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Military Style 24 Hour Ration pack

Military Style 24 Hour Ration pack

how we doing folks Cheers so yes
this is what you got in there so where’s this 24-hour ration pack box number 14
box on the 14 property of MOD yeah I think we’re gonna get a few
comments on how I even purchased this indigenous yeah but they’re available right so what do we have
Hot Diggity Dog ziggity John I don’t have to do both but I only do one of
those and also its vast resources well I think if they put both in or do warm in
the other purifying tablets windproof cement or as much I think that war proof
as well actually right Walker there might be water proof as well Limpy quote
me on that oh yeah yeah we get make sure we get storm on sticking you all right
thank and still goes out yeah coffee in there
sugar sugar three fans have a spoon or spork back for rubbish
alcohol-free antibacterial wipes spoon instant coffee what imagine creamers
knows you’ve got four full cream yep the two types of instant coffee
on to tuber nescafé ROM bounce never heard of actual water purified they not
save a little money though it’s like why put in two different teabags and two
different lists won’t you just over teabags and I remember Russian packs
being like this it’s because this is current and you’re probably thinking of
the 17th personally I’m not a tofu fan I’m sure a lot of you agree that
watching this that your QT is the best strong mint sugar free gum with
sweetener see in the other ones you’ve got you
actually got some of the is it called v6 it’s very similar to this it kind of
cleaning teeth at the same time all important tissues tissues you’ve got a
thing back in what we’ve said before router bunkers are not the road to be honest it’s got quite a quite a lot yeah
all my milk cherry flavored bold sweets I’m not sure if the energy based as our
mayor said 10 minutes ago that’s what you do the balls read and II produced in Poland Oh they must be good thing is a vitamin
look I’ve got vitamin C black carrot juice okay this product may contain soya
and milk soya milk quite a lot of energy no fat no saturates no fat will be
saturated bad no Richmond see it’s like sealed in one bag and they’re sealed in
individual bags yeah goin down fite always gettin pretty chilly these are
these biscuits please see the biscuits I used to get we’re in a green bag like
this material but the biscuits were rectangle when I was in the army fact
the number on the box there must have something like that without production
date Oh 717 dark chocolate chip Oh biscuits Christ they send drinks yes
production dates may 20 2008 not got many years left although but
with some reason why it circulates now here is a menu from menu 11 V which is
the vegetarian option all the way down to menu 20 that’s quite handy and then
we haven’t got warm 210 that’s quite good position to spleen you’ve even got
a feedback and prize draw entry form let’s say you get monthly pack which
will when a lifetime supply ration pack in
there yes we got quite a lot in this just reading down this so most most of this is beyond the
beaten track sir yeah surah bakra keys and Queen flight menu 30 no no we
haven’t put instead your Terry and all those vectors it’s like well surely if
you’re vegetarian Saito’s Annette Annette and beans mixed up into the big vegetarian breakfast yeah that sounds
good to me no not for me
oh I’m with Chris on this one anything that puts me off his bloody um
vegetarian sausages rubber absolutely wrong oh yes it’s mixed root puree 2020
else we got that’s the energy drink fruit flavored energy drink powder so
you add this to water it’s like my fingers a slang name for this which I
believe is red screech right it’s beta da oculus Susan and running is
to keep the electrolytes keep them all flying folks let us know if I’ve got
that bit wrong there about squeaks I’m sure it’s a slang name for this this one
Paul sunshade there’s half a liter of water half a liter and we’ve got another one so Cola fiber
drink powder with sugar sweetened soda flavors I think I doubt that sparkling
so this is the same thing fix contents with half a liter water or 500
millilitres there we go there’s a third one so a tutti fruity drink powder with
sugar and sweetness – Shruti used to drink isn’t it I mean that’s what great
for and you got to coffee one of these orange so I’m gonna let you guys find
out why not drink enough of these to figure that out myself
right so yeah that’s the same universe awfully through water now I’m glad to
see this because I haven’t had number 14 before I’ll take it first
peanuts Mexican sweet chilli peanuts even better now I’m even more happier
Wow how do you feel quite peanut they pulled it yes you’re never peanuts we’ve
got in the van as the backpacks so yeah good will not open that one see this is
what I mean this is probably why you’ve got that a slight cuz that’s December so
the army aren’t going to keep stuff there’s that close to you know Leslie
year on it so if you got it sitting there where else it’s better to sell it
