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Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts EVER Discovered!

Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts EVER Discovered!

From a detailed map ahead of its time to a
lost civilization in China, here are 8 of the most mysterious artifacts ever found that
have challenged the way we see history!! 8. The Piri Reis Map The Piri Reis map is considered the first
map of the world. Created in 1513, it was drawn by Ottoman admiral
and cartographer Hagii Ahmed Muhiddin Pira, aka Piri Reis, who compiled military intelligence
and created a detailed map. Only one third of the original map remains,
drawn on gazelle-skin parchment. It shows the Atlantic Ocean, with detailed
depictions of the west coast of Europe and North Africa, Atlantic islands like the Azores
and the Canary Islands, and all the way to the eastern coast of Brazil. The map may also show Japan and the mythical
island of Antillia. Piri Reis credited maps drawn by Christopher
Columbus as a source, which have since been lost. Reis also stated he used ten Arab maps and
four maps from India that he obtained from the Portuguese, who were accomplished explorers
in their own right. Besides being an amazing piece of history
it is now at the center of a huge mystery. It appears to show Antarctica centuries before
it was officially discovered. The coast of the frozen continent is revealed
in great and accurate detail, but without ice. The last time Antarctica was not completely
frozen over was nearly 6000 years ago, and the true shape of the continent has only recently
been confirmed. Somehow, the map shows something that Piri
Reis should have been in no position to know, and something that he in theory would have
never been able to find on a map during his time. Professor Charles Hapgood from the University
of New Hampshire had studied the map for years and published a book in 1965 stating other
things that researchers could not explain. The map was also drawn using the Mercator
Projection, which wasn’t used by cartographers until later. Drawings of coastlines are so accurate that
many are proposing that it was actually created by some ancient super-civilization with aerial
capabilities!! 7. The Baghdad Battery The Baghdad Battery could almost be considered
3 artifacts in one. It is a terracotta pot that contains a copper
cylinder and a single iron rod. The top of the rod is separated from the copper
by a layer of bitumen, which acts as a plug or stopper. The rod and cylinder fit snugly into the opening
of the jar, but the copper cylinder isn’t watertight, so any liquid in the jar would
also make contact with the iron rod. It has been suggested that the artifact could
have been used for electroplating gold onto objects made of silver. If the pot was filled with an acid or alkaline
liquid, like vinegar or lemon juice, then the theory was that this would be sufficient
to produce an electric charge. Unfortunately, there is no proof that electroplating
was done anywhere at this point in human history, and the artifact is extremely inefficient
as a battery. Tests and simulations done by Mythbusters
and other academics have shown that the more the Baghdad Battery is used, the lower the
charge it produces. Sticking a probe into a lemon will provide
more of an electrical current than the battery. Most archaeologists believe its purpose was
much more mundane and that jars like these were used to hold papyrus scrolls. The Battery was lost along with numerous other
priceless objects when the National Museum of Iraq was looted in 2003. 6. The Sanxingdui Jade In the spring of 1929, a farmer in the quiet
village of Sanxingdui in China’s Sichuan province was digging a well when he discovered
a large stash of amazing jade artifacts. They were unlike anything anyone had ever
seen before, and Chinese archaeologists scoured the area for years looking for more evidence
of the lost people who had made these artifacts. It wasn’t until 1986 when two massive sacrificial
pits were discovered, each one containing thousands of gold, bronze, jade, ivory and
pottery artifacts that were unlike anything that had ever been found in China. These were the remains of an ancient culture
dating back 3,000 to 5,000 years – a culture nobody had even suspected existed before. The artifacts in the sacrificial pits had
been broken and burned prior to being carefully buried as offerings to ancient gods. The objects included: the largest bronze masks
ever discovered; the largest and best-preserved bronze statue of an upright human figure;
a 12-foot-tall bronze tree; axes, tablets, sculptures with animal faces, dragons, snakes,
birds, human-like heads with gold foil masks; and knives, rings, a giant wand and a complete
sacrificial altar. The artifacts were radiocarbon dated to the
12th-11th centuries BC, effectively rewriting the history of early China. Prior to this discovery, the accepted history
was that Chinese culture began in the north and spread out from there. This discovery proves that there was a thriving
and distinct culture in the south, never described in any historical texts and otherwise completely
unknown. Archaeologists have linked the Sanxingdui
culture with the ancient Shu dynasty, but exactly who they were and what happened to
them remains a mystery. 5. The Voynich Manuscript The Voynich Manuscript is a hand-written and
hand-illustrated book that was probably composed in northern Italy during the Renaissance. The vellum pages are full of drawings, sketches
and writing in a language no one understands. The original has been carbon-dated to around
1404 to 1438. It’s named after Wilfrid Voynich, a book
dealer who purchased the codex in 1912. The book is written in an unknown writing
system. Codebreakers from the US and Great Britain,
including the team that deciphered the Nazi enigma machine, have been unable to decipher
the text, which is written from left to right. The book has many missing pages, but 240 still
remain and you can access the book online or even get a copy on Amazon if you want to
take a crack at the code!! Most pages have illustrations or diagrams,
and some are foldable sheets. The subject matter appears to be divided into
six sections: herbal, astrological, biological, cosmological, pharmaceutical, and recipes. The illustrations are pretty confusing as
many show plants and animals that don’t even exist! There are Latin inscriptions in the margins,
but these don’t really help make sense of the manuscript, either. It almost seems that it was someone’s creative
journal or something but that would be practically impossible in the 1400’s. So far this parchment and its author remains
a mystery! 4. The Saqqara Bird In 1898, archaeologists excavating the Pa-di-Imen
tomb in Saqqara, Egypt, discovered the effigy of a bird made of sycamore wood. The bird had the head of a falcon and a wingspan
