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Military Makeover: The Big Reveal

Military Makeover: The Big Reveal

We’re remodeling a house and giving it to
a deserving wounded soldier and his family. It is phase 4 of turning it from an empty
house into a beautiful home. Sit back and watch as our incredible team of volunteers,
professionals and neighbors, bring it all together.
I’m Gunny Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. We came, we saw, and we will conquer with another Military
Makeover brought to you by our friends at SunTrust Bank.
(music). Time for us to show our appreciation and give
back to those who have sacrificed. “For your service to our country.”
This is Designing Spaces Military Makeover. Today’s Military Makeover is sponsored in
part by SunTrust Mortgage. (music).
I’d like to give a big shoutout to all of our volunteers and members of the local community
who have helped move our project forward. Okay, civilians, here’s your brief on the
Travis family and why they deserve this honor. Pay attention.
Tommy was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq when he witnessed the brutal death of one of his best
friends in the Army. The incident had a profound effect on Tommy. In addition to Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder, he was also diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. Now it’s time for
us at Designing Spaces to give back to Tommy and his family.
We live in a very small 900 square foot duplex. We’re thankful to have it. We’ve filled it
with love and lots of things that we’ve found at thrift stores and the side of the road.
Moving to this home is going to be more of a life change than I could ever imagine.
They call her Tinky, and I have the highest respect for this lady who loves our country
and above all supports our troups like we do. Let’s meet Wilma Tinky Stuart.
I was born and raised in Ohio around the Columbus area. I had three brothers in the Air Force
all at the same time. My husband was a Marine. He was a Japanese interpreter in the Marine
Corps. My son wasn’t well, so I took him to the doctor. And the doctor did a blood test
on him, and found out that his white blood count was so high that I should take him right
to the hospital, and I did. He was diagnosed with Leukemia. After he died of Leukemia,
I didn’t have much care for Living Room here, but I sure miss them both. I miss my husband,
my son. But I have a little dog that I take everywhere with me. So, I hope whichever veteran
we choose for the house, I hope that he appreciates everything this Designing Spaces has helped
make this house back over for him. (music).
So, as our makeover is coming together and all the cool stuff gets put into place, we
also have cool stuff for the Travis family in the way of electronics. iRULU is providing
the Travis’ with smart phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes. So, for little LeighAnn,
we have the iRULU Baby Pad, and it’s just fully loaded with all kinds of fun activities
for small kids. It also has these padded corners, so if it does get dropped it won’t get damaged.
What are you doing here? You’re not a cook. Well, I know if you have the right tools for
the job, it makes the job a lot easier. So, now you think you’re a chef.
Oh, I’m not a chef, but I do know one and I’m going to go talk to him right now.
Report back. (music).
(music). You know, there’s nothing like properly grilled
premium beef to keep the troups happy and well fed. Now not just any meat but Omaha
Steaks on a top notch grill, and that is exactly what’s coming to the Travis family. Whoo!
I’m getting hungry just talking about it. We invited Omaha Steaks Executive Chef, Karl
Marsh, to help us cook up some tasty looking steaks on this Napoleon grill.
These are better in your hands than in mine, trust me.
Thank you. Gunny has sent me here on a mission to find
out about Omaha Steaks and your involvement with Military Makeover. It’s near and dear
to your heart, isn’t it? That’s right. You know, we are so thankful
to be part of this project because at Omaha Steaks, we’ve been proudly supporting military
organizations for many years and we like to recognize these brave soldiers and their families
that have sacrificed so much, just like the Travis’. You know, they provide us with the
freedoms that we enjoy every day like being able to grill right here by the pool.
That’s right. What is more American than being out by the pool grilling up some Omaha Steaks?
Now, let’s talk about Omaha Steaks. I love Omaha Steaks. I send them out to family, friends,
business associates at holidays and special events. And, let’s talk about what you’ve
got on the grill here. Well, what I’ve got on the grill here is some
of our world famous ribeye steaks, as well as some of our filet mignons. The ribeyes
are the Travis’ favorite steak, so we brought plenty of those.
Well, it’s one of the most well marveled and most flavorful cuts of beef, isn’t it?
