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Mizrahi religious Jews: Why do you dress like Ashkenazis?

Mizrahi religious Jews: Why do you dress like Ashkenazis?

What your ethnic background? Moroccan Why do you dress like that? Because my father does But isn’t it from Poland? I don’t know Avi
Jerusalem My father is Irish, English, French probably a lot of other things American (direct descendant) Do you know who
General Tallmadge is? He is a big general for Americans Direct descendant That’s my father’s side From who? General Tallmadge My real name is Tallmadge I don’t know who that is I am a very confused person
I have a lot going on Who is General Tallmadge? American history, it’s not so important I am Canadian, sorry Your mother’s side? You guys burnt the Whitehouse My mother’s side is Yemenite and Turkish Her parents are Yemenite and Turkish Jews and I am from Jackson New Jersey The question is and your only half Mizrahi Why do you dress like
somebody from Poland? hundreds of years ago Or Ashkenazis today What happened was The big Sphardic Yeshivas they died down It used to be that every region
had it’s own set of dress meaning the people from Europe, they have today they have the stronger Yeshivas places of study So this is just the uniform
of the Yeshiva of study so most of the people of Sphardic backgrounds a lot of them went to Askenazi Yeshivas Why didn’t they just keep
their way of dress? the way they would have dressed
in Yemen or Turkey Probably because it’s weird Weird? Define weird It’s not weird in Yemen In Yemen, but I am not living in Yemen For example, in Jackson, I feel quite interesting walking around
the way I do but in my circles, I feel normal because this is the normal way of dress So it’s peer pressure I actually went to Morocco Peer pressure is one way
there is just no reason I could get a pink mohawk if I wanted to It doesn’t say in the Torah
you can’t have a pink mohawk That was the uniform of the
Yeshiva system I guess it’s more of a uniform So you went to Morocco Yes, I went to Morocco and you dressed like that? No, I got a Jellabiya How did that go? It was good When I first got there
I had these clothes so I got spat on at the airport Ya, I thought I was going to die Actually the village people
were very very nice they welcomed me Knowing you are a Jew?
– Yes Yes, knowing I am a Jew
they were very respectful they have actually good relations
with the Jews the Muslims there You said you are Sphardic? From where? Bukhari Mordechai
Jerusalem The question is why do you dress
like in Poland, like the Ashkenazi if you are Bukhari Do you want to know how
the Bukhari dressed outside of Israel? Yes. How? Something similar to that To that? You mean the one with the stripes? Like that?
– Similar A longer coat More flowery and colourful That’s how my grandfather dressed So why don’t you dress that way? Because today no one dressed like that
It would look strange Why? Why doesn’t anybody dress like that?
– Yes It is very nice but it looks strange You wouldn’t walk around here like that Bring it back
It sounds great If another 100-200 join me Organize people If you get it organized, I will do it What is your background?
Where are your grandparents from? Sphardic from Morocco and Algeria Levy
Jerusalem If you are Moroccan, why do you
dress like someone from Poland? Because my father and mother
became Chabad they became religious with the
Lubavitch Rabbi So we took the customs We keep the Sphardic customs of Marocco but we also added to them It is just adding to the customs Is there…do you ever wear a Jellabiya? Something from Morocco? No Like your grandparents would do Why? It’s too bad, no? You have no answer I don’t know What is your ethnic background? Bukhari Binyamin
Elad Why do you dress like that? I dress like this because I want to associate
myself to the Haredi stream But the Bukhari, who were also Haredi in Bukharia didn’t dress like that
– True The way of dress is meant to separate us from those people who are not in the religion Meaning every person who is religious wears this
Just like in the army In the army, you wear a uniform to be part of it being in the army But why… When I walk in the street I am a soldier and I have
to represent the army As an example, if a soldier has a stain or a button missing
from his uniform then the military police
can give him a ticket, right? He can also go to jail The same, the moment I wear
this uniform I feel that everyone is looking at me sees a religious person and thinks “here is the religious person
that always says” “that religion is the best thing” “Let’s see how he acts and according
