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Military Makeover: The Parke Family Gets a ‘Forever’ Home

What episode is this, Art?
This is Number 3, Gunny. This is when Kevin, Tiffany, and the kids come home.
You know, time goes by pretty fast when you’re having fun.
And it’s always fun with you, Gunny. Oh, thank you. You know, Art and I feel so
privileged to be the hosts of Military Makeover. What an honor.
And it’s really important to the Gunny and I that we present Military Makeover to you,
the viewer, in a light-hearted and entertaining manner.
But we all know who the real stars of this show are, America’s men and women of the Armed
Forces. Those who have willingly gone into harm’s way on our behalf. We must never forget
the sacrifices that they’ve made. And the reward of a hug, a simple thanks for
your service, or hey, what the heck, take care of their tab at a restaurant. We should
always remain a grateful nation. Good job, Art. Semper Fi.
(music). Time for us to show our appreciation and give
back to those who have sacrificed. This is Designing Spaces: Military Makeover
(music). Today’s Military Makeover is sponsored in
part by Paralyzed Veterans of America. Once again, I want you to meet Kevin Parke
and his little family. You know, it doesn’t take a military genius to figure out why we’re
here at his house engaging in a military makeover. Kevin enlisted with the Air Force and trained
to join the Explosive Ordinance Disposal, or EOD, Task Force. We were going to an IED
call, and I was on the turret. Hit an IED on our way out. It actually threw our vehicle
forward around 14 – 17 feet. I get up in the morning and I’ve got to take all my medicine,
all my pain medicine, to help me try to get through the day. If I didn’t have her and
the kids, I don’t think I would be here because I couldn’t — the pain is not really something
that you want to live with. (music).
Veterans like Kevin motivate us at Military Makeover to give back. This home will look
nothing like it does today when we’re through with it.
When we come back, we’ll start on the floors. Next on Military Makeover.
(music). (music).
Art! Geez, Gunny, don’t do that!
What, were you up a little later in the karaoke club last night?
Actually, I was trying to relax because I have the massage therapist coming. You want
in on it? Mrs. Gunny takes care of my massage needs,
pal. I don’t want anything to do with it. Alright, suit yourself. But we sent the Parke
family to Massage Envy in Fort Walton Beach for a little R&R. Check it out.
We’re so grateful to our men and women in the military who serve, and we love to give
back whenever we can. We have several franchisees in our system who are veterans, and we offer
them special incentives when they join the brand. The story of Kevin and Tiffany is such
a special one, and we’re so honored to give back, even in a small way, to this family
who’s given so much. Today, we’re at Massage Envy. We’re getting
massages and facials just for some relaxation, and we’re so so so excited about it.
Hello. Good morning.
Hello, how are you? Are you Ms. Tiffany?
Yes, I am. Good to meet you. Hi, pleased to meet you.
Kevin. Nice to meet you, Kevin.
It’s been years since I’ve had a massage or a facial, and just taking a little bit of
time out, which is something that I don’t normally do, to just kind of relax and pampered,
I think it will be wonderful. A massage can be very helpful for Kevin and
his aching back. Their therapy with the massages should hopefully
help my back to relax a little. Maybe I’ll be able to walk a little better.
The benefits of massage are such a vast massive things that we actually have been accepted
as a valuable and effective form of health care in today’s world of natural holistic
healthcare. Given Kevin’s physical limitation, a lot of
the chores around the house are responsibilities that can only be fulfilled by Tiffany.
But I’m in awe that she does it. A lot of people would just get up and leave, but she
sticks to it and just drinks her coffee and chugs along.
Sounds like Tiffany really needs this treatment as much as Kevin does. Before we continue
their tranquil experience, let’s take a look at how our military family will be sleeping
at night. There’s no disputing that a good night’s sleep
can have even Gunny looking and feeling better. Better never ever let Mrs. Gunny hear you
say that. Contributing mattresses to their 2 oldest
kids, Hunter and Noble, and for the Master Bedroom, we have Bed In A Box. The original
Bed In A Box internet mattress retailer. Joining us is Susan Chase, Executive Director for
Bed In A Box. We want to give the family a good night’s
rest, and this is a wonderful king mattress. It is. This is our Serenity Mattress, and
this was selected for the family because it has phase changing material in it. It allows
them to sleep cooler. The technology for these mattresses was developed
by NASA, including support foam as well as cradling memory foam. Perfect for someone
with back problems like Kevin. Sometimes a too firm of mattress gives you
that pressure point pain that everybody wakes up with.
