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Miltec Military 1st Ripstop Nylon Waterproof Poncho

Miltec Military 1st Ripstop Nylon Waterproof Poncho

well today is about being when you know so you cut that out one of the shape Pancho's you can double up at the tasks where heavy feet stop nylon material it's like and there's enough room to stick your bag underneath as well so it sticks out back a little bit of lift like driving moment she can fight let's paint this face in here I'll show you these I get poppers here where you can see that pop is on either side so you can get one the other back is here pop those in that clips into case then you can get those all out to the arms you can sticky on up and prove you got I looks here as well so you can attach a bit of tart I'm sorry attach bit of them power cord and the power cord is to stick up to the top just below the knees just above it it's bloody native program fee the big gap from the side servant of the ventilation some of the work these coats and jackets can get of the same material at the morning you can expect especially if you okay so that communication built up inside me get to this emotional justice work good vehicle rain but this stuff you get a little bit very little filming so I like to feel like I'm state lines logging particularly rains hardly get outside conquer in one hand oh she looks like this so there it is at the top just as a plot thought I know what you've done with integration of color but it's just done on the top so with the hood you just tie it up with a bit of spring now when you get this when you get the avatar you get some string that comes with it tied in the corners which helps you tie the bottoms off and that's like this like shoelace material we're gonna tell where you can see that but it comes on each corner so this is perfect for Locker a day out or an overnight you just want to chill out underneath of the 50 bag I'm sure the dimension size dip the bun in cheese in the description in the middle can have this configuration or you're gonna have a lean-to type configuration which is justice it's perfect for my needs anyway I'll just get your closer to material so there there's the eyelets there it's the material material underneath is the same that this plastic liner site so there I've tied off each corner with from behind up there excuse me that one there and I'll cross it obviously the other side but it's perfect for what you need be pilot lower down you can have a higher up if I get inside just as good I mean I've got another top up over here for our little sitting arrangement if you wanted to just sit now for the afternoon you'd be it's made by a company called mill tech mill took out all outdoor products and it says on their poncho wet weather poncho wet weather hunter sent polyester rip stop polyurethane coated multi-purpose poncho in and there's some German it's a ground sheet a blanket sleeping bag cover snap together two long sides together and there's a tent and you can snap to Poncho's together as a side wall so you could actually put if you've got another raised you can actually put together a ridge line a ridge line ten which is what I plan to do as well I bought it from military first got coat UK so for what it is you need a little date base or setup you've got one just here with a poncho and if it does rain while you're there and you're trying to move from one place to another then you've got somewhere to stick it on to you cover your sack and then off you go

Reader Comments

  1. Click this link for the Poncho

  2. we used to tie a small dead branch on to the hood with a long length of cord and throw it over a high branch, to get some tension in the middle – saves you climbing.

  3. I think, you can even collect some rain water if you roll down the hood and place something to catch water underneath.

  4. I have the olive version of this, great for quickly covering your sack and camera for that unexpected heavy shower and light too. Just a heads up I also have the German Army flecktarn Gortex wet weather gear. Great kit if you know it's going to rain before you go out, but a bit of a pain to carry as a just in case. Very tough gear with very little sweating. Just remember that you can wash Goretex but use a detergent like NikWax, it's a detergent that doesn't work by breaking water tension. You can re-waterproof Goretex by putting it in a tumble dryer for 20mins, the heat reactivates the waterproof coating.

  5. Nice one – good review, and not so good weather ha ha +546 sub to you! Please check out our StevieJoes kid-friendly gardening, outdoors, and gaming channel when you can! I'll try to stay connected my friend ~

  6. great review bro i subbed and going to check outmore videos visit my channel if you could thanks Happy Holidays

  7. Hi Trev I have two of these ponchos and the liner to go with them to make a sleeping bag.. I haven't don't the video as yet on the set up but I use one poncho as a tarp and the other with liner as a sleeping bag and its quite comfortable… I'm quite bust at moment with other projects but I'll do a video on them atb Daz

  8. Nice review Trev and what a great product, what's really good is the versatility of it offering a multi functional aspect to it.  Surely Mrs Metalman cannot complain if I get one, well I mean, it is Christmas lol. Thought we only got the rain Up North?  Cheers Alan

  9. Nice review but the rain noise drowns you out, I think a lapel mic might be a great upgrade for your videos.

  10. I love my poncho, never take it out of my day pack unless I’m using it, for what they cost and the versatility of them they’re a no brainer.

    That one has a few more features than mine, can’t snap mine to another one, but mine has a zip by the neck with a waterproof flap behind it so it takes a little more sealing up but it’s a little more comfortable to wear, although you’d probably get your beard caught in it!

    Either way they’re great things to have around. 🙂

  11. I recognise that handsome dude in the background 🙂 I wondered what you did with that footage… brilliant review Trev, it really was super waterproof. Gonna get myself one defo. Lee.

  12. Aaahh been looking at mil-tec stuff for a bit, mostly some tarps and backpacks. Nice to see on of their products in action, generally seem well priced. Tempted by the poncho lol. Good vid.

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