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Military Surplus – Mosin Nagant Type 53 – Shooting This Classic Carbine

Military Surplus – Mosin Nagant Type 53  –  Shooting This Classic Carbine

hey guys today we're gonna take a look at a needle rifle this is the most in the gun it's an old Russian design came out in 1891 so we're gonna take a quick look at it we'll go over the cartridge real quick and then do some long-range shooting and in my grandson and I we're just going to put some rounds through this and just have some fun with it now this does shoot the 762 by 54r which is this baby right here this is equivalent to roughly to 308 maybe the 30.6 depending on on what grain you're shooting today we're going to shoot old Russian military surplus ammo this is 147 grain full-metal-jacket so you know what let's uh let's take a quick look and we'll do some shooting now the stock on this does look a little rough but it's actually in pretty good shape really just a fun rifle to shoot it's got very good sights on it does have the evil bayonet and of course the rear sights adjustable again this is a model 53 a Chinese version uses a five-round internal magazine the gun actually comes apart very easy including the boat you don't need any any tools we'll take the bolt apart all right let's go shoot this bad boy then loader up okay so you can hit that square rock try it again not bad you just barely missed it how was that doesn't kick too bad does it no go ahead shoot it again there you go pop that out nice and hard you know if you're looking for a good surplus military rifle you might consider the most on the gun really a excellent rifle a couple of things I want to go over real quick if you decide to pick one up check the stock make sure there's no crack in it because the gun does have a little recoil and if there's a crack in the stock it's just going to be nothing but trouble for you and two you want to check the bore now all these military surplus they all have dark bores which shouldn't be a problem what you want to look for is pitting some real light fittings not gonna hurt the accuracy heavy pitting yeah you want to pass on that rifle and I know some guys are gonna say well you want all the numbers to match – well you can get all the numbers of match that's a good thing but on this rifle here everything matches except for the bolt and as you've seen in the video the rifle is very accurate I've put about 150 rounds through it I haven't had one problem with it so you know if a few parts don't match it really shouldn't be no big deal excellent design been around a long time they run 100 hundred fifty bucks excellent gun get you one we'll see you guys next time

Reader Comments

  1. Of course you missed that square rock! Your bayonet was not extended! This gun was always zeroed in with the bayonet extended.

  2. I also picked up a 1956 Chinese Type 53. I prefer it to my 91/30. Shorter, less recoil (less barrel, almost the same weight), and a nice muzzle flash in low light. It also looks like it's been around the block a few times. I wonder where?

  3. I have a 1954 Chinese Type 53 rifle that I bought about 5 years ago for $115 & it was rough & full of cosmoline. I fully stripped & cleaned everything & it's a great shooter. *My Chinese Type 53 is easily the loudest rifle on the range, I always get some guy who will walk down to my table & say "Alright who's got the cannon down here"?

  4. REMOVE THAT BAYONET and all bayonet lugs from your ars and m 1s……….Those make a rifle VERY dangerous>>>>>>>>>>Feinstein and Reid and the rest of them told us that already. LOOLLLLLL

  5. What a beutiful memory i have of my grandpa's shooting his 22 winchester pump ,your grandson will always remember those moment s and he will tell his children one day God bless you

  6. If I ever get a good mosin Nagant I would probably throw in a ATI stock and a good scope mount and scope that would make a great little rig for cheap price

  7. It's good to see that other people can appreciate the T53 and I'm happy for you in being able to share the experience with your grandson. Now if I can only my granddaughter interested in shooting. 😉

  8. Awesome video Mixup98 as always never fail . I love my M44 possibly one of the funnest bolt guns I've ever shot . Let's just say It puts a wammy on opossums and groundhogs . Cheers , till next time take care !! 

  9. I have tw M-44 Mosin's and two 91/30's all WW II Issue years and all matching numbers.  Ton of fun to shoot, the shorter ones like this Type 53, the long ones are only ok to play around with.  To long and to heavy.  I love how the M-44 make a percussion blast that can knock 3/4 empty soda cans over if their within a couple feet of the muzzle when firing, wicket awesome.  Cleaning the barrels it a B thanks to that salty corrosive surplus ammo.  Great video my friend, keep c'hootin

  10. Great rifles. Of all the guns that have come and gone, AK's, SKS's, AR's and a plethora of of other rifles, shotguns and handguns, my Mosin is the ONLY one that has stayed! I refuse to get rid of it.

  11. Excellent video as usual ! Watch out Carol (amc Walking Dead) There is a new kid in town & he shoots real ammunition! MIKE…Finally someone on YouTube that knows how to use a sling properly ! ! ! Love the old surplus rifles, lots of history & nostalgia ! You can't go wrong for $150. Nice Mosen Mike 😀

  12. I bought mine about a month ago. Got some ammo at, close to $100 (with shipping) for 440 rounds!

    I like your videos, keep 'em coming!!

  13. I really do want a Mosin Nagant, But I can also see that you need to ship that one to me so I can go over it and refurbish it and get it all shined up, etc. I will get it back to you in about 25 years and it will be better than new.

  14. I have a Russian model 91/30 , its a Tula , made in 1938 ….fun to shoot .  is a web site that tells you everything you might want to know about the Mosin Nagant , that how I was able to identify some of the markings on mine .

  15. They are great guns for the money but that Russian ammo will shoot right through the bad guy through the wall and put innocent people in danger, better to use a shot gun for home defense.

  16. Have a 91/31 and a 91/59. My girlfriends son has fallen in love with them and my MAK 90 as well. When the price is right on ammo, we go out and have a lot of fun.

  17. Nice old gun.  I'm going to have to get one if I can find one here in CA.  Last fall I visited Cabelas in Washington State and they had a rack full of a dozen or more nice examples.  Of course that store had lots of other things I could not bring home with me.  30 round Ruger 10-22 magazines for example…

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