That’s correct. Yeah. All of our Omaha Steaks are all-American grain fed beef. Everything
is aged to perfection, 21 days. All the steaks are hand trimmed. Then, we vacuum seal package
them and blast freeze them, so we lock in all the juices and the flavor and deliver
them right to your door. You know, that’s what I wanted to ask you.
For some people who may not know about Omaha Steaks, they might think “Why would I want
to eat a frozen steak?”, right? But, it’s actually better than getting it fresh from
the butcher at the grocery store because, like you said, it’s aged and it’s frozen at
its peak. It’s right at its peak. Peak of flavor, peak
of juiciness, and every steak is going to be perfect.
Let’s step away from the steaks for just a moment. But, first, let’s connect with Adam
Howard from CORT Furniture. CORT Furniture was such an integral part of
this makeover, and we’re standing in the living, obviously, and you guys did all of this. Tell
me about the design process that went in because you actually picked all of this out.
We did. We did. Furniture really sets the tone for the feel of a home, and what we wanted
to give the Travis family was kind of a transitional feel, a home that can be lived in, where great
memories can be made, but that also has some real style.
CORT Furniture left a little bit of room in this space for the Travis family to incorporate
some of their personal heirlooms and items. Part of being comfortable in your home, Art,
is seeing things that you recognize. Life is about collecting mementoes as you go from
one phase to the other, and what we’ve tried to do is incorporate a lot of their existing
product, existing furniture, accesories, artwork into this design. So, we’re really proud that
we were able to do that. If we can pivot back to how we went about
decorating. Did you take into account any of their personal tastes, or what was the
theory behind that? We did. So, we wanted it to be a surprise
for the Travis family, but we also didn’t want to give them product that just didn’t
appeal to their tastes. So, in getting to know them through some of the pre-interviews
that we did and also in kind of doing a little bit of research of our own, we came to understand
what it was that they might like. The Travis’ are a young and active family
with small children. So, the folks at CORT tried to give them an open plan featuring
soft edges on many of their new furniture. The job you guys have done here, I can’t overstate,
it’s just phenomenal. Just the style, the comfort level, and it’s exactly what I think
the family is going to love. So, thanks again. Thank you. Thank you, Art.
Time to turn our attention back to Chef Karl, who’s brought with him a lot more than just
steak. We’ve got just a ton of stuff that you’ve
brought with us today. Walk us down the line. We have a whole array assortment of gourmet
foods such as our pork chops, our world port seafood, our appetizers, our desserts. We
have a whole bunch of side dishes. What a minute, Karl, did you say seafood?
So, there’s salmon? There’s lobster tails? Oh, you name it, we have it.
Scallops. You wouldn’t think that from Omaha Steaks, would you? How about the side dishes
because no meal is complete without some potatoes and some other nice…
Oh, we have all kinds of potatoes such as what we brought today, the potatoes au gratin
and the stuffed baked potatoes. We have all kinds of vegetables, everything that you’d
need for your family gathering because that’s what we’re all about. We’re all about bringing
people and families together to have a great times and great food.
Chef Karl is not just here to show us the amazing selection. Wait until you see what
he has in store for the Travis family. We are so proud to be able to stock their
fridge and freezer full of Omaha Steaks. We’ve brought them everything that you see here
and a lot more, enough to make plenty of healthy delicious meals.
Oh my gosh. That is amazing. I think I’m going to be coming over for dinner to the Travis
house every once in a while. I’m just kidding, but that is so generous and so wonderful.
They’re not going to have to go grocery shopping for steaks and all the wonderful things that
you’re providing them for months to come. It is really amazing. I’ve got to get a few
of these before I go to take to Gunny because he sent me here to make sure that I get him
a good steak. Alright. I’ve got the appetite. I’ve got this
beautiful plate with delicious Omaha Steaks, but nothing to cut them with. Art!
Hey, Gunny, I got you covered. I think I have enough knives here for you that will last
you a lifetime. And to tell us more about this fine addition
to the kitchen, we invited Wusthof Executive Chef, Mike Garaghty.
So, what are the — you know, this is pretty intimidating with some people to see 30 knives,
right? But, what are the three basic knives we need?
