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MOLLE 2 Patrol Pack

MOLLE 2 Patrol Pack

give you a closer look at this backpack it's got Molly on the side here and all the way up here it's got Molly on the bottom it's got a nice drainage hole to drainage holes looks really good Molly on the front just one strip and the back these removable straps shoulder straps and they actually seem really comfortable really padded well padded and you can adjust them there's a sternum strap that you can adjust up or down and these are quick-release got a nice handle right here tough very good stitching you know military quality and there's a spot for your antenna or your water bladder hose right there and on this side and you know military they got big zippers right look at these big zippers are pretty tough what do I got in here it's just one big pouch basically and I've got my admin pouch I just reviewed awesome I've got a hammock I've got a water bottle I got a smog you know keep the Sun on my face or off of me my skin and I've got a cooking pot at zebra cooking pot right here got a saw I've got hammock straps so you can see the main pouch there's got plenty of stuff in it or plenty of room we put a lot of stuff in there and there is a spot for your water bladder right here and there's some padding or you could add more padding to to that spot right there so this is the water bladder spot you know or pouch and the big dump pouch right here and then you've got this main pouch here or that sorry that's the main pouch and you got this front pouch it has a drawstring and two clips like that right and it's basically just a dump pouch I've got food snacks my poncho camera equipment more snacks so yeah this plenty of room in here too oh and my rain cover from my backpack and a little pouch right here with some velcro put some small items and of course the material is very tough and I got a pretty good deal on this one $50 and it's not really damaged used that much no real stains not really faded there you go look here I'm not sure of the capacity of this backpack I think it's around 25 litres somewhere around there 20 to 25 meters I'm not 100% sure it does hold a lot for the size and it can expand and I think it's gonna be a great backpack for EDC myself now it does right very comfortable I don't I mean I haven't had any problems I've hiked up and down the coast for about three miles and it's comfortable it doesn't really breathe that well that's my one complaint the back doesn't really breathe that well but you know for $50.00 and how tough it is I'm stoked jeong-ho approved I mean military backpacks they're usually in my opinion now like I said $50 right and look how new you could get you know cheaper right I think you can get them for about 30 or 40 dollars off of ebay but I you know I went to my local army surplus they had this one I chose a couple of you know from a couple of them this is the best one and I got to choose $50 I'm happy I think this is gonna last a long time and especially in the jungle you're gonna need something tough so we wrap this video up the Alice or sorry not Alice I'm replacing my Alice backpacks this Molly to patrol pack Jungle Cruise $50 awesome go check out your local army surplus see if you pick one of these up it's in the woodland camo so it's not digi or it's not desert camel camel is a camo camo a desert camo desert Kamel no desert camel okay so I haven't proved it $50 awesome maybe if you were to you know spend like $80 that's a little too much I think $50 is about right $40 would be even better but I'm gonna wrap this video up right here I'm gonna thank you for the like thank you for the subscription thank you for the comment thank you for the share and until next time

Reader Comments

  1. I got one of these off of eBay for a little bit more than I'm willing to publicly admit, but it looks practically unissued. Mine has two straps on top, and two more long pieces of tan nylon webbing on the inside for… something.

  2. Mine is becoming unraveled on the inside. Everytime I open it there's some new long threading I have to cut off. Maybe I got a bad one.

  3. great video love the surplus store keep the money here if can you know they'll order if they don't have something and lots of times same price as amazon

  4. Camo pattern fashion changes mean great deals in surplus. Looks like a pretty good pack, and if you say it is comfortable for you, that is all that counts. Thank you for the video,Gabe

  5. I think that you got a great deal on your pack. The Army surplus store here just kills us on prices. That would cost 75.00 locally.

  6. Say Heah Gab'ie Aloha, Yeah, I love my Kodiak Gearsling because It's a big one and I can spin it around to my front without taking it off. It also can carry my Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe or my l7" Hultafors Bruks Agdor Hatchet. I keep my others C's in it plus a large Stainless Steel Nalgene Bottle on the side pouch. Yeah, I use mine alot.,,. p

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