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Military Vehicles used in all of the wars in Pa.

Military Vehicles used in all of the wars in Pa.

hello you got moving the binding cowboy robe iridescent 48 over here pennsylvania unist 881 here and they got a war museum over here I see time to sign their backyard hola go and come here to South Carlisle excuse me and we got a couple more plants over there right I guess that's look like they're yep and we are in car laude got a lot of truck stops dr. Ruston's YJ loves pilot petrol a couple other ones here to turn ta I think but it's a busy busy placer there's the area up here and usually doing the nighttime I mean just about every truck stops backed up can't find a parking spot hardly a lot of trucks in the country not enough car parking and that's one of the biggest planes complains they got right now but over here in my left you can see where they got a military museum over here and you can see all kinds of military vehicles they're pretty neat place I'd like to stop in there sometime and see our lap all different kinds of setups they're from different world wars there's a healing blame pretty neat yeah like I said I'd like to stop in or sometime go to that and yeah I got a cop up here I'm get off here to watch your traffic and under center is a lotta lotta traffic out here and no matter what time of the day I hope you get a chunk in that place down there or not it goes to the military museum they're pretty neat I'd like to do that like I said I'm all different types of the world wars and different setups earned be pretty interested that's over here in Pennsylvania the South Carlisle probably about 50 mile marker I suppose and hell we're at exit 52 there's all kinds of truck stops here so that's probably about 2 48 49 mile marker brunette now that area cm is there but uh like I saying there's all kinds of truck stops up here Carlisle up here and like I need to just work on a roto to there's no except to get on the highways I 76er hi ray lavender were a lot of the time stops awesome so happy trios be safe bye

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  1. That's the problem with trucking. You see the country, but you never have the time to stop and see the interesting sights. Cheers from the UK.

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