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Militia Field Gear- German Bundeswehr Butter Dish

Militia Field Gear- German Bundeswehr Butter Dish

okay in this video we're gonna do another product review I mentioned a few videos back that I had gotten in and was expecting a bunch of things to come in that I was going to do videos on this is one of them this is a West German military butter dish this was issued to each soldier for use in the field for used to carry butter fat or lard as part of their daily ration some information I found out the typical daily issue for a German soldier was 72 grams of butter fat or lard per day and each one it is butter butter dishes is approximately or will hold approximately 220 grams so about 3 days ration now they are about four inches across about one inch tall on the top if you can see here there is the Eagle the German Bundesrat public or Federal Republic West Germany on the back if I can get this to focus on right which I really can't you have two sets of numbers the top number is a NATO stock number and below it if I had to guess you have a factory code and then the date of manufacture is my guess I'm not certain on that but I know looking at the top number here that is a nato stock number i recognise the general setup of how they're laid out and in that now these are made out of aluminum you have a plastic liner in the bottom and it can be removed if you need to it's not melted or molded into the container you have an airtight rubber gasket up on the lid if you can see here you got little notches or the studs on the side of the dish go in to line up and then you turn until it's tight now these things I guess are starting to get to be a little bit more popular in the prepper and survival movement they're using these for carrying dry items out in the woods such as coffee grounds but also they can be used obviously for King around butter so this is a way to carrying around an additional item for your rations an additional source of fats for your diet now remember with wild game most of it is not going to have that much fat on it except and later in the year when they're getting ready for winter this would be a way to supplement some of those fats that your body will need I've heard it said that or and read that with small game especially rabbits during the summer you don't want to eat them because there's not enough fat and your body will actually use up its own fat reserves while it's trying to process that extra lean meat well this gives you a way to add some fat to it while you're preparing it or if you have a lot of greens and stuff you're eating a lot of breads in that you now have way to carry some butter out in the field to spread on the bread I watched a video of a British backpacker on YouTube here who used one of these when he was out backpacking and stuff and he said that this dish actually helped keep the butter he had inside very cool it did not liquify that part of that has to do with the aluminum casing for those that do not no aluminum distributes heat it takes a long time to heat up aluminum only heats up when it heats up evenly across the entire material that it's that it's in or that it's made of or whatever so this entire casing has to heat up evenly it's not like steel where you can end up with hot spots you know this part over here can warm up in this part can stay cool with aluminum it spreads the heat out now butter is a shelf-stable product you can keep it out on your dinner table out on top of your your kitchen counter so it is a stable item that you can carry inside your pack but if you're a warmer environment say a desert environment maybe the extreme southern part of the US you know that butter is going to melt but if you have this closed up tightly enough maybe it'll keep keep it from leaking out all over to stuff inside your bags but this is an option for adding to your mess gear inside your packs if you want to you could probably give it a shot of some spray paint to cover up the shininess otherwise the only time you're really going to pull this out is when you're cooking around a campfire anyway or back at a base camp so it's probably not going to be as much of an issue now right now the best deal I've come across them is at Coleman's and I will put a link in the description they're selling two packs of these for seven dollars each I noticed that sportsmen guy does have them but they're charging about twice as much for only a single butter dish so you can get a two pack of them for Coleman's for half that price an additional item for varying your diet out in the field now for all my engineer brothers and the patriot and militia movements always remember essayons

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  1. Butter is shelf stable within reason. It is stored inside refrigerators so it lasts longer. Only have sitting out what you need.

  2. Don't paint em, an aunt in the USA uses em in south Carolina summer (hot and humid) she wraps em in cotton bandanas to absorb moisture and enhance cooling

  3. Calories are important an army/ militia marches on its stomach it's also really good for morale when you don't have it morale plummets, you also get lethargic or out rite sleepy which is really bad.

  4. What I can also recommend is the binoculars from Hendsold. You can get these used for 150€ but they are realy high quality.
    And the Bundeswehr Parka is also a great peace, because you can carry a lot of stuff in it, its realy durable and ceap, i would look for the version for the mountain units which have a liner of wool, which can be removed.
    And the german canteens are also great, it´s the same design since the second world war, but they are made from aluminium.
    The austrian have realy great gaiters expecaly the old ones, i don´t know if you can get em in the us but they are gold worth, they can realy take a beating and don´t make the noises like the plastic ones.

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