The three basic knives we need is a chef knife, you also need a bread knife or a serrated
knife, and last but not least the paring knife. The chef’s knife really is the workhorse of
the kitchen. That’s for all your slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping jobs. The serrated
knife looks like a saw so you use it like a saw. It’s a back-and-forth action. So, it’s
great for crusty breads, really soft things like angel food cake, and probably the best
knife ever for slicing tomatoes, thick or thin. And last but not least, the paring knife
is for all your close hand tasks, really precise jobs like, let’s say, topping strawberries,
peeling apples, peel potatoes, or even mincing garlic. It’s a great little knife.
Wusthof is a small company with around 300 employees and is still owned and operated
by the Wusthof family. And giving back to the military community means a lot to them.
Well, we couldn’t be prouder to have you on board our military makeover, and I know the
Travis family is just going to be overjoyed at all of this.
We were so happy to be asked to be here. Thank you so much.
Alright, Mike. Thanks for being here. Thanks, Art.
These knives are surely going to make kitchen life easier, just like this iRULU Walknbook
Hybrid Laptop that will make computing life a lot more enjoyable for Tommy and Bethany.
So, check this out. This is really cool. This is the iRULU Walknbook Hybrid Laptop. So,
you can use it just like a laptop with the keyboard, and when you’re ready to kick back
and relax, you can use it as a tablet. It’s powered by Windows and it’s preloaded with
Office 365, so you can get a lot work done as well as gaming. It’s pretty cool. We also
have the iRULU X1 Pro Lighting Tablet. It’s a great sized tablet. It’s easy to use, and
it’s really portable. It’s lightning fast speed is great for playing games and doing
all sorts of work on your tablet. (music).
(music). Now, in a minute, I’ll be with the Travis’
at the house. Hey, Art! I expect that steak you and Chef Karl grilled to be served on
a plate like those in the dining room. That is what I call outstanding.
With us is Lindsay Ryg from Corelle to introduce us to the fabulous dinnerware the Travis family
will be eating off of in their new home. Corelle have brought Corelle dinnerware. We’re
setting the dining room table creating a nice formal setting for the Travis family. We’re
super excited to be part of this. We’ve also included some CorningWare products for them
that they’re going to be able to cook with and then serve all their family and friends.
So, it’s really coming together nicely. Well, this really meant something for World
Kitchen to be here, right? You were drawn to this why?
Yeah, this was a really special opportunity for us. We are a made-in-USA company, so Corelle
Dinnerware is made in Corning, NY and has been for the last 45 years. So, very proud
of that. You know, we definitely partner with our military branches. You can find Corelle
dinnerware in all the Macy’s stores and things like that. So, it is available and we’re really
happy to support the military families. Well, CorningWare is such a recognizable name,
right? I mean, everybody’s grandma has had that set with the little blue scrolling on
it. Yeah.
But this is really updated for a modern family. Yeah. They’re new cast aluminum dishes are
amazing. It’s like the cast iron dishes, but it’s not heavy. It’s aluminum so it’s lightweight
and great to put in the oven, on the stovetop, and then right on the table to serve out of.
That’s perfect. Perfect compliment to the Corelle dinnerware.
We’ve outfitted the Travis family with service for eight of this Kyoto Leaves pattern which
is definitely the more formal boutique by Corelle collection. We’re also donating to
them service for eight of a more casual dinnerware set in our very fun, bright vibrant South
Beach patterns. So, looking out at their pool, I know that they’ll have a lot of uses and
occasions. Oh my gosh. It’s going to be great because,
like you were saying, a lot of people want to make every day seem special. You don’t
want to hide away this china that only comes out at Thanksgiving, right?
Yeah. And you know, storage is so hard. So, everyone is constrained for space, and really
that’s what the boutique by Corelle line is about. It’s about making every day special
and making sure that you have the dishes that you’re very proud to serve in, you know, holidays
seasons or entertainment opportunities. But, you know, it is lightweight, durable, and
you don’t have to worry about storing it away and only bringing it out then. You can use
it every single day. The Corelle dinnerware will be stored inside
these beautiful wood cabinets by Choice Cabinet, and take up little space. These cabinets truly
give the kitchen an open, fresh, and friendly look.
