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Military Leaders Speak Out Against Use of Schools by Soldiers

Military Leaders Speak Out Against Use of Schools by Soldiers

In conflicts around the world, military forces
often occupy schools. TEXT ON SCREEN:
They not only endanger children’s education TEXT ON SCREEN:
they also put students’ lives at risk. The first thing that happens is an interruption
of the education cycle. It is not possible to continue with classes
as usual because of occupation. Therefore, this important problem leads us to fight armed groups, to make sure they don’t occupy schools and they ensure the safety of children so that they can freely access education. TEXT ON SCREEN:
Schools have been used as barracks TEXT ON SCREEN:
detention centers TEXT ON SCREEN:
and torture chambers. TEXT ON SCREEN:
States can pledge to protect education during armed conflict by joining the Safe Schools Declaration. TEXT ON SCREEN:
It provides guidelines on protecting schools
and universities from military use. Putting the schools out of bounds, keeps them
out of the conflict, keeps them out of the frictions and keeps them out of the worries of those in the field. I think having the generosity to advance this
initiative sends a positive sign of hope a sign that not all is lost and that we have
to invest in future generations.

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