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Molle II Hydration Bladder on Lg ALICE (Late Post)

Molle II Hydration Bladder on Lg ALICE (Late Post)

that was a fam issue boy Mary I'm sorry for missing last week's survival tip Sunday I got busy with work I got a wife so you know listen I want to share with you guys a haul that I got today it's a Molly to hydration carriers it's genuine we got NSM numbers it's got the bladder and everything snaps are all in good condition d-rings are all in good condition no unnecessary wear bite valve hoses everything is very very good condition I got this for a screaming price so I want to share one and I also want to show you what I did with the other one which is connected right now to my Alice pack now I have been hydrating using the whole school to court canteens right this has an MVC valve that you can get an MVC straw and and get a kit that will allow you to convert this to a Camelback but the price of starting over with this system which is outdated tick you can get one of these camelbacks for much cheaper but I was going to visually at first before when I first started doing survival tips undies I was actually going the first video was going to show you how to turn this into a Camelback system but you know two quarts if you're really really walk in you'll knock that off real quick so the way I got it is sitting in my sitting in the the eve of my Alice pack frame is the hydration carrier is got water is got water in it I got plastic over the valve because I don't want to get dirty but that's how it works with the pack on and I'm gonna try to pull this up with the pack on okay and you know let's let's just per venture that I'm cinching all of this stuff up whoa my pack is open I can drink walk walk walk walk walk drink drink drink drink drink and that's basically good to go the good thing I love about it is that when I'm in the city or whatever um this is all I got on my back I'm not really trying to to have stuff hanging off the pack so but that's what's up in this for somebody won't ask it's just my Britain come so hit me up on a trade blanket if you want a really really good condition ACU hydration carrier with everything included I'm looking for a few items and would like to see if I can either trade or get back what I spent for the one I'm using so now we're doing love yeah talk to you later

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  1. how do you clean the bladder? got one for $44 and some change with shipping on eBay with a cleaning kit. its the blue folding dryer that has the bladder drying fill port up is that good or should it be upside down? and is there supposed to a and o-ring inside the cap?

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