That’s correct. And that’s why we have developed this one that you have the 3 inches of memory
foam, again that is very cradling, but then you have the support foam that’s underneath
that gives you that support to help eliminate those pressure points and to keep you more
comfortable so that when you turn over, you know, that you don’t feel that motion transfer.
And again you can have your best sleep ever guaranteed by Bed In A Box.
Bed In A Box is so confident that you’ll get a consistently great night’s sleep that they
offer a 120 day Comfort Guarantee. We have a Customer Care Department that you
can call in if you have any questions. They can guide you through the selection process,
help you fit the right mattress for you. Not one bed fits all.
We’ll talk more about these amazing mattresses, but first let’s check back with Kevin and
Tiffany, who are getting pampered at Massage Envy. In addition to their massage, the folks
at Massage Envy are also providing a facial for the couple.
It’s beneficial psychologically because you’re getting so relaxed. It’s beneficial physically
because your skin needs treatment. Time for Kevin and Tiffany to begin their
well deserved treatment. We opened our first location about 13 years
ago in Scottsdale, Arizona. And the idea was to bring affordable and convenient massage
to people who otherwise might have never had a massage. We knew that if we could get people
to get regular massages that we could help them feel their best. Today, we have over
1,100 locations in 49 states, and over 1.5 million members. We hear the stories from
them all the time about how regular massage has transformed their life, helped them feel
better, and just helped them live the life they want to live.
I feel a lot looser. My back’s less tight and painful. It was very nice.
Just the whole experience was really nice. She took a nap.
I took a little nap. (music). (music).
We’re back with Susan Chase and Bed In A Box. You certainly seem well rested today.
I am. It’s because I sleep on my Bed In A Box.
There you go. Tell me about the foundation because a lot of people don’t think about
the box spring or the foundation. This is something special, right?
Well, you can use just a regular platform, just as long as it has a good solid flat surface.
We do offer foundations that are designed for our beds. They’re American Hardwood. All
of our products are American made. And so you can order those right online. It’s shipped
directly to your door. You don’t have to go into a showroom and be embarrassed laying
on the bed. The idea of going to a showroom and physically
testing out a mattress seems like a thing of the past.
Going online and having a chat with somebody while you’re doing it to pick out the right
mattress for you seems like a new way and a better way.
It is. We were actually the original Bed In A Box. We sort of developed this when no one
would buy a mattress in a box that shipped to you door, and so we have been in business
a long time and developed the techniques to help them understand the best way to do it.
Particularly, if you’re in an apartment or a narrow hallways, it’s very simple to get
our box. It’s 18 x 18 x 42 inches tall in through those doorways, and you just cut the
plastic. The bed unrolls and you can sleep on it that very night.
Now, you’re not only being so generous as to give them this king mattress, but the boys
are getting mattresses as well. Yes, they are. They’re getting our TENCEL
version. It is memory foam and the support foam, but it has the the TENCEL, the tranquility,
which is a moisture wicking fabric and it’s a smoother top. It doesn’t have the quilting
that this particular one does. So, I think it’s going to help the boys get a really good
night sleep for them to study, and go to school, and play hard.
Sure. They’re active. You know, running around. I’m sure they get their bumps and bruises,
too. I’m sure they do.
So they’ll have a nice comfortable bed, right? Absolutely.
You know the last time I had new furniture, Gunny? The kids were jumping on it, the dog
was sleeping on it, and the cat was scratching all over it.
What kids? You didn’t have any kids. Come on. (Laughter).
I know. I’m just messing with you, Gunny. But we do have new furniture from CORT, and
it’s set to arrive right now. (Laughter).
What? You don’t think somebody would have kids with me?
No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. We have CORT Furniture back on board. Danielle
Betz is here to explain the design process. Alright, Danielle. So, obviously everything
is in a state of disarray right now. Yes.
