybody have any doubt? Yes sir. Sir, that is a group of robbers, don’t train them sir. What did you say, this a group of robbers, am I a robber? My hand!! Come on, run fast and keep your rifle upwards. If we keep running like this then we will go to heaven very soon. Oh my lord! Commando training is very tough. I will never take a commando training again. I can’t run anymore. I don’t know what made me think of joining the commando trainers. Hey, you can’t stop in between, if you do so then we won’t get points, come with me. Wow!! What a team spirit! They will get one point extra for the team spirit. Oh my god! Our team also have team spirit, what do you day friends? Yeah, when teams of robbers can have a team spirit then why can’t we have? Hey, are we robbers? Wow! What a power pack punch, you will get an extra point for this punch. Motu get up, it is five o’ clock, everyday five o’clock we have to fall in. Oh my lord! If John’s team reaches first then they will get extra points. Motu my friend, my brother, I am also tired, but we have to win against the other team. Robber’s team? Again you said robbers. Motu!! John and team reporting sir. Good, jolly good, you people have come on exact time, it is 5 o’clock. You will get one point extra for punctuality, where is the other team? What was this? An attack from the enemy. Motu come!! Your training is complete, now the test will start. Whoever gets good marks will be first, are you all ready for the test? Yes sir!! All right, your first test will be to attack the enemies, and that is twenty kilometers far away in the jungle. And to go there you have to follow the direction of the stars in the sky. When you go straight, after twenty kilometers you will reach a restaurant, there you will get fresh warm food. There is a mountain in front, the enemies are on that mountain. You have to attack and take over the mountain. Are you all ready? Then go!!! I am aware of the direction of this jungle, I used to hide all the things I robbed, come on, follow me. Which is the Pole star? I can’t understand. Oh my god!! I too can’t understand, only robber roam out, follow John, he is aware of it. Let me remind Motu about the restaurant, he will smell and show the direction. Motu, Himmat sir had said that there is a restaurant and we will get hot and fresh food. Can you smell it and tell us from where the aroma is coming? From there, hey we got the place where the enemies are hiding and the restaurant too. Before John and his team reaches here, let us have food and attack that mountain. We can’t stop here and have food, so please brother, give us parcel, we will eat food on our way. Brother, give me hot samosas please. Motu you all have reached early, very good, jolly good, what have you decide to do? Before attacking the enemies, we have to attack with the artillery to put pressure on them. We are going to fire with artillery, we need your permission sir. Artillery fire? All right start, permission granted. Over and out!! Bubble gum sir, Motu Patlu wants to fire artillery, that means with the boulders . They are not aware that they need tanks for it and they don’t have it. Motu Patlu is capable of doing anything, let me go and hide far away. Hey Motu, my brother, my dear friend, where is the tank for the artillery? All the boulders are lying here. And our tank is Motu. Come on Motu, have samosa and start shooting. I shall attack with the artillery, you all start climbing and attack them directly, ok, all the best. How is it possible? How can they do this? Stop firing artillery, Motu Patlu, hello!! Oh my lord!! This is a bear!! Run!! Climb up, attack!! Himmat sir, we have captured the mountain, mission accomplished. I am stuck under these stones, somebody help me, please!! Motu Patlu, your team has stood first, congratulations. This was my last training, I have learned that it could be dangerous to teach commando training. Bye bye, take care Motu Patlu’s team, all the best.

Reader Comments

  1. Motu, Patlu and their friends as well as John and his goons get chosen
    for commando training. Two teams are made. Both these teams have to
    compete against each other to score extra points based on strength, team
    spirit and more. Which team will win?? Watch to find out ….

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