to that we will see if his religion is right” But why not like back then? Back then there was a different way to dress Like how you dress is different from back then Back then men wore dresses Today the way of dress has changed so we fit into it… The question is if you are
ashamed of your ethnic background… No and you prefer the Ashkenazis No, I don’t prefer Ashkenazis It’s simply that… The Ashkenazi way of dress, sorry The Ashkenazi dress, what you are wearing
is also European ways of dressing It is not the Israeli way of dressing Do you agree with me? There is something called “not standing out” There are things that were set we accepted it and go with it It’s all good You said you are Afghani and Persian? Shmuel
Bnai Brak So why do you dress like that and not like your grandparents? in Persia Hold on, I want to make sure
my daughter doesn’t go on the road Of course I never saw how they dressed So from what you remember so I can’t immitate their way of dress but my father looks like this and so do I I don’t even know if my
grandfather dressed differently anyways, it is the way we dress
in our entire group How we dress is actually to dress respectfully such as a white shirt and black pants which is formal wear like judges, lawyers,
members of parliament, politicians who are also people that dress formally a specific code of dress which gives you a certain
amount of respectability to act according to how you are dressed and you don’t go out of the limits and indeed, a person who wears sandals or shorts, acts according to how he is dressed A person who wears black dress pants and a white shirt
acts according to how he is dressed Why do you dress like that? Yehuda
Beitar Illit (West Bank settlement) It’s connected to the people
who keep the commandments It’s symbolic, like in the army The fringes are a symbol that we keep commandments and
are subordinate to the Creator, blessed be He What’s your ethnic background? Iraqi In Iraq, did people dress like that? They would dress in the religious court, they
would wear things like Jellabiya So why don’t the Iraqis today in Israel dress that way? I guess that when they all came here
that fashion was weak they didn’t catch on to the dress
like the Ashkenazi way of dressing which was stronger So try to get them back… There are some who try to do that Really? There are? Yes, there are some who try But it’s not catching on That is one of greatest claims
about this country that 50, 70 years ago when people came they didn’t allow people to keep the traditions Sphardic Jewry almost erased
all of it’s traditions because they received only the traditions
from the Ashkenazi side Today it is not like that You guys dominate the culture Today they want to bring those back Yes, in music it is strong Also with foods Yes, foods are strong Also, mentality But we forgot a huge world
– True a world of our roots, an incredible world How they would wake up for
Selichot prayers How they said the Shma prayer
in the synagogue The hierarchy of the synagogue We forgot all that Shimon
Jerusalem Tell me about your clothing what you said about the history Explain about my clothes? First of all, we said Clothing is connected to…
We are soldiers why does a soldier wear a uniform? because it is something special that he serves the country The fact that he serves the country
means that if he wears his clothes in an inappropriate way then he will receive a punishment So clothing attests Clothing makes a person special The same with a judge
the same with a soccer player the same with a lawyer Take any person who is important his clothes… But you explained before why
as a Moroccan person you dress like Poland It comes from Europe I dress this way because
it’s from Europe Why do I dress this way? I live within a community and that is the way of dress
for this community It’s like a secular person A secular person doesn’t have… You were saying about what
things were like 150 years ago That? That, what did you say? That here there were religious people Here in Jerusalem, there were we will call them the Children of Israel I don’t know if Sphardic
but not Ashkenazi and they dressed like zebras Yes, with stripes that wear for special occaisions When they came here…
today we call them Hasidim and today after the Ashkenazi came here
from Europe they came with this way of dressing like Charlie Chaplin, you remember him? they dressed the same So they were dressed in a European style Western The Arabs who were here were afraid of them they thought they were
taking over the place so they had to dress with the zebra clothing (stripes) And we stopped doing that and dressed like those that came here the Jews who came here from Europe

