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Missouri Air National Guard Recruiting: Basic Military Training and Technical School

Missouri Air National Guard Recruiting: Basic Military Training and Technical School

(techno dance music) – [Voiceover] The rights of passage that all airmen must
complete are graduation from basic military training
and technical school. – Basic military training is
eight and a half weeks long in San Antonio, Texas at
Lackland Air Force Base. – You go to the exact same basic training that all the other Air
Force individuals go to, whether it be the Guard,
the Reserve, or active duty. You will not know the difference when you’re at basic training. You all train together. – The purpose of basic training is to get you out of a civilian mind-set and into a military mind-set. – [Voiceover] The role of
transforming a recruit’s mind-set is the responsibility of the
military training instructor, also known as a TI. The TI has one of the most
important jobs in the Air Force, making an airman. – The military training
instructors are typically going to yell at you, or towards you, or near you. It’s just gonna happen. Their job is to transform
you from that civilian to an airman that can work under pressure. – So it’s really trying
to find out how you react when you’re under a stressful situation. – So it might be a simple
thing as yelling at you while you’re making your bed. Can you handle it? Can you handle that pressure? Can you still complete the task, and at the level that they need you to, with that pressure? – They’re gonna yell,
they’re gonna holler. They’re gonna make you
feel like you don’t have enough time to complete certain tasks. And they wanna see that you can indeed complete the task, and that you can do it
without breakin’ down, that you can do it under the stress. Cause no matter how fast
or how well you move, it’s not gonna be fast enough, it’s not gonna be good enough. Their job is to provide that stress, so everyone feels it,
everyone goes through it. – You are told when to get up, when to sleep, when to
eat, when to breathe. – There’s a lot of structure,
so if you’re not used to that, it’s something that you’ll
get used to really fast. You can expect to be homesick
like nobody’s business. You don’t have any
communication with your family. That’s really hard. – [Voiceover] Throughout
basic military training, a recruit will be challenged
both mentally and physically. For most, it will be one
of the toughest ordeals that they have faced in their lives. – The most rewarding
part of basic training is finding out who you really are and what you can accomplish. – It is impressive to see
the young men and women goin’ across the parade
field looking sharp, and knowing as a recruiter what they might’ve been
just a couple months ago. To see that transformation
from the outside, it’s tremendous. – [Voiceover] Filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment, the next stage for the new airmen is to attend technical school. – The training can be as short
as six weeks for tech school, as long as six, seven, eight,
nine months of training. It just all depends on the career field. – Tech school is gonna be more
like a college atmosphere. In basic training, you’re sharing a room with 60 other people. In tech school, though,
you’ll have a roommate, it’s much more relaxed, and it’s a way to kind of
decompress from basic training. – Your tech school is gonna have what’s called a phase program. Now, you were restricted
in basic training. You couldn’t come and go as you please. When you go to tech school, you’re gonna earn those freedoms back. Say the first week or
two, you’ll be restricted to stayin’ in your military clothes after your technical training. Couple weeks after that you may be able to leave base. Your curfew will gradually
get later and later. – You’re gonna march to
class room every day. When you get to class,
that’s when we’re gonna start teaching you your AFSC, or
Air Force Specialty Code, the job that you’re gonna do on your one weekend a month back here. When you go to tech school,
you’re gonna study every night. Each night’s important,
because you have to refresh on what you learned that day. – You’re studying, and you’re studying, (laughs) and you’re studying. – In the evenings, you’re gonna
need to dedicate some time to review the work that you went over. You will have tests,
you will have homework, and you will have to graduate. – When an individual recruit
is attending tech school, they can count on gettin’
the most up-to-date training and the skill set and the
facilities are top notch. It’s conducive to learning. – Every job we have in
the Air National Guard has a civilian equivalent, whether it’s air traffic control, whether it’s cook, or whether
it’s a police officer. Your Air National Guard training will translate to a civilian career. – [Voiceover] There is
also an educational benefit to graduating from technical school. By enlisting in the Air National Guard, an airman is automatically enrolled in the Community College of the Air Force, or CCAF, which is an
accredited two-year college run by the United States Air Force. The CCAF awards college credits for graduating basic military training and technical school. It applies these credits towards one of its 68 associate degree programs. – When you graduate tech school, now is the first time you feel that you are truly a member
of the Air National Guard, ’cause now you can come back to do the job that you’ve been trained to do.

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