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Military Tunnel-Rust Monument Guides-Easy Loot

Military Tunnel-Rust Monument Guides-Easy Loot

Hello guys, Welcome to my one more guide on
monuments in rust and today we are looking at Military Tunnel. Military Tunnel is a large monument which
does not provide public utilities like research table, refinery or repair bench, but it is
still quite popular due to its large amount of loot. This has medium radiation, so we will be needing
hazmat suit or 25% radiation protection. If you do not have a hazmat suit, you can
also use snow jacket with wooden Armor. Its better to use a hazmat suit. And also make sure you have a source of light
before going inside Outside we have got a tower in which barrels
are spawned and we have also got a recycler with a food crate inside this metal shack. We can also find lots of barrels lying around. Before we go inside make sure you watch my
other monument guides video. I will leave the link in the description. And if you guys want me to do any specific
video do leave it in the comment. In total there are 4 entrance to the tunnels,
This is the main entrance, here we have got side entrance, the sewage
entrance which is connected to the side entrance and the cave entrance near the recycler. Inside we have got 4 main loot rooms that
is the armoury near main entrance, the trains which contain elite crates, the laboratory
near sewage and the storage rooms connected to the caves. It really doesn’t matter where you start
from, I usually start from the main entrance, you can try the other entries also. So to get inside we have to break this wooden
barricade. Take a right turn where you can see the armoury
board.Inside you can get normal crates military crates and sometimes food crates. You can also get multiple crates if they have
not been looted for a long time. As you can see here I am getting multiple
crates. You can also find lots of barrels on the way. you can destroy them. This is a long path but its worth.We have
reached the centre of the tunnel where we can find 2 elite crates. Nice facemask. Next we will goto the laboratory. You should follow this path as you can see
this is the laboratory. Even in lab you can get military crates. As you can see this leads to the sewage entrance
where you can find couple of barrels. Lets go this way we can find more loot crates. And here we are out of the laboratory. This is a dead end. Now lets goto the storage. And if you are lucky sometimes you might also
get 2 elite crates when you coming back. SO make sure you check that. And this is the storage. So we can find normal crates here. and this
leads to the caves SO 1 military crate here and you can farm these nodes if you want. Lots of barrels. The right path goes to the cave entrance that
is the exit and here we get a crate so lets quickly loot it and comeback. Ok normal crate. Multiple crate nice.Now lets get out of the
tunnels using this cave entrance. we need to break this and we are out. Thank you guys for watching, make sure you
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