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Military Water Proof Pants

Military Water Proof Pants

alright guys just going to do a little review hopefully it's short probably should be a little short um about these pants right here these are the pants that I wear like when I'm going hunting or something over like my wool clothes I'll wear these these are just to kind of like rain pants waterproof pants they are military-issue so I don't know how you guys are going to get them um I'm sure they got them on fucking eBay or somewhere you could find some company that sells these fuckers but ok here they are they're uh you know there's just that woodland camouflage they're just pants they don't have any pockets on them so they are spread out there we've got these ties at the waist so that they can bunch it up because you throw this on over everything you have on it's got this uh you know elastic band at the waist that you can pull with these two little locks here on the inside there's a you see this piece right here that's just sewn in there so that if it stretches all the way it won't tear you know it'll look just a little bit of reinforcement it does have a zipper up the front with this big long fucking time on there so that you can you know manipulate the zipper when you have gloves or mittens on or anything you can get to it and it's got these two flaps here they're just button closure and it allows you access to your pockets on the pants that you're wearing under these it's got double thick reinforced knees velcro a little tab here with a zipper that goes pretty far up the leg and that's so that you want to take your boots off you can just throw these on with your boots on and then I always just bring the zipper all the way down flip it upwards and then back down just like that and velcro it across otherwise you have this big fucker just dangling off of here and I'll flip them over it's got reinforced ass here you know obviously these are the parts that are going to wear out the fastest or the bottom here the seat of the pants and the knees of the pants at the top here it's held closed by just just a snap button not like your regular old school plastic button going through a hole just a little snap button you know open it up here's the tag and to give you an idea of what size you might need I'm six five and I weigh 210 and this is a size large regular and inseam is 29 and a half to 32 and a half and the waist is 35 to 39 and you remember you're going to want this a little bit bigger than whatever waist size you are because this is going on over all of your other shit so if you got two or three pairs of pants on you don't want this thing to be the size of your waist because then you'll never get it on and if you get it on and be so fucking tight that you won't be able to do anything with it and it's got washing instructions down here don't starch it and all that crap on the inside of it see if I cannot unzip one of these legs here bear with me for you can see on the inside it's all the seams are sealed and so then that way you know super waterproof I've been hunting with this on sat down in the woods and got completely buried in snow and you know none of it leaked through I've been outside and pourin ass rain I'm talking pouring like you can't even see 10 feet in front of you pouring ass rain and you know just kept me completely dry my legs anyway that's real thin material so it adds you know no weight at all if you worry about that kind of thing and the only drawback to this pair of pants is it makes a lot of noise when you're walking and see if you can hear this so you can imagine if you're walking through the woods trying to sneak up on a deer or a person or whatever you're not going to sneak very much with that but if you want to stay dry then this is perfect but yeah see if you guys can get a pair of those I recommend them they're military issues so I don't know how difficult it will be to find them but yeah there they are I hope you like that little review and thank you all for watching

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  1. Very cool! I've never seen those before. I will have to do some searching and see if I can find a pair. They do seem pretty noisy. But they would still be quite useful. And hold up better than most waterproof pants.

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