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  1. Why don't you post the link to the sale in the description when you make these videos?
    I asked that on the last one you had for sale and you still haven't done it.
    Their are people like me getting to this video who did not come from ebay who are interested.
    Plus I'm in NJ so if I bought it, I'd come in person and save the cost to ship.
    But either way, we need the link to the ad for sale.

  2. that's something I would not mind having another one of , they work great mounted under a wrecker bed for power , I have one done that way , but your to far away , shipping would make it crazy money ;( but that's how it always goes right lol

  3. Nice little unit and I hope someone becomes the happy new owner. The sale will help you with expenses associated with publishing your many other great videos.

  4. Your channel show be called small engine sales. You post a lot more videos with stuff for sale then you do actually working on anything.

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