off for surplus you need to be stopped without to stop again that’ll be a lot
take it well okay one for the American fans we’ve got here and now I’m not
really a fan officer do apologize but so what you’re not a fan of Americans no
you’re not a fan of that not a fan of peanut butter
no northern work now or not it’s a reason I love peanuts but I can’t eat
peanut boy just sticks to the palate of my mouth from the pits just know that in
there it’s really like liquidy out there and down the bottom it’s really solid
you go remember it’s been sat like that you can have that Chris well I think we
should try it I’m not I don’t we not a big fan either
well I think we should try it so I’ve found something even more special here
gold and gems it is for me those of you are a fan of Terry’s chocolate orange we
have a hot chocolate orange seriously yeah that makes half a liter of hot
chocolate okay you don’t actually get any sort of
you get this cream yeah you get the creamer – the powdered form isn’t it
you put that in with it and that says you milk that dissolves you’re going to
frost it up a little bit it’s not it’s not over this then I mean this then you
obviously just add this to water and that’s that
you would do like normal cameras all like on the day because I like to make
it a little bit cooler before I add my my family drinkwise I can’t remember how many
calories it is per day this is that rule if you lived on these when we’re
exploring are we just turned up really fat no Calandra meat miles all week
you’re gonna burn this this is this is a 24-hour ration pack for one person yeah
so you’re you’re on the field burning all our energy you need to replace that
so that’s what we need we need that but we don’t we’re not really running around
to do marathons no this this would probably if you had this room you could
probably get two days out of this the one fucking some sausage rolls and
pasties choosing the new rolls every day a lot so what we’ve got here you may not
like but this is tuna in like mayonnaise that’s gonna be ready for a long time if
this doesn’t go back with you that’s gone that’s still be in the box
the thing is all this what I’m thinking we don’t I mean if this idea sleeve see
if the fans out there water – we’ll try all these different things all the
difference because it’s what ten different boxes you can get those xx
there’s many different boxes yet so we can try all these different things and
then on camera you know try it and tell people I’m there
well no but what I was gonna say is when we go places we go different people so
there’s going to be like for example a vegetarian there’s gonna be a lot of
stuff no you know you don’t exactly so maybe this can be the start of helping
in and Chris out here by providing kind of samples of this or whole boxes even
to take away and use only the course it explores obviously there’s lots and lots
and lots of stuff we do behind the scenes behind the camera yeah yeah you
know different countries we’re trying out your store out and all that jazz you
know okay send it to our player box which I
think some of IANS house next door right so onto main meals
so this is the one this is what I get because it’s a sausage run it’s this
like eating baby food now you’ll be surprised I wasn’t in the army
this is this is why I said I wanted to film the contents because it’s got me a
lot of other people out there like me who think that’s a good idea
we have no idea what’s even in it you see go back in the bound I’m quite a
keen Hill Walker I like to get outdoors and do whatever I’m doing I like to go
and explore go out walk in mountain biking whatever I usually take you know
some of these with me it’s just easy and convenient to you know you stop rip it
open you can see it’s your preference if you will like it hot or cold and for me
I don’t care some easy like that but this is convenient is here how do you
what do you do just bung that in hot water I’m sure watching Grant all the other
time and they were living on vegetarian ones of these and you can just get in or
you can just get the mess tomb lifted open and pour the contents it’s
tichelman when I was in the Army when I was in the Army Cadets
depends if you’re gonna eat you back out that way when I was in the Army army
cadets 37 when I was in the army the army could is
with 24-hour ration pack on the field I’m sure it come of a hexie burden some
countries do still have the hexa burners yes but we don’t I’m sure it did not
show me now have them check boil things don’t lie for boiling water yes I
believe so I would assume if you’ve got one of
those this is me guessing you could actually see that’s the thing with the
British ones they don’t avoid anything to heat this up with there’s no heat
source but in countries like is this the Swedish warm I think we have firm the
Swedish one will you tell us folks yeah you guys know I know in some of the
colder climates they’re Russian packs they have sources of heat in the pack
itself chicken sausage and beans chicken
sausages if anyone like steam hot dogs that’s
literally that certainly never read the ingredients for a tin hot dog well have