Reader Comments

  1. I’m Sephardic Jewish (Morocco) and we often wonder why religious Jews in Israel would were those terrible clothes that are based on cold weather European countries. Do not be ashamed of your roots. Jews are semites, not Europeans, even if your Ashkenazi, dress religiously all you want but it should be according to the country your in, not a standard, so so very ridiculous & backward thinking. The founding fathers of Israel had no regard towards Mizrahim & Sephardic, which was shameful but however they did think of Jewry as a whole & now people are rejoicing & thankfully are taught to be unashamed of their background because it is nothing to be ashamed about! Good lives good cultures & our food is leaps & bounds better & more delicious 😘

  2. I hope you guys bring back your non Ashkenazi traditions back…
    actually the traditional Jew costume is so similar to that of Arabs/other middle easterners… and since Jews don't want to get confused with non Jews, they chose the European style… pity! pity!

    I see the same thing happening with Middle Eastern Christians, in my dad's and grandpa's time they had a lot of Arabic and Assyrian or Biblical names(Arabic or Aramaic form), now they all name their children "George", John(Instead of Yokhanna), Christina(instead of Messiha), they do this to be distinguished from Muslims 🙄

  3. All Israel has a share in the World to Come…

    כָּל יִשְׂרָאֵל יֵשׁ לָהֶם חֵלֶק לָעוֹלָם הַבָּא

    "All Israel has a share in the World to Come. As it reads (Isaiah 60:21): "And Your people are all righteous, for ever shall they inherit the land, the sprout of my plantings, the work of my hands, to glorify Me".

    Rabbi Chananya ben Akashia says, The Holy One, Blessed be He, wanted to give Israel merit; therefore He multiplied for them Torah and mitzvot…"

    Stop picking on divisive issues, rather let's talk about our commonalities and what keeps Jew Jewish!

  4. Die waren Semiten sind die Nachkommen von Abraham der als Fremder (bedeutet GER) unter den Völkern und Germany-JAH sind Söhne von Abrahams -GermanyJah-AriJAHner.

    GermanJA sind Nachkommen von Abraham und UrUr IsraELiten, wer es nicht glaubt kann einen DYS Test machen oder in der Bibel forschen.In Amos 7,1 werden die AschkeNAZIm als Heuschrecken bezeichnet,warum wohl?

    Nazionalsozialisten sind AriJAH und keine NAZI.

    GermanJA H , der Name GER bedeutet Fremder unter den Völkern wie es `1.Moshe 15;13 , 400 Jahre in Ägypten, steht.

    2. Verheisung an Abraham 1.Moshe17; 4-8 und ich werde dir und deine Nachkommenschaft nach dir das Land geben indem du als Fremder wohnst. Die Nachkommenschaft lebt jetzt in GermanJA .

    In Israel leben zur Zeit aber nur mehr ca.15% wahre IsraELiten in IsRA-El in SAM-AriJAH. Sam wie echte Semiten ARI wie die deutschen ARIjaner. Halleluja Deutschland, ihr seid echte Semiten!

    85% der Pseudojuden sagen sie sind Juden und sind es nicht, diese gehören NICHT zur Nachkommenschaft Abraham's.

    85% der Palestinenser die in Israel sind laut DYS Urisraeliten; wurden sind und werden von den Pseudojuden bekämpft um sie zu vertreiben und gänzlich auslösche.

    Über GermanJA sagt der Höchste;

    1 Genesis 17;6 und ich werde dich über alle Maßen vermehren und ich werde dich zu VOLKSSTÄMME machen und KönigE ( zum Nachdenken; warum *KönigE*; Israel braucht nur einen ewigen König ) und warum nennt man die Deutschen ARIJAH und das Land Germany/German-Jah? Wenn Deutschland so schlecht wäre wie man sie immer darstellt, warum trägt ihr Land den Namen des Höchsten Gottes über sich und die Menschen darin nennt man ARIJAHner? ( Ari ist ein herrlicher gewaltiger stärker Engel, der über GermanJah wacht. Und Könige werden aus dir hervorgehen. Halleluja Deutschland.

    Moshe 17;7 Und ich werde meine Verfügung/Bund aufstellen zwischen mir und zwischen dir und zwischen deine Nachkommen nach dir.


    Ihr AriJA,vergesst nicht das diese Pseudojuden euch in den Krieg hineingejagt haben, sie wollte 20Millionen Deutsche ausrotten.

    Steh auf Deutschlad und wirf dein Trauergewand ab, vertraue auf Deinen Gott und seine Heere des Engel,s ARI werden für euch kämpfen.AMEN.

    Die Pseudojuden kommen aus Kazarenreich Kaz-istan wie Estha oder auch Esthan (die Schlange ist ihr Gott den sie anbeten), weil es einen anderen Gott dient den Gott Adonai das selbe Wort wie Abadon, das ai am Schluss bedeutet ;mein Gott "Adoni" sind, sollten wissen wer Abadon ist. A; steht für ABA/VATER wie auch bei Adonai /Vater und Don für den Drachen die alte Schlange und ist so das selbe wie Messi-Ach/Durcheinanderbringer und Ach oder Achim bedeutet Bruder oder mein Bruder.

    Möge der Höchste alle Feinde der Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit doppelt soviel Leid über sie ausschütten als sie verursacht haben. Amen.