But you’re going to make it look great. Tell me the game plan here.
Well, the game plan here is that we were given the challenge of using the existing sofa that
the Parke family had, but we wanted to freshen up the environment and give them seating because
there are many members of the Parke family. There sure are.
And this is a space that the family can come together, it’s a gathering point, to watch
TV, play some games. So, we wanted to give them options of multiple seating and also
some storage. Yeah, you know, what I noticed is over here
we’ve got these end tables, right? But they serve a dual purpose.
Well absolutely. They can be an end table, they can be an ottoman, but even better, provides
extra seating. Some furniture, of course, is going to move
over to the kitchen area like this table. Alright, so how many chairs do we have for
this? We are going to have 8 chairs for them, and
we’re also providing bar stools for them as well. So, again, the kitchen is the center
of the home and with it being adjacent to the family room we think it’s a great opportunity
for the family to come together. Let’s take a quick break and look at the driveway.
There’s a major surprise waiting for Kevin after the reveal. I met with Andy Pate of
Rivsu Imports to find out about what they have in store for this makeover.
We heard about Kevin Parke and we had to jump on it.
That’s awesome. So you found out what Kevin’s favorite color is, which is green.
Yup. And then he will know the special history
of this vehicle. This is a 1989 Nissan Skyline. These vehicles have just recently become legal
here in the U.S. We completely did a full motor swap on it.
For any of our car guys out there, it’s called an RB20 and it is an amazingly strong motor.
It’s known throughout the industry that it is one of the best motors out there, and we
definitely had to put one in this one. What can we expect the reaction to be. What
do you think his reaction is going to be as soon as he sees this?
He’ll probably lose his man card and cry, but that’s okay. We’re veterans, we’re brothers,
we won’t hold that against him. It’s TV man. We want him to cry, right?
Absolutely. Yup, that’s that quality. But in a good way, obviously.
Of course. Of course. After the house, he’s just going to be blown
away when he sees it. Absolutely. And we’re so excited to see him.
I mean, it’s going to be cool to be able to relay it to him because I don’t even think
even he knows that these cars can come over here to America.
Andy, thanks so much, man. This is going to be great.
Thank you, man. The furniture placement is taking shape, but
there’s still lots to do. You know, what you really nailed this time was having these white
pieces kind of compliments the cabinetry that’s in the kitchen that’s being installed.
Well, absolutely. White is also very fresh and it also lightens up the room. So, again,
it gives it a fresh look. Excellent with the dark floors.
Absolutely. So looking around the room, now, you’ve got
a lot of different finishes on the furniture. We’ve got different color woods and metals
and a bunch of paint,distressed paint, look. People don’t need to match everything, do
they? Oh, no. In today’s home decor, it’s all about
mixing styles, mixing colors, mixing finishes. It’s about being eclectic. So, again, for
a young family with lots of different personalities, this room has a personality all of its own.
It sure does. And I really like what you did here with the rug with the shapes and it picks
up some of the colors going on in the room. Absolutely. It’s a large graphic element that
grounds the room and also ties all the furnishings together.
Wow, you have an answer for everything, Danielle, don’t you?
Well, I try. But you also are not only doing the living
room, you’re also working the bedroom. The living room is not the only space being
furnished. Well, it’s going to be really great when it’s all done, and I feel like I’m holding
you up here. But if you need a hand, just let me know, and we’ll get things placed.
I can actually get Joe on this to move some stuff for you.
Oh, Art, no. You need to help me move some furniture. We have a lot to do and a very
short amount of time — Joe is way better than me.
The family is on its way. All hands on deck! Alright, whatever you say Danielle. I’ll get
to work. Okay, this chair?
Yeah. We need to move it.
What’s the story on the big truck blocking the driveway?
It’s North American Van Lines. They’re the ones that are moving and storing all the Parke’s
belongings. Why don’t you go interview them?
Hey, great idea, Gunny. Actually, I was just about to do that. But that’s why you’re the
boss. You got that right.
Storing and moving is a big part of any makeover, and we’re not exempt from that. We invited
Andy Kroll with North American Van Lines, who’s here to help us with our ambitious project.
