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Military mom surprises son at school

Military mom surprises son at school

we never seem to get tired of seeing military parents reunited with their kids and today in elementary school in Macomb County pulled off that reunion at a school assembly hope morph you as a member of the Air Force deployed in the South Pacific for six weeks she missed her son’s birthday but made up for it in a big way Priya man is in Sterling Heights with the heartwarming reunion there’s a very special guest walking through the doors of Harvey Elementary today and I have a feeling this is a birthday celebration one little boy will never forget this goes Nate morph you sat with all the other second graders but you could tell his mind was elsewhere his birthday was yesterday and his mom couldn’t be there she’s a member of the Air Force deployed in the South Pacific he put on a brave face during this school assembly honoring students who’ve made positive decisions Nate was a last-minute addition the second grader expected to be given a certificate but little did he know his mom had returned home early and was about to give him the best birthday gift possible as the crowd roared with applause hope did not let go of her son eventually her young daughter joined in as well the experience for this military mom was overwhelming I miss my kids more than anything still clutching a certificate Nate says he really wanted his mom to be there on his birthday [Music] did you wish your mom a lot of times you know we get a lot of credit for what we do but our families get forgotten the school principal at Harvey Elementary helped make this happen she says hope emailed her with the idea and this assembly had already been planned so a Laurie Pritchard acted like she was waiting for Nate’s award his mom turned the corner she had said to me that this deployment was particularly challenging for her me because he’s a little bit older now and really understands the impact of mom being away for so long so I just wanted to really help her to make this special for him hope had served for 24 years and been deployed around the world and this mom had one last trick up her camouflaged sleeve I’m not deploying again I know I’ve decided to retire thank you for your service hope and happy birthday Nate in Sterling Heights I’m pre a man for perform

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