  5. They should also publish the truth about the Talmud's content. One things is to be true jew and another to be an ashkenazi. Ashkenazi may be jews by believes, but not by offspring…..
    Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
    Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    Whoever truly believes in God, and are NOT a true jew should tremble before these verses, and never try to be a pretender.

  6. to my understanding and knowledge of history sephardic were the ones expelled by the catholic kings from spain in the 15th century. am i wrong? or there are other sephardics?

  7. Only one way of success and paradise
    لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ
    There is no GOD but ALLAH and MUHAMMAD pbuh is the messanger of ALLAH
    He who accepts islam will go in paradise so plz accept islam

  8. These people are Khazar Turks. And you are a pack of brain dead people to think anything other. They are telling you who they are and you will not listen lol.

  9. hmm, did any of them say they areJudahh? Nope, I think not. He said he is connected to the people but never say they are the people well he is right Esau is connected

  10. My Canadian brother hahahahaha. That’s right there not suppose to dress like that hahahahaha. Most of them are Arab hahahahahahaha. Good job love from Edmonton Alberta. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  11. they aren t real jews, they re Khazars (ashkenazis). Real hebrews are black and they know that.

  12. The Torah says that men need to cover their heads, wear Tzitzit and dress modestly and the Ashkenazi clothing is a perfectly effective way of doing these things. It is also about expressing the fact that you are Jewish as to make God and Judaism look good to non Jews thus fulfilling a commandment. The Ashkenazi clothing is iconic and easily recognisable which is why people wear it.

  13. זמן π

    The “flowery and colourful” at 3:14
    Is something I’d totally bring back…
    Maybe the Mosiach will do his share of courting
    Eminent designers, in his “plan of attack”?

  14. “Woe unto you O jew! for thou turnest away thy brother the mighty black man! and thou offer him no wine!"

  15. ואוו אלעד התותח! בחנות של הקפה.. תשובה אלופה ומדהימה! אני חלק מייצג, ואווו תמסרו לו שאהבתי

  16. Lmao theze are not the jews if the biblw they arw eurp converts nor do they look ethnic who buys this horse shit wake up world

  17. נראה שאתה מנסה לקנטר אותם בכוח אבל לא הצליח לך.אני הייתי שואל מדוע אתה מחלל שבת והסבא שלך היה מוכן למות בשביל זה????

  18. this people are not the real isralites of the bible they imposters ashkenasi who converted in the 8th century

  19. These guys dress like Polish people & Ashkenazis? I thought to myself, no way.
    But they were like, YAWEH.

  20. Let's take all these people for a shopping tour and at least buy them some lightly coloured, striped shirts and some nice dark blue or Grey suits. PLEASE.

  21. Two gods; one demiurge Potter Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc. and the Other Real Supernatural Father of our Souls.

  22. The only begotten Son of God, Jesus (Yeshua) ha mashiach said:
    "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.
    Look, your house is left to you desolate. I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'"

  23. General Tallmadge? Lol I was just watching Turn (a TV show about the Revolutionary War). The children of Israil were Arabs, by the way, from the Sarawat Mountain region in Yemen and south-west Saudi Arabia.

  24. Jesus loves an exepts us just the way we are just not allowed to sin no more an should not want to aswell when your born again .but dress code is old covenant were under the new covenant of Jesus Christ now so dress don't matter just obye your commandments and worship Jesus

  25. As usual it is just 'tradition.' I am a Buddhist (British) and I don't really understand why British Buddhist monks wear orange robes that were designed for tropical climates, or if they belong to a Japanese group they wear black robes that originally came from Sung dynasty China. I would have thought a simple black roll neck and black jeans would do just as well! But the lure of the exotic is strong!

  26. im a baal teshuva, I keep shabos, kosher, learn torah, but dress in jeans and a t-shirt. I wear a suit on shabos and yom tov only. the haredi uniform does not suit me, and I don't feel less closer to hashem because of it. They like to follow all the minhagim their ancestors did hundreds of years ago in Europe, and they pride themselves on non- assimilation. remember, g-d looks at what is our inner intention, not our externals such as dress.

  27. The worst of the worst of all religions and cults,are the ones whom dressed with fancy ties,fanciful talker and promoter of Western Democratic values.Human suffering it's just a joke to this people.
    This creature it's a fanatic and it's known as Capitalist.

