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Molle 2 rifleman rucksack and standard molle 2 comparison

Molle 2 rifleman rucksack and standard molle 2 comparison

welcome to Manitoba bushcrafting and reviews this is Alex today I got two different Mali to rucksacks not just in Canada there's some differences to them and I'll go over that in a second they are both used and show some sign aware also this one doesn't have sustainment pouches I do have just sustainment poachers but I haven't put them on there so they're there and it does come with this both of these packs I got from hero outdoors dot-com I do believe I'd have to double-check that and they got a really large online storefront some other stuff I wasn't happy with and that especially this one actually except a decent money for it and they just sent me the bottom of the barrel when it came to that one uh-huh this one had does have damage to it so I figured I'd just do a comparison between the two this one's a rifleman rucksack and this one I do believe is just the Army's universal backpack that they were using before they rolled in multicam and OCP so let's go over the differences the main difference on this old rifleman Edition Molly – is it has a you can't really see it it's got a pouch here for claymores okay then it does come with the little fanny pack that goes underneath the Claymore pouch and this one does come with it a fanny pack but mine didn't so what for whatever reason it just didn't wasn't included with this but if you hunt around online you can get that fanny pack for this one in this camo this one I think is more heavily used than this one both of them have seen use this one's got a tear in the top flap and this one just playing out is worn out it's and that's that's probably gonna be that its downfall in this comparison it also features a separated sleeping bag compartment this one the sleeping bag compartment if I just go over here the sleeping bag compartment is part of the pack right here whereas this one here I'll flip this one down this one is completely separate when you put the assemble the pack this will not be attached to the top part it just has little hook clip thingies but that going to the frame comfort wise this one I don't know if it's just because it was used last or lest yet no less sorry it's really late yeah this one I think was more heavily used because it seriously feels like you're strapping a two by six to your back all chopped up in pieces and walking around with that on your back because it is so rigid and uncomfortable it's like the shoulder straps are made out of like something solid whereas this one you put it on it is so comfortable even with a load of 50 to 60 pounds which it has in it right now it is very comfortable on your back I'm assuming this one was when it was new but now I got it in a pretty rough condition I was disappointed with here outdoors because of the condition it was in and how come uncomfortable it was and I paid 200 bucks for that this one I paid 234 and I've given this one to my dad now he doesn't use it but it just sits in a basement and this is my my ex's pack that I got for her as a bug-out bag I've used them both and this one seriously it's just like it's like having a fridge strapped to your back it doesn't like Bend with you or anything like that this one the shoulder straps are a lot more padded flipper around here and check out the harness system this it's still got some bend to it it's nice nice and soft padding really nice and soft right here where your shoulders make contact and then it does even have like a canal here for ventilation the hip belt is about the same as the other one the only thing I like better is this one has the newer style buckles so I can do this with one hand you can see and these buckles do wear out a lot quicker than the classic ones which are just like these it's just a regular buckle like that this suspension system on this pack here doesn't have that spot for ventilation really in the middle and the padding is hard it's just really really hard as you can see with the shoulder straps they don't have as much bend or flex to them a really stiff feeling and that could have been from them washing it I don't know maybe they used something while washing it that stiffened up the foam the hip belt once again it's what same as the other one I'd actually see the other one is a little bit better a little bit more comfortable I do believe these plastic frames that come with them or a standard issue like the exact same different color other than that there really is not much of a difference between the two of them they both hold the same amount of stuff this one does have sustainment pouches that are with it I have sustainment pouches for this they're just in the old school desert camo so it doesn't really match and I never my dad didn't have any stuff to fit into them anyway so it didn't really matter so it doesn't matter that they're not on there right now he's got about a thirty pound load in there and this has like I said fifty to sixty pounds and this one even with fifty to sixty pounds is way way way more comfortable like I can't stress that enough how much the comfort comes into the picture this one was a thirty pound load you're you get a mile down the road and you're just done this one is still fresh so I think that wraps it up for the comparison like everything's the same on both packs was a sustainment posture the same this one does not have a claymore pouch so I took one of the original sustainment poaches off at this one and put it there and replacement for the for the claymore pocket or pouch whatever you want to call it there is a ton of stuff in here and it rides nicely it's just is a good pack so anything that is around this model cuz like this is the rifle impact I think they phase this one out when this one came in and the sleeping bag compartment is built in there is a divider and dividing zipper in the middle you can like unzip that and use it as just one big rucksack or you can keep it separate and have your sleeping bag in here I do believe she's got a Altos negative ten Fahrenheit sleeping bag in here with a wool blanket and then those tarps in there there's tons of stuff in there and it rides nice anything I'm missing on these two you really yeah you get a look at how the sleeping bag compartment is separate it does come with d-ring so you can take it right off and just carry your sleeping bag if you really wanted to from where I do believe like these quick releases they're a little worn out just from use but on her my exes it's actually really nice it's the they snap in place nicely and all that so I don't know what else I can say about these the cut the old school ones are kind of goofy they didn't have it planned out too good and then they they've made up for it with the like I guess it's the last generations now because they're rolling in the Molly 4000 and if you can find this on eBay it usually runs for I've seen packs that were used a scene action dirty but still in good condition with the assault pack with a flick vest with a hydration carrier for like a hundred and forty bucks plus shipping and handling and it just came with all those accessories it was a much better deal than hero outdoors I would not recommend hero outdoors for military surplus if you're going there for airsoft they certainly have everything that you need for airsoft but if you're trying to build a bug-out system I'd say shop eBay anyhow if you like this video click like if you want to share it share if you want to comment comment or dislike and subscribe if you want to see new videos on military surplus or camping gear you guys have a nice day and we'll be back with another video

Reader Comments

  1. to all who watch this YES lol I know I got ripped off and no longer deal with hero outdoors , ebay is where I get gear now

  2. Too bad you had to learn the hard way. Hero Outdoors is a scumbag company who I also only delt with once for surplus and not ever again. For new products, no issues of course but on principal if it can be avoided no business with them is best.

  3. You sir paid more than $200 for each one of these!? U got ripped off!!! I got the same deal, two molle packs-Woodland and ACU in very decent condition about $160! If I spend more than 200~300 bucks for a pack I could buy from Mystery Ranch or Eberlestock!

  4. That is a bummer on the woodland pack. I bought a desert camo one almost brand new on ebay for 89.99 just a few months ago. All I had to do was assemble it myself. Which their are assembly videos on youtube. Thats a bummer on the woodland pack though. The prices we're too high for those I thought.

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