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Military Style .50 cal M2A1 Ammo Can from Harbor Freight – Item 63181

Military Style .50 cal M2A1 Ammo Can from Harbor Freight – Item 63181

that was him a local Harbor Freight today I saw this I was a little shocked you know Harbor Freight always had the little ammo cans for him for about $4.99 typically but they're plastic they're kind of junk in my opinion so when I came across this metal copy of an old 50 Cal US military m2a1 ammo can I picked it up and it felt as a man that feels like the real thing so it came home picked up one of my real things and sure enough it actually weighs I haven't put it on scale but it feels just like it not only that but the colors even proper because you know everyone started or not everyone a lot of companies have started importing these little Chinese copies Walmart has this one called the stout stuff it's a little flimsy er on the side walls they're a little floppy but it's an okay can for the $12.83 you pay for it but it's kind of a Chinese green Chinese military green not the old GI color green that we're all used to Gander Mountain has one again it's lightweight academy has one that's lightweight so this one to be of the same weight as this old original I was really shocked at that but not only that anyone that's ever opened the old original ammo cans you know the smell you just get that smell we don't get that on the Chinese knockoffs when I opened this there's you don't get overwhelmed with it by it like you do with an actual US military ammo can but there's definitely a faint trace of that smell which I don't know if it's sealing or what but I was really impressed by it it's also impressed when I look down in here and you can see the sealant on the edges I mean that's really good but look at that seal this seal is as thick I mean it's considerably thicker than the style stuff one looks just like a military ammo concealed feels like a good quality rubber was really impressed with that Plus don't know if I've already shown this but I'll show it again it actually has stepping on the back m2a1 similar to the actual US mo cam so very impressed with this mo can so I'm going to take a pick this one up because it just so happened that picked up some 22 mo over the course of the last couple of weeks and I ran out of ammo cans to store it in so I'm going to stick all this in here throw in a couple of extra silica gel packets and I'll be good to go again this is the military-style mo can 50 Cal m2a1 I don't number six three one eight one from Harbor Freight use a 20% off coupon you can get it for $12 and 79 cents I think this is a pretty good buy thanks for watching everyone have a great day get it all in and I have plenty of room of course then I realized that I had this and I had this that I didn't factor in so gonna head to Harbor Freight pick up another one

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  1. Walmart has some for like 10$
    They work great. I don’t know what this dude is talking about flimsy. Mine are all beat up and they are still going strong.

  2. Hey for your info about the paint color at walmart they carry a Rustoleum Camouflage spray paint Deep Forest Green It matches my real .30 ammo cans perfect im sure the .50 cal is the same color incase u ever needed to repaint them

  3. How do you like that 22 ammo? Im thinking of buying somebfor my 10/22. Thanks for the review on the ammo can, ill biy a few if i can find a coupon👍👍

  4. An ammo can made in China to US Military specification is just a less expensive ammo can. I would encourage shooters to buy as many as they need (and can afford) [$20-$30 for used mil. spec. cans or $5 -$16 for new Chinese cans]

  5. Bought one a few weeks ago for intentions of making a gun car safe..I did build the safe and 100 percent much I purchased another one today…and will keep purchasing more as long as they have them..

  6. I have these too… good stuff. When i was in the marines we were using 50 cal ammo from WWII. The metal can is loaded with ammo. And formaldehyde. Then that is sealed in a foil type wrapper with more formaldehyde… then packed in a wooden crate. We had to open everything outside the aircraft because if we opened them once in flight it would make people not used to the smell sick. Sometimes i would open one if someone was onboard i didnt like… lol… so thats the smell for old ones God Bless

  7. You're right. The Stout Stuff Walmart ammo cans ARE flimsy. I received two of them and they were severely dented at the front top seam and the lids would not close properly. Stout Stuff cans are complete garbage. Cheap sheet metal and rubber.

  8. Walmart sells this exact same high quality ammo can (without that big white sticker) for about $12.89 no coupon needed

  9. I bought one a few days ago ..It is a nice hefty can with a great seal on the lid and the color is the dark green that I like ..I had a cheapo brand that was a lighter green and it was flimsy made

  10. Thank you for sharing the video,I have one as a small tool box at work with the plastic dividers inside and I love it,is just like the military one but a fracture of the price…

  11. I just bought one of the Walmart Cans and had high hopes on getting one of these Harbor Freight cans once I saw this video but then when I went to Harbor freights site and saw it was $3 more….the color green on it isn't that important to me….they both look like very nice cans but $3 is $3!

  12. I was at Costo yesterday.  They had the .50 and the .30 inside for $14.99.  No brainer as I bought 3.

  13. Cosco had the 50 cal plus 30 cal inside for $19.99 then dropped price to $15.50 the raised it back $19.99 then dropped it to $18.99.Bought two more at that price. Cosco is the place two into one special if you got that card……..

  14. Wake up fellow Americans,Chinese indirectly invade US of A.via Horror freight.Addict them and slave them ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  15. I saw a pallet of them at Costco last week. I took it for granted they were Wing Wang junk so I didn't even look at them. I may go back now for another look. 👍

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