of about 7 inches, but that’s where the similarities to a real bird ends. For starters, the tail is vertical, like that
of an an airplane or a shark! Its wings are represented as rigid like the
wings of a glider. It has much more in common with a modern flying
object than with any bird that ever lived in Egypt. An Egyptian parapsychologist, physician and
archaeologist named Khalil Messiha has speculated that the Saqqara bird is evidence that the
ancient Egyptians had developed the first aircraft. This idea hasn’t been well received in the
scientific community, who believe rather that the bird was part of the masthead of the sacred
boats used in the Opet Festival. The bird with its aircraft shape was most
likely meant for the water, not the air. The Saqqara bird is currently on display at
the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. 3. Dropa Stones In 1938, Chinese archaeologist Dr. Chi Pu
Tei discovered evidence of a long-lost culture in the caves around Baian-Kara-Ula in China. Under a thick layer of dust, Dr. Chi found
dozens of stone disks that were strikingly similar to vinyl records. They were about nine inches in diameter, had
a central hole, and were inscribed with a long spiral groove. The disks were turned over to a researcher
named Tsum Um Nui from the Beijing Academy for Ancient Studies. He was able to translate them and announced
that not only were the spiral grooves made up of tiny hieroglyphics, but the inscriptions
told the story of a spacefaring people called the Dropa who crash-landed in the nearby mountains. These aliens had been hunted by humans because
they were short and ugly. Tsum was roundly ridiculed and went into hiding
in Japan, but not before the disks were dated to be about 10,000 years old. Russian scientists somehow obtained the disks
and put them on a turntable, where they allegedly noted that the disks began to vibrate and
hum when they were played like an LP. The remainder of the Russian experiment and
its results were never published, and the Dropa discs have since vanished. Nobody knows where the disks are, and what
happened to the Dropa people, if they ever existed at all. 2. The Antikythera Mechanism In 1902, a strange artifact was pulled up
out of an ancient shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera. The shipwreck dated to about 70 to 60 BC,
and the artifact itself has been dated to about a generation before the wreck took place. It was first believed to be a gear wheel for
steering the ship, but it soon became apparent that it was much, much more. Housed in a wooden box, the artifact is a
mechanism made up of at least 30 intermeshing bronze gears. The largest gear is 5.5 inches (14 centimeters)
in diameter and originally had 223 teeth. The artifact is in 82 known fragments, and
there may be more pieces in storage or still on the sea bed. In 2012, a team from Cardiff University led
by Mike Edmunds and Tony Freeth subjected the encrusted object to high-tech x-ray tomography
and high-resolution computer scanning, and they were able to read faint inscriptions
that once covered the outer casing of the machine. Based on these inscriptions and the measurements
and studies of the gears that had been done over the years, they have been able to determine
that this remarkable clockwork artifact is in fact the world’s first known analog computer. The Antikythera mechanism was used to predict
astronomical positions and eclipses for use as both a calendar and an astrological tool. It was used to track the four-year cycle of
the ancient Olympic Games. Its amazing complexity indicates that simpler
predecessor instruments must still exist somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. 1. The London Hammer
In 1936, at Red Creek outside London, Texas, Max Hahn and his wife Emma found a strange
piece of limestone that seemed to have wood sticking out of it. They brought the stone home with them, and
used it a curious paperweight. Then, in 1946, their son for some reason broke
open the stone, and what he found amazed him. Contained within the limestone was a man-made
hammer. The head of the hammer is about 6 inches long
(15 centimeters) long, and it has a diameter of about 1 inch (25 mm). It was probably intended for fine work. The hammerhead itself was tested and was shown
be made up of 96.6% iron, 2.6% chlorine, and 0.74% sulfur, indicating that it was the product
of a blacksmith’s forge. The hammerhead has not rusted at all since
it was freed from the rock. It’s the same as American tools manufactured
in the same area in the late 1800s. The rock that it was in, Ordovician limestone,
probably formed some 400 million years ago. So how did a late 1800s American hammer end
up in a chunk of Ordovician rock? People have proposed it it proof of time travel,
but not exactly. Limestone is very soluble, and the area of
Texas where it was found is subject to flash floods and occasional torrential downpours. The limestone had probably been caught in
a wet event like this and had formed a solution, and some hapless carpenter dropped his hammer
into the puddle. As the puddle dried, the limestone formed
what’s called a concretion, encasing the hammer as the rock re-solidified. It’s a known geographical process, and not
really a mystery at all. As far as science is concerned, known geologic
processes can easily explain how this came to be, even though you have to admit it is
very rare. People believe what they want to believe,
though, and the hammer was purchased by creationist Carl Baugh in 1983. He put it into his Creation Evidence Museum,
where he claims it as outstanding proof of the Biblical flood story. Visitors can bring home a replica of the hammer
from the museum gift shop which you have to admit would be a good conversation starter!! Thanks for watching!! Which one did you like the most?? Let me know in the comments below!! Remember to subscribe before you leave and
see you next time!!

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    Concerning the Voynich Manuscript. my work on this subject is available at . I worked out an alphabetic system based partly on Croatian Glaolitic cursive and have found some amazing transliterations to Serbo-Croatian. My system does not work on all of it. Last spring a Turkic Ardic family in Calgary, presented a video showing their system from Old Turkic, a phonemic system, which works on part of the manuscript. I believe they are right and that my work is also right.

    In addition to my posts at the above link I have several Pinterest pages on the subject. The link above details my work as it went along. I am an artist, not a linguist and I have fumbled a bit along the way. One of my ancient in-laws was involved with the manuscript in the medieval days of Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary and Croatia.

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