What do you think are the most important things when building a place setting? You need how
many people, and then you need serving dishes? Tell us a little bit about that.
Yeah. What’s really nice abut Corelle is all of our Corelle dinnerware is a base of white.
So, all of the serve pieces that we have in our collection compliment any pattern that
you choose. So, it’s really about picking your style when you choose a pattern of dinnerware,
but then the serve pieces, making sure you have serve bowls and serve platters that just
compliment the dinneware and you can outfit the table and it all looks coordinated once
you put it together. Well, I’m sure the Travis family will think
of you guys at World Kitchen every time they sit down to eat. It’s going to be great.
Yeah. We’re very excited. Thank you so much for letting us participate, and thank you
to the Travis family for all they’ve done. Let’s take another quick look at what else
iRULU is donating to the family. We have the iRULU V1S Smart Phone. It’s super
thin as you can see, and it has a five inch screen with high resolution. So, it’s perfect
for all of your smart phone use. It also has a lot of storage for photos and videos, and
it has a powerful camera that’s front and back. So, it’s great for selfies, and who
doesn’t like that, right? So thanks iRULU. The Travis family is just going to love this.
(music). (music).
The time for the big reveal has finally arrived, and the Travis family’s on their way to move
into their new home. This is it. This is happening right now. So,
ready or not, here it comes, okay? Okay.
Alright. Family, friends, and neighbors are gathered
to witness this event. Eustis Mayor, Michael Holland, is also present to welcome the family
to their new home. (Cheering and Applause)
Hey, how you doing? Good.
(Cheering and Shouting) Well, what a big surprise! Please come into
your home, you new house. Hi, sweetheart! Welcome aboard. We’ve been working all week.
Tinky… I have a key for you.
Tinky met you before. (music).
This would be I’m thinking the Master Bedroom. Wow!
This would be the Living Room. Wow!
The fireplace, they redid all of the whole face of the fireplace. It’s all redone. These
were brought to us and given to you. So, you have these and I’m not a computer guy, but
I’m sure after you punch a few buttons you’re going to figure that out. And here would be
the youngest daughter’s room. I hope you like pink.
Oh my goodness! This is beautiful. A princess bed for Ella!
And look. Another one. I bet she’ll be able to figure this one out.
Oh yeah. She’ll know what to do with this thing.
Look in the refrigerator here. Now, I sure hope you guys like Omaha Steaks.
Now… Hi, my name is Josh and I’ve known Bethany
and Tommy Travis for a very long time. Them receiving this house is a dream come true.
They now have a beautiful house to raise their beautiful children in. I can’t wait to come
visit guys! Love you! Who is that?
My brother. That’s your brother.
(Doorbell) Who do we have here? Well, lookie here, it’s
Major Ed, Folds of Honor. Come in, Major. How are you doing?
Well, congratulations! Hoorah! God bless you.
What a great day to be in America. On behalf of the Folds of Honor Foundation, CORT Furniture,
and our founder Major Dan Rooney, F-16 fighter pilot and PGA Golf Professional, we want to
thank you and congratulate you and award your children two Folds of Honor Scholarships.
CORT Furniture understands that we will never leave anyone behind on the field of battle,
so help us God. God bless the United States of America. Hoorah!
Yeah. Alright.
God bless you. Thank you, sir.
All the very best, okay. Enjoy your home. Tinky, shall you and I go conquer bigger and
better things? I’d say.
Come on with me. Wow!
Oh my God. What do you want to do first? Jump on the beds! Can you believe it?
Special thanks goes out to all of our brand partners, volunteers, crew, and neighbors
that pitched in and made it all possible. Unbelievable. I hope this serves as an inspiration
to all of you to go out there and support our troops. This is still the greatest country
in the world. God bless America. I’m R. Lee Ermey signing off on this operation. Well
done. Dismissed. Hoorah! (music).
Today’s Military Makeover is sponsored in part by SunTrust Mortgage. Brought to you
in part by iRULU, connecting my world. (music).

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