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Military Surplus Yugoslavian Mess Kit Product Review

Military Surplus Yugoslavian Mess Kit Product Review

hey everybody will terr here hope you're all doing well today I've got a product review for you what we're gonna be looking at is military surplus which is something I'm always looking at hopefully you like military surplus stuff but what we've got is the Yugoslavian mess kit so what it is I'll show you it comes with the canvas thing on the outside here it's just kind of a canvas little pouch and it's got a snap here now I picked this up for 1495 at Fleet Farm I found them for slightly less than the Internet but then you got to pay for shipping so I thought that was a pretty good deal but anyways what you've got here also is I'll show you first I'll take this out and set this down is you have a little sleeve that holds this cutlery on the side so first off I'll show you that and what you've got here is it's all together as you can see and what it does is it slides out of this and this has a can opener on it or I guess a bottle opener if you're drinking beer out in the woods or whatever so but then it's got the fork and your spoon here and what these guys are is they're there I mean these are serious cutlery here it's you know not going to bend when you're using it it's actually a lot more sturdy than your standard spoon that you'd use at home so anyways I put the fork on the outside it seems to work better for me but you slide this right back in here and there it is put that over here then we'll talk take a look at this and it just pulls right out of there here's your in offices one of the problems I have with this kit which other than this I'm going to take it back and get a different one because I'm sure they're still there they've been there for a long time but I'm going to return this item and get another one just like it or similar to it so I'm not really knocking the product I'm planning on exchanging it I should say not returning it exchanging it because this I must have a defective one because no matter even if I push down on it and try to get this thing off of here it's like almost impossible for it to open so major problem if you're ordering it on the Internet better make sure you can return it I haven't seen this problem before but it's me I have luck like that if it's going to be a defective one I'm gonna probably be one together so what I will still show you this product but what I have to do is I mean it's really on there I can't even pull it off like that so I have to take this pop it off not good about that but this comes down otherwise normally would go back up and it would latch it into place and hold it there so this comes down then you can take this top off this side well now they'd really jammed it on there so this comes off you have a cup plastic cup CNN you could put you know whatever you're cooking into this afterwards so so that goes right on top set that down then you got this little guy little cup here goes on top of that this would be good I don't know for drinking out of I suppose I was sharing with somebody maybe I don't know but that's this little guy here and so this canteen here this is considered a 1 litre canteen so approximately I don't know 33 ounces 32 ounces something like that can do the math but it opens up and let me tell you – when I picked this up it had a funky smell in here because I think it's been sitting around for so long and there's some odor coming out of this I would not want to put water in right away and start drinking it because it probably not taste very good so what I did was I put some soap in there and I switched it around and I let it sit overnight hoping it would get that smell away and it still kind of smells funky like something that's been sitting around for a really long time and so then I put it through the washing machine thought maybe that would help but it actually it still has this kind of old order to it which I would not want to put water in there just yet I'm gonna still try to clean it out a little bit more so there's that so that just twists right back on so take a look at this here's your cup which is very your your pot that you'd cook in so you can put whatever food and then your water put this right over the campfire you know or stove or whatever you got and let it heat up that way so take a look at that so and one of the neat features I called it meat but it's and it goes like this you can put that on there and hold both of these I really can't think of a use where you'd actually use this but somebody will so it's just for whatever convenience so alright well there's the Yugoslavian mess kit by the power of editing I got this back I measured it you got seven and a half inches tall this way you got five inches wide this way okay then you've got four inches this way that gives you a good idea of the size of this thing so you could put it in your pack and I'm at room it's going to take up my overall impression of the Yugoslavian mess kit is I do like it I like the fact that it comes with this metal container with the handle that you can use for cooking like it's got several different plastic cups in there I also like how it all kind of holds itself together it's compact and you could put it in your your pack fairly easily those are things I like about it what I don't like about it is that I did end up getting a defective one I probably should have looked at a little closer when I before I bought it I looked in a couple different ones I found one that has the least amount of dents on it and scratches and stuff and I bought it I forgot to look at the fact that it didn't open so with that also it does smell a little bit funky so you're gonna want to clean it out before you use it and you're not gonna be able to put water in it right away but other than that and it gets a really good product and I'm definitely going to go and exchange it for a different one and start using this in my pack hey everybody quick update on this I did go back to Fleet Farm and I exchanged it for a different one so this one is a different one check it out opens up quite nicely and so I'm happy with that and always like and subscribe to my channel got some new stuff coming up phew philosophy videos maybe a few other product reviews all right thanks for watching filter out

Reader Comments

  1. Just bought two of these kits and same issues opening lid glad I've read the comments. Water bottle after washing and sterilisation I put mint mouth wash in with cold water for 24 hours and gets rid of the smell.

  2. U have the lid on wrong. Thats why its so hard to open. Ur gonna bend and break the handle. Its not defective. Take the top plastic cup off and turn it around

  3. baking soda and vinegar, manly the baking soda it works pretty well for all sorts of things, like canteens or even surplus products like rucksacks cloths etc in the wash, baking soda does pretty well at absorbing or removing the weird stuff

  4. ?? You shouldn't put drinking water right away in any water bottle/canteen if it appears new or not, how do you know the conditions it was stored in after manufacture or during transport? Vials disease from rats or mice urinating in the vicinity of the bottles only has to catch you out once. Once the whole bottle is disinfected soda crystals will ''sweeten'' it if left to soak in it overnight, like bicarb it might take more than one time. Don't use soda crystals or bicarb with metals.

  5. ah man, you could save your self a trip and hassle if you just straightened a top part of the handle for just a little and release tension on the top of the plastic lead 🙂 and of course, that notch on the plastic goes opposite from the handle. btw, that setup where you attach plastic to the handle is for ease of handling two food containers till you hold spoon or fork and/or going trough the chow line and in aluminum container is main dish, plastic is a side dish and small cup is for tea/juice/milk etc… so two hands 3 containers held.
    most of those kits are used just once per year for couple of the days during the field part of the soldier service. never used to cook in them. always there is field kitchen and those were just food containers.

    if there is a funky smell in the water bottle, that can be clue that some alcohol was smuggled by soldiers, like home made plum "rakija", best place to hide it from the officers :))) tricky part was to explain why you are looking for water somewhere aside and your water bottle is full… 😛

  6. The problem you have with lid not closins is that you are useing wrong side just try to flip lid on another side thats how i fixed mine

  7. By the way, I used a hexi cube with it once. It burned the enamel. I bought a new one because I like it so much.

  8. To get the smell out of the canteen I alternated between vinegar/water and baking soda. I think it took four treatments before I was okay with it.

    This is a great mess kit. Very versatile. The KFS alone is worth the price. And the shape means it packs well in my ruck. Recommended.

  9. You know that when you first showed the kit the folding handle was jammed closed on the wrong side. I don't know for sure if that has anything to do with your difficulty. Oh well, you got a new one.

  10. The reason the to containers hook together is to allow soldiers to go through the chow line. The plastic bowl is for the potatos and the metal bowl/pot is for the meat.

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