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MILITARY TRAVEL ADVANTAGES| Back to Arizona [Doug&Marie'sLife S3E46]

MILITARY TRAVEL ADVANTAGES| Back to Arizona [Doug&Marie'sLife S3E46]

oh my gosh look at this this is frozen Wow really fixing your stuff that's new I always fix his stuff he's being a good guy same trauma yeah did you hear that laughs yeah okay it is Thursday tomorrow is the first day of vacation vacation vacation vacation this is it it's Christmas break now we're going back to Rosanna we're going to Arizona we're going to California and we're going to Las Vegas how are we going to Las Vegas no I'm just kidding so I'm having a hard time to pack because I don't know what to bring I don't want to be under dress and I don't want to be overly dressed right now here in Washington it is 40 degrees cold and then when we go to Arizona it's gonna be 70 the weather in Arizona is gonna be descend in 60s if you live here in Washington and then you go to Arizona and if it's 60s it is hot that is one hot dog let's not like this one he says it's just if I'm gonna wear this tomorrow for my neck I wear it this way okay time to pack trade this one now let me see it get that 2012 shirt and this is my panniers a little skirt I still have it in my closet so beautiful today here at the Pacific one said we get to a Phoenix is gonna be all sunny and dogmas gonna be sweating his ass he's already complaining here I brought some sandwiches because we know that we're going to be so hungry this is a long trip because Arizona it's only like two and a half and we've we both are standing yeah this is awesome and it's I know already I'm not gonna are you traveling with military we are lucky here very good privilege that we can board first in the plane three baggage TSA PreCheck so life is really ring again according to paly doing dr. Phoenix the local time is for [Applause] we are so happy that we made it safe here in Phoenix Arizona the slight was grave actually this is a decent flight compared to the other places we took less time with frontier because yeah frontier has cheap cheap berries but it doesn't come in any drink but what are the perks of being a military in traveling there are not so much but there have field privileges like sometimes you will get a discounted military ticket second you will get a free baggage third you have a privilege to get on board first before everybody else for the military personnel they get through TSA PreCheck but not with a spouse and if you are flying from one city to another and you get if you need a rental car or hotel you cannot get military discount as well so those are the privileges of traveling where they're military so now we're gonna go enjoy our family time vacation here with the family [Applause] welcome to Arizona you

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  1. grabe ang lamig na!
    sarap naman! bakasyon na!
    ahahaha ayos ang mga damit ninyo.. ang tagal na pero natabi nyo pa.
    wow ayos naman ng advantages ng military!! nice nice Gizle!

  2. Loving those plane trips! Time to shop for new clothes! Those Doug kisses dog yo! Merry Christmas to you and the whole Manchester fam and your fam too!

  3. yay another great vlog! hahah ang ending … welcome to arizona!😂😂.. Merry Christmas to both of you sis and God Bless!😇💛💚💜👍

  4. Found your comment. Hehe. Oh wow, are you still going to Las Vegas? Its already close to Arizona hehe. I like the priority boarding privileges! So awesome! Nice vlog, definitly subscribing! Merry Christmas!!! ^_^

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Guys Year from (Adelaide Australia) I wish you all the best for 2018.
    Thank you so much for all your support this year you guys have been awesome ….all the best …..Mike

  6. Natawa ako sa bandang huli. "welcome to arizona" he.he. I relate much about military discount and advantages. Thumbs up sis!

  7. Weird question but where did you get you white beanie from? I am stationed at the same place and i love your

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