Tell us what you did. Oh, you’re too kind. I appreciate that. Well,
as you know, at the beginning of this week, we had our moving professionals and our expert
packers come in here and start preparing everything, package everything, and get it set carefully
and safely. And we removed it from the home to get set up.
(music). Helping military families is something North
American Van Lines has been doing for a very long time. But the military is not the only
area where North American Van Lines is giving back.
We recently just partnered with Habitat For Humanity.
Nice. Yeah, absolutely. We work with their Restore
Outlets and a lot of our customers, when they’re going through the move process, they have
a lot of excess furniture they don’t want to take, they want to get rid of, they try
to get rid of, and they can’t. So they ask us to take it the curb or pay us to take it
to the dump, right? So, what this program allows them to do is get a charitable donation
for the goods that they don’t want any longer… And you deliver it to them on their behalf?
Exactly. Reduce the cost of the move. We take it to the Restore and then the Restore has
the opportunity, Habitat For Humanity, to sell it again, and they take the proceeds
to help fund new construction for new homes for the needy.
(music). (music).
The family is arriving soon, and everyone is hard at work to clean up last minute items.
Another major project is accomplished and now it’s time for the big reveal.
(Cheering and Applause) These are all your friends and neighbors and
people that helped, all the volunteers that helped.
This is crazy. Oh my gosh. (Cheering).
This is your own personal oasis with koi. I love it!
It’s a koi stocked pond. I love it!
So the fish were just put in there, and you’ll start to see them.
Oh my gosh. And this is a great little chill spot for
you to relax, sit with your family, feed the fish.
I got butterflies now. That is beautiful. This is beautiful.
This is just the beginning. Franklin Electric really came through for the Parke’s. The rain
slowed them a bit, but there was no stopping them. Kevin’s sure to spend many hours at
this pond with his family. Well, go on into your beautifully redone home.
Thank you. (music).
Kevin! Hey, Gunny. How are you, sir?
Welcome home to your home. I love it. Oh, wow!
Oh my goodness. Hi, Dear. How are you doing?
Good. Thank you so much. I hope we’ve made you happy.
This is crazy. Oh my gosh!
We put new decks in all through the house. Oh, this is awesome!
Holy Cow! Oh, my box is out. Awesome.
Oh, that is perfect. And what we really really had fun with is
the kitchen. Holy Cow!
Oh my gosh. Look, it wraps around.
Oh my, I didn’t even see that! Somebody told the university that you weren’t
the sharpest tool in the drawer. I am not the sharpest tool in the drawer.
So, they wanted to make sure that we give you a good education. So you can go for your
Master’s degree. I love it!
Oh my goodness. Does that work for you?
That’s awesome. Yes, thank you. Thank you so much.
That’ll keep you busy for the next couple of years.
Yes. Yes. And this is a neat little thing. These are
wine coolers. Oh wow!
That is perfect. So you can stock up on wine and we figured
you would probably like a lot of wine, so we got you another one over here.
Oh, awesome! And another wine cooler over here. When we
first came in here, I took a lay down on your bed. Your bed was not comfortable.
It was not very comfortable. No. And I got to tell you, you’re going to love
this mattress because I’m going to get one for my bed.
Nice. Check that out.
Oh, that is awesome. Now, I think all the furniture in here is
pretty new. We got this. Wow! That’s awesome. He’s going to love that.
It was pretty obvious he needs the furniture. And he’s got a mirror, too.
Look at the dinosaur. Oh, he loves dinosaurs.
That is awesome. Now, here’s the deal, okay. Somebody told
me that you liked fast cars. I do.
Okay. And I had this key and this other key in my pocket, and I was just wondering if
it probably wouldn’t fit that car out in the driveway.
No way! So why don’t we come over here and give that
a try. This is for me? That is insane!
Oh yeah. (engine roars).
Wow. Another Military Makeover in the can.
That’s right, Gunny. Remember, it’s always better to give than to receive.
As usual, we pulled our share of the load and hopefully this will be contagious. Remember,
support our troops. Mission accomplished. And rest assured, we’ll
be doing this again. Semper Fi. Dismissed.
What? (music).

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