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Military RET. Exposes US Debt Default!

Military RET. Exposes US Debt Default!

Ending talks with my retired military source,
also an active free mason, who has spent 30 years active duty in the field, retired a
mid grade NCO and is highly decorated, I have learned some very important information on
the countries current policies and operations. Understanding that the plan all along was
to play the “negotiations” to resolving our debt payment to other countries, the solutions
can and will go one of two different ways. Either the house and senate will pass a legislation
that boosts back governmental power until January or February, or the United States
will default. Either way is unavoidable, and will happen with its own negative outcome.
If we do default, the stock market will take a devastating blow across the board, the dollar
will lose at least 40% of its value and milk, food, gas, oil and living costs will skyrocket
to extremes we have never imagined. OR, if the house and senate do “pass the legislation”
to boost the debt ceiling and reopen the government for now, no resolution will have taken place
AND the future meeting to resolve this will happen with that much more stress and importance,
because no one has worked to solve the problems at hand, just sweep them under the rug until
someone has to answer for their faults later down the road. Although popular speculation
is that Obama care is the reasoning behind this, this is only HALF of the reason. Unable
to tell me too much, he did share that several countries have (more than likely) contacted
the USA and decided to stop depending on our currency, due to inability to function diplomatically,
politically and financially. This would have identical circumstances to what we are seeing
now. On either front that we charge, we the people
are the only ones feeling the immediate impact. When the U S defaults, the wrold currency
will crash, causing uprise worldwide, however, not as bad as we will see it here at home.
I wish I could say that this was all speculation, but the facts are all around you. People listening
to nothing but mainstream garbage will scold the ones who oppose their opinions, although
time and time again, alternative media has proven to be the most accurate and silenced.
The government will call anyone who watches, listens to or believes any alternative media
source crazy, extreme and a terrorist. Why? One simple reason: America is waking up fast
and strong. They cannot sneak scraps under the table any longer, and now it is time to
kick plans into warp speed to accomplish their agendas. Ending talks with him, he sounded
more serious to me in this last segment today than he has all week. How himself and I operate,
we joke, talk, then he finishes with telling me the most important facts of all.
His final warning on this talk is “Beware of the coming dangers. Be them days away or
4 months away, the fall of our system, crumbling of our government and end to public order
IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Prepare now, while you still can. Understand that things have been
too bad for too long, and be it tonight, tomorrow, 4 months or more away, the end is coming to
civilized operations here on our soil. Financial, political and social uprising will devistate
our everyday way of life, so just make sure you are alert and aware to what is biblical
and obvious both. You cannot keep driving when your vehicle is on fumes, and our country
is below E.” Preparedness is awareness, and awareness is preparedness. Protect yourselves
financially, physically and spiritually. A trial for all of us is on the front, and although
we would like to believe this is just a dream, we are all wide awake.

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