you got for tonight and especially the British make one so what you think you
know I’m just if you didn’t read it first and you felt it so you get an
extra spectacle tonight by having a little baby lambs in the background
folks sorry folks see the planes plane chase there’s
always one isn’t there always one this is when you fall team yeah right absolutely snicker so chicken sausage
and beans yeah that was so cute sorry about that folks
I love the enemy he’s intolerant but it does set the bottom big letters this is
subject to change yeah so let’s see what else you put what other my Mills of you
may use now you tell me first you so they’d you terian pester okay
maybe and Lam Rogan Josh okay that’s that’s not that really bad then
advertise the fact that one of the brothers is in the box yeah yeah you
just you won’t show him you watch your fingers everyone naturally goes over into that
bag now when you consider what don’t you stick your fingers in the fence this is
like nature would I guess looking on eating yeah too far too busy sure who’s that
nope you Oh mommy’s coming over now well mommy was one that shot them over
it no little spring lamb jump around we got next vegetarian pasta with beans in
tomato sauce I see a pattern forming here with
everything that’s been your beans dude they’re after don’t you know I’m having
it and last before pudding or dessert or wherever in the world you come from and
when you call it is Lam Rogan Josh what beef beef Rogan Josh beef lamb roast
beef skull tomatoes to speak about immigration so it’s two main meals it’s
oh yeah three minutes last three main meals yeah
you’ve got through there oh yeah beeps I mean what is his energy level we’ll have
to look at something else and see the energy level on something normal no but
scroll doesn’t really get much in it did you get full team because it’s not the
biggest big no I just picked 14 because it had a four in who are than them
before difference 14 is like that big 13 has four items if you’re vegetarian you
know I don’t have anything Levin like you know it’s we’re struggling 11v
budget I didn’t know what I was picking up because I don’t keep those reefs are
just you know we slightly know suppose you’ve on eBay and that you want to
check what numbers you usually do it’s a list actually the vegetarian one all you
get is an all-day breakfast a vegetarian hot pepper sauce lemon flavored drink
and tropical tropical Cola and great food drink so all you actually get is an
all-day breakfast yeah they’re not like many options to the old beds no this one’s been made in the USA in
Statesville beautiful it’ll be made in the same sort of place me and they’re
just going once supply for the lot you know there’s several different supplies that’s good that like like Thai food
being probably the most popular English tea tea bad brand
I don’t like tofu I don’t want PG tipps either I’ll be
your team is up it’s so sad anyway last but not least dessert anyway
last but not least for dessert we have a blueberry turnovers that’s it so there’s
quite a lot there for 24 hours yes yeah I believe they’re supposed to be around
5,000 calories on you know I believe it yeah so the ones already out here
what would you start with because you’re gonna have to try it all I’m not trying
that soon all right the lamb Raven you’re thinking no you got 12 I’m not
trying to shooter me all the time between them we try it all but we’re
gonna forget the truth there so this is what you get – those I bought those just
in case we were gonna crack any of these open definitely cracking out there tuna
and you also get a spork as well now I would like to test the quality of this
leg because it’s not really thin so as you go most of it is liquefied though
isn’t it yeah Oh personally I
funny failure that most the main wheels are just going to look like baby food
out the day yeah but it’s gonna keep going on the go yeah hmm CRC stuff
advertised but to be on the beaten track believe you can pick up food in the form
of this like shops in the UK like go outdoors outdoorsy chops I know they say
I was off the shelf in Burnley but they do get quite expensive because these can
be anywhere between what two and a half and five pounds each just of that
without anything else so money by the people selling just the
moon but maybe this can you know maybe be the start something you know if
there’s any international fans that know you want to send any of this home for
the guys hmm try it maybe do it boys like fish
yeah you could save those up and pass them my wings for Montuna what send
anything I don’t like it was awesome that’s it it obviously the packaging lot
these packages have been tampered with won’t be touching them so now I’d
already pre open this box but not have a look at the contents just for easy
access and yeah thank you very much bin it’s been a great weekend just again
yeah certainly nice yeah rings good yeah
you know it’s fine to not over the to nights always welcome up here anytime
indeed well all of our followers yeah not all at the same time so where are we in an undisclosed location

