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Military police training

Military police training

[♪techno music playing♪] [gun firing] This is the Army Today. Military Police test their limits during a 3-day exercise. Sergeant Monique Sapp was there. [soldier grunting] It’s a 200-pound tire. The inmates have barricaded a door, something you need to breach, and you need to use your physical strength and stamina to push those items out of the way. We give them the scenario that this field scenario is a facility riot. Let’s go! Low crawls, which would simulate visibility issues. You might have prisoners that set fires where you might need to get low, but we still have to secure those prisoners–custody and control of those inmates. Okay. You’re moving him through an obstacle within a confinement facility, replicating a riot control situation, all right? One of the obstacles we have set up is a camouflage netting, and it’s kind of low where they actually have to come up with some kind of plan to get that casualty through that obstacle without further damaging that casualty. This station is called the ORDR, which is Observation Report, Disciplinary Report. What they do is they watch a video of a simulated situation that we created inside the jail, and they have to decide what happened and write down specifically on the paperwork– make it accurately and what they feel happens, and that simulates stuff we do on an everyday basis. Stop. Put your pencils down. [whistle blowing] We’ve got young sergeants, we’ve got senior specialists that are soon to be sergeants, and these are the guys that are going to be the future of the Army, and we’re trying to push them and open up a little bit of parameters and let them make their decisions now because how I feel is it’s better to sweat out here on the courses than to bleed in the battle. [♪techno music playing♪] That’s the Army Today from Soldiers Radio and Television, Washington. [♪techno music playing♪]

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