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Military web gear

State airsoft and today I'm going to be going on my web here so it's going to be in depth review my whip your so stay tuned for the video and hope you enjoy so for the beginning of the video I'm going to go ahead and start on magazine pouches in pouch is an LC to style magazine pouch this one was made in 1991 it has two grenade patches on it and they hold three magazines each the m12 holster was meant for the Beretta m9 and the m1911 this one was made in 1992 pull down on the tab lift up says us and it has a spot for your cleaning and on jamming rod right there for your beretta because this position my dad and he had a Beretta this is an LC to canteen cover and it has the two buttons on top too early she can teen lips can be kind of tricky at times but then you just simply pull out your canteen it also has a spot right here for your water purification tablets this is a reproduction m67 but pack which is what they would have used back in the day what dlc 2 web gear here's yet another lc2 canteen cover the same design because it is the LC to Tino lap right there and here is another lc2 m16 magazine pouch what's a grenade pouch is on the suspenders are standard why suspenders which would have been used with the LC to appear here I have a field dressing / first aid couch I have a torch which I wrapped electrical tape around because it didn't have the Ranger rolls which I believe is what they're called and finally the belt holding it all together it is a Marine Corps style belt because the Marine Corps style belt had the buckle like that thank you guys for watching and y'all subscribe you have a good day

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