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Military Parachute Repair Material For Tent, Poncho, Shelter & Gear Repairs

Military Parachute Repair Material For Tent, Poncho, Shelter & Gear Repairs

all right this is Tim with Olga Roger surplus and I'm going to show you today the parachute repair material we've got now this is actual military issue repair material this ripstop nylon extremely durable adhesive with the backing you can see they're selling it in various different sizes and you can use that to repair just about anything anything fabric any of your gear example got in the field either military exercise or hiking get a hole in your pants waiting to use it to do both sides late as flat as you can you'll prepare it the first things you'll actually do cut a piece around so you don't have corners that can lift off very briefly singe the edges so it won't fray let the step we found works then take your piece peel it off and lay it down as flat as possible over where you need to repair push it down then flip over lay it as flat as possible again repeat the process and if there's any hole or any gap in there the adhesive on these will go between the two you've got opposing and really stick to itself but once it's on there you've got a good flexible stronger pair you see that's not it's not lifting off it's not coming off when the fold now it's probably not going to survive a bunch of washings but if you're out in the field for a few days that will get you to wear your pants won't rip further or your gear won't rip further and it's going to last until you can get back and replace it so it's a good temporary repair material for something like this okay for a next example let's say you've got you know you've got a pack you've got a hole then ripped in there not a good thing missing some material you're afraid it's gonna rip worse you'll follow the same procedures you'll cut yourself some pieces that are big enough to cover the area you don't need to go to much bigger one way to make sure you can actually just take some paper or something and make a pattern and cut the size you need before you do the big cut peel it off sometimes it's kind of hard to get it started keeping the area as flat as possible while your patch to the backside as you can see hash material is showing through the hole there as it should be then once you've got it on there take your other side once again keep it as flat as possible on something like a pack where you're not gonna build lay it on a flat surface you're not gonna get it 100% lay it on there and make sure the areas where there's a hole we've got a good solid grip there you go past your hole not gonna be able to poke anything through there waters not gonna get through there like it would if it was just an open hole it's not gonna lift off easily and this most importantly you've reinforced it so it's not gonna rip worse you can still see the outline of where the hole is now if you happen to want to keep it longer or waterproof the better here's what I use amazing goop as they call it we don't sell it but you can buy about any on the real store make several versions that's the plumbing version I recommend the marine or the outdoor version because it's more UV resistant and when you use the goop it'll give it an extra degree of waterproofing here's an example of a repair made on a poncho and the RIP was right where the seam is as you can see material is thin and flexible enough to go right over the scene and make a really good seal right over top of it no problems at all with the different levels or anything else it's really good for fixing materials like this out in the field and that patch will stay on pretty good by itself and as I said especially got a poncho or something if you put a little thin layer of that goop sealing over it it'll last lack of the poncho for my last prepare today I'm gonna look at this waist belt from a Marie for Iove PEC waist belts are notorious for wearing out very thin material there one of the one of the downsides of that design I'll show you how you can use a bigger piece of it to reinforce a piece like this when it's starting to fail so I'll make that repair and then come right back and show it to you so here you are as you can see it's on there now the perfectly button finished no and it's never gonna be when you're taking a flat piece of material with adhesive and applying it to something with a complex curved shape like it is in this but these on there securely it's not going anywhere I wrapped it all the way around you see I used two different pieces to cover everything it bunches up a little here but it sticks to itself and is it a perfect repair is it a pretty repair no but it's a functional repair if you're out in the field and you've worn this pack down and this belt down to where it was exposing the inside as we saw there now you're not you're protecting that inside part of it and you're also keeping it from worrying or ripping any worse than it was so you keep using this pack and even if this just turns out to be your temporary repair if it gets you you know to the end of your mission or your camping trip then it's more than pay for itself and some of the beauty of this material is it's very light it's a sheet of believing your sheet will be leather it's better looking than that one but if you put it in your pack you won't notice the weights there and it can not only fix your gear it can fix your clothing we can picture your cortex jacket your gore-tex bubi cover for your sleeping bag we can fix the actual sleeping bag fix your hammock anything just about your taking with you that has any fabric component this stuff can repair so it's well worth having and for the small amount of money you can save your bed out on the trail and it can save you from having to replace an expensive piece of gear if you can fix it with you so check it out on our website at old rocks comm see what you think and definitely consider picking some up for your kids today thanks for watching our video and be sure to check out all our other videos and our Facebook page with lots of great deals at forward slash great surplus deals thanks again

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  1. As most other comments have noted this business is a scam. Placed a fairly large order back in August 2018. After 30 days and nothing received, I wrote an email. After 2 days and no response sent another email. Four emails later with no response I contacted my credit card company who initiated a charge dispute. After 3 months of still no response my credit card company refunded my money. Last I heard they are still trying to get a response. Don't waste your time on this business. Go to a more reputable dealer and maybe pay a few dollars more but get your items fast and with good service.

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