  28. Wearing the fringes or growing of the side burns doesn't come from ashkenazi. It comes directly from Torah. The original israelites had clothing like that. . It was more colorful garments. Women used to wear earings in their nose when they became married. I think most people practice religion not the culture. Culture comes with customs, mindset, traditions, dressing, food , music, language, and laws of the region and their rulers like Moses for example.

  29. Why the sefardim feel shy to say that they are sefardim they are real jews children of jakob not the russians or polish

  30. A True Christ/Hamasiac Follower or True Messiahnic Hebrew Israelite Must Obey The Laws, Statutes, Precepts, and Commandments of The Most High GOD/YAH!

  31. These guys that say they don't want to " stand out"…. Ok. Everyone who ISNT a jew/practicing jew dresses however,,usually NOT like that…

  32. When you dress a certain way in traditions of Jews it's like a uniform in the military, Air force vs Army, etc. You can tell by the uniform to which stream of Judaism one belongs to.

  33. Sounds and looks to me like more caucasian worshipping and kissing their ass by adopting the victors dress sense. I am mexican and east african former yehudi. Now im muslim orthodox. I do not trust european yehudi who do Aaliyah to israel

  34. social is a more appropriate way of saying "peer pressure" he's not doing fucking drugs.. its just a social construct and most people seen are doing the same thing.. even subversive cultures are .. social.

  35. asking why people dont dress like their grandparents is kind of strange… i dont know anyone that dresses like their grandparents. a lot of the other videos have good points. this one is a little off. a good question "why do you dress like poland?" the points from there are not really too impressive.

  36. Churchill said something like ''English people should not fear or feel in inferior to the jews '' But did he saw their teeth ?:)))

  37. The way they dress have nothing to do with the torah, they don't have any connections to BEIT ISRAEL FROM THE Bible.

  38. The real reason to dress well is simple. As hachem is all mighty and see everything we have to dress well in front of him. Who will run half naked with flip flop in front of a king ? Nobody. So you have to dress everyday as you will meet Hachem all the time as a jew. When you say your brakhot ( blessing ), you are speaking with Hachem. So yes, if you are jew you cannot dress like Gucci Mane or Cardi B. Also, i dont remember where, but it says in the Torah that jew cannot follow the dress code of others nations and must have their own. And must dress in a modest way with not too expensive clothes !

  39. I think the Ashkenazis have higher status and they are trying to assimilate. What is the big mystery?

  40. The originally Jewish r only the levantens and iraq Jewish…. because they came from there from middle east and they're the original Jewish….. and the prophet Jacob(israel) peace be upon him he was middle eastern and his background from iraq…..

  41. Easy answer,

    Eurocentric white washing

    I’m an Iranian non religious Jew in la and Persian Jews have more in common on every level to Persian Muslims and Zoroastrians than they do with any ashkenazi Jew yet well try to be European because of religious brainwash

    3000 years in an area can’t be undone in 50 years because of a recently repurposed country and forced customs

  42. As a Muslim, I've often been told that "you people (i.e. Muslims and Jews) have been killing each other for thousands of years". It may surprise many that these Jew's ancestors were from Muslim lands and had lived there for hundreds of years. There were historical Jewish communities all over Arabia, Iran. Turkey, Afghanistan and North Africa. Many fled persecution in Europe e.g. Spain and even fought alongside Muslims against Christian Crusaders.That's not to say that some Jewish communities were not subjected to persecution in these lands, but this was very rare. Things have changed drastically in the last one hundred years due to political developments in the Holy Land.
    Unfortunately I meet many Muslims today who are anti-semitic and I'm aware too that there are many Jews who hate Muslims. Islam does not teach me to hate Jews (or anybody else). and I'm always extra friendly with the many Jews I meet (in London). Sure, if someone was trying to kill me or my family then it would be permissible to fight back, but seeking the means to a peaceful resolution is always the best way (and more pleasing to Allah). I hope one can be found soon in the Holy Land so that we can start living together as brothers again. Unfortunately like many, I'm pessimistic.

  43. It's funny, when you ask the people if the Palestinians are indigenous video that they dont have stories like this.

  44. The first one said he was Moroccan and he said he was a Bukhari who wore long suits they just became Ashkenazi so they wear like that and they left all the mizrahim customs and treat everything like Ashkenazi The Lubavitcher Rebbe's hand, and the rest are mizrahim who preserve their customs and they just saw when they came to Israel that the Ashkenazim are strong in religion so they dressed like them.

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