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Military Sleep System

Military Sleep System

they need to hear top-line training I just went to the gun show today and I will show you what I picked up real quick cuz I picked up this four-piece modular US Army sleep system it has babysat woodland camo it has the heavy bag the black today that's the summer bed the green bag and it has compression case or sack that goes with it as well I got this whole setup and has an excellent condition excellent not even a moose any loose stitching I got this whole thing for 70 bucks that may I'm sure there may be maybe I'll find it for a little cheaper but everywhere I would love to spring like on eBay you're talking 150 another so when a guy he actually wants 80 bucks one I've got him down to 70 so I'm sure he paid less however you know he was the dealer so I and he wanted it but anyway for 70 bucks I got an ultimate sleep system here for the most part the like think I may be sad about until you do it now this I don't know what the degree is on this heavy bag you know I'm not even going to try to read this without my glasses but I know it was kind of cool when I was in the army most I'm going this you need to breathe but they've been exact and the upon cha liner as well but because this thing was just too big walking but you can actually tighten this thing up pretty good not a big bug but you know part of my body was in very excited about this you'll see it out on the trail real soon yeah ed top-of-the-line training there's been a quick gun show pretty nice face military modular system stuff sack lightweight bag heavy weight bag and of course as you don't know lightweight bag can go inside that heavy weight bag they even give it more insulation and of course gore-tex business at once again Ted Koppel on train hope you toward the video please subscribe to the channel I'll be back with more videos soon as I can do since I'm getting done

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  1. Looks like you scored yourself a real bargain there buddy. How much does the whole system weigh? All the best. Ade.

  2. hey ed that is a great buy the system is causing a bit of intrest here in the uk but the postage is a killer but a great system atb alb

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