Reader Comments

  1. Excellent video folks! I reckon you blokes should do a taste test of it all. But in a REAL WORLD condition, maybe on your next explore… Would make an awesome video as most MRE reviews are cooked on a kitchen table…

  2. I see ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ &๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿbaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜

  3. Bacon and beans are best along with sticky toffee pudding, Plain brown biscuits lol hexie burner and mess tins i brought myself but they were handed out

  4. In the US M.R.E's the heated meals come with a long plastic bag with some kind of chemical compound.
    The Meal's box is opened & the heat sachet is slid down next to the meal sachet, then the heater sachet is filled with (from memory) 350-ish mL of water (or a water like substance) & then left for a few minutes in a semi-upright position & preferably a cloth/towel of some kind wrapped around for insulation.
    It is MOST important to keep well away from a naked flame as the process gives off Hydrogen in a rather abundant fashion!
    From what I seen they were MUCH better than the Australian equivalent of the time (early 2000's)

  5. Some British ones have self heating bags that you just open and it starts getting hot some chemical reaction in a bag., I'm sure some boxes come with the hex burners also …

  6. What a lovely place listening to all the wildlife ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ yes Yorkshire tea is the best ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ xxxxx

  7. Awwww the lambs …. love the black ones and the last one bless super cute this why I donโ€™t eat lamb ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  8. I'm so sorry, a couple of weeks ago I had to eat these things for 8 days. The grass started to look like a Gourmet meal at that point.

  9. When I was in the army cadets all the ration packs we got did not come with a hex burner they where different pack

  10. Im with Chris on this never had any of those I watch a guy named crazy Russian hacker he test them from all over the world would love to try them out but no clue how or where to get one just wish u guys would have tryed them Chris u would get a shock about what the food is like from the vids I have seen it looks like normal food not baby food that fruit pouch is like apple sauce in it

  11. Where is my pint lads, you sit me on the edge of the table and you didn't offer me a pint, common lads get it together. mine's a guinness please. Thanks.

  12. The biscuits you mentioned at 4:39 were 'Biscuits Brown' – they were perfect to stop you needing a s*** for a few days.

    The powdered orange juice drink had the complete opposite effect. Legend had it the Russians planned to invade on the third day of a conflict whilst everyone was in the heads.

  13. Hmm, never thought I'd say this, but I prefer the older packs that had the biscuits brown and bacon burgers. The old boiled sweets were amazingly sour and you got a pack of PK chewing gum ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Eat to live, not live to eat. When in the field, during hostile conditions, you eat when the opportunity presents itself. During convoy duty, I always had a canteen of pre sweetened Kool-Aid, sent by family. US military C Rations were quite crude compared to today's rations

  15. Oh the memories this brings back! Saying that its changed a hell of a lot since i was in, what i wouldn't have given for a bag of peanuts on exercise! By the way screech was slang for a lime juice powder drink no one was entirely sure of its contents but the idea was that it was supposed to have some sort of anti scurvy effect, again its not really possible to tell if it ever had an effect.
    Americans have the MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) which very quickly got referred to as 'meals rejected by Ethiopians' ๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. I would willingly try out the ration packs. The contents will be vastly different to the bland fare we had back in the day. We had menus A to E; they later added F. We had hex burners originally, but then came the "new-fangled" self-heating meals, which took up less space and less time. Obviously, a member of the military would be using far more calories than a civilian, so the higher calorie count is justified. Great video. All quality controlled by the woolly gems in the background. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Brought back memories this did when I was in the army for 10 years, oh how I miss eating rations in a cold dirty fox hole haha. NOT

  18. The ration packs in my day were a bit different. No tea bags for a start. Also the menus were A to E(?). Corned beef hash was awesome, as was the some kind of chocolate pudding that was in there. The smell of hexy stoves is unforgettable. I liked the boiled sweets too.

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