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Military Tactical Watches – Top 10 Toughest Military G-Shock Watches for Tactical & Outdoors

Military Tactical Watches – Top 10 Toughest Military G-Shock Watches for Tactical & Outdoors

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  1. I love all my G-SHOCK’s my favorite is one that was with me on two deployments survived two IED explosions and numerous fire fights then back state side survived a motorcycle accident too she doesn’t work any more 😭 but I still have her. She is the G-SHOCK GW-300

  2. To me the most tactical watch are those tough solat.. no need to worry about battery power when you are lost in the wilderness

  3. You have one of the best watch reviews on the internet! I really can’t pick a favorite model as I have a bunch of gshocks and I love them all, however, I’m like you, I really prefer the tough solar models. I wish Casio would stop putting 2 year batteries in their watches. I hate the hassle of changing batteries only to find that the watertight integrity is gone. Keep up the excellent videos!

  4. My favorite tactical watch is the Mudman 9300 it's the third carnation master of G Mudman G-Shock oh yeah I have the GW version so I have carbon fiber strap and band keeper.

  5. Hi, a channel dedicated to G-Shock watches ? thumb up of course.
    I own three models : G9100 gulfman, G9000 -1VDR mudman and GA700-1ADR ; all of them are nice to my view but I have the feeling that the gulfman has a slightly thicker strap and bezel so it looks more rugged.
    Thank to your video I know that one of my watches is a tactical model.
    I love my g-shocks as they are sturdy and affordable.

  6. Total G-shocker…thanks bro….thats old model always killing my mind set….by the way thanks for your nice video…always a good video

  7. I love The G-Shock GW5600 Carbon Fiber, it's size perfectly fit on my wrist & atomic time keeping feature always keep you on time

  8. Can anyone identify watch at 1:24 for me? Thanks in advance… Ha, I was curious if my g shock was on the list and it's #1.. it's a great watch that hasn't left my wrist in a year 1/2

  9. I don't own a Mudmaster but i'm a huge fan of Casio wristwatches. I'll buy a Mudmaster when i can afford it. I don't like to wear all metal wristwatches.

  10. I have the gd400 9dr I think that’s what it’s called. it’s olive which is definitely an amazing color. But I know It’s definitely the best watch I have ever had.

  11. I own a white GA 100 in white I love it because of its rugged features and functions I had other fashion watches but they couldn't hold up

  12. I adore my G-steel. It is incredibly accurate. Gains only 4seconds per year!!! AWESOME!!! That works out to gaining 1/100sec per day or 1 minute in 15 years. STUNNING!!!

  13. Jenesis Jones, what a name. In a good way I mean. Sounds like a TV show star… Please do more of these, I love your channel!

  14. Got 3 g-shocks and one of them has Dial hands. not good. 1/3 of The Time you cannot use functions becouse there is no way to read digital display cos hands are blocking view. So not very tactical. But I love My 8900 and 9400 as everyday beaters.

  15. By the way, I want to say that your article is very interesting and interesting, and I love Casio G shock

  16. Ok thanks need to give you some feedback first I own a few g shocks the first one I bought was the original bought in 1990 I had a business called consumer distributors which is no longer in business. Same battery from day one and it’s still going strong , I kid you not . My wife bought me another G shock about 15 years ago . It has futures like would tell you the temperature , which never worked right since it picked up the heat from you wrist … then the band broke and the buttons to change time got pushed in and was not able to set the time . It sits along my first G shock but does not work . End up with a Luminx watch , which I wore for about 3 years until it stopped. Had it fix 2 different times. Now , was told it has something to do with the movement, who knows … it’s down though again . Threw with it .
    Reckon has much as I want one of theses fancier one going back to the original looking one with the dual straps….. thank you so much for your videos Will keep watching


  18. 7 was the closest to what I am looking for but not close enough, Looking for an analog, solar with the ability to replace the band, should be simple but im having a bear of a time finding one

  19. The GD 350 is by far the most underrated g shock ever!!! Not only built to take a beating, the vibration function is must have i.e. Once you have it you can't do without it.. The negative display is also the best by far in the entire g shock range… All this and a 5 year battery! Of all my g shocks (and i own a few) this is my daily driver…. Definitely a killer watch that deserves the number 1 ranking.

  20. The G9000 mudman are a good choice. I prefer the gw6900 for its combination of features, size and looks. To the video, excellent speaking voice and giving details like weight, battery type and lifespan. 🙂

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