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Mini field and stream survival knife

Mini field and stream survival knife

hey guys welcome to outliers bleed works it's really hot humid out here today and I was out in the woods playing around with some knives and stuff so some axes in whatever and I was in to make some hot dogs and make a fire in whatever it's just too hot I only want to eat I hiked back here I'm all sweaty and just said forget it my dogs not even running around she's actually laying next to me on the grass right here biting it bugs it's real buggy out but uh I got this a little mini ramble survival knife it was kind of a novelty and it was uh from big five sporting goods or Dick's Sporting Goods there's a couple people that carry these like bass pro shops or whatever and I got this for my little girl a while back and I figured I'd do a review on it because I saw it sitting in the house and uh I just got a kick out of it cuz my buddy took this thing and repro filed it to razor edge it's got a ridiculous edge on it and this is made by filled in stream I'm not sure who the actual company that makes the knife it's made in China it's like a little mini Rambo knife it's got just a cheap nylon sheath with a plastic insert and this is by field and stream is the brand that it says on it but like i said i'm not sure who makes it but it's got the little survival kit right here in the in a handle it's got fishing hooks needle thread all those goodies matches got a compass that does work but i just got a kick out of it I like those little mini knives like this and thought it was kind of cool has a little ring here to keep it waterproof but I know you it'll get water in here because this has the nut because this is the two piece knife you got the blade in the handle and then the nut holds it together but I wanted to share that with you guys I thought it was a cool little knife saws out here whittling around with wood and mess around with it and it's actually not too bad I thought it was more of a novelty but I mean for a child I think this would be a great little starter knife you know if you have a kid that wants a lot in the woods mess around and and you can put some fire tinder in here and some matches in whatever and teach them how to do some fire skills and bushcraft survival skills think you'd be a great little knife for kid and they had these uh for 12 bucks at big five and dick's sporting goods and I know they still make these I've seen him around and anyways I appreciate you guys watching hope you liked the video and hope I didn't bore